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“Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” —Tony Hsieh
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Adam Connell

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Bite-sized tips to double your traffic

In my post today for +Blogging Wizard, you'll find some super actionable traffic generation tips in the form of an #infographic .

With these tips you'll be able to ensure you drive the right traffic to your blog, and avoid relying on a few traffic sources.

Diversifying your traffic is the way to go.

Read it here:
Bite-sized tips to double your traffic

Driving more traffic to your blog can be hard work. But it can be easier.

For years, I kept hearing people talk about using SEO and social media (almost exclusively) to generate traffic.

That's not a bad thing as such, but it is a risk.

Certain traffic sources can dry up - just look at what happened with Facebook's organic reach. 

So what's the solution?

Diversify your traffic!

Use the tips in today's post to get started.

Check it out here:

#bloggingtips   #trafficgeneration  
Want more blog traffic? You need the right traffic! And here's how to get it.
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Adam Connell

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+Elna Cain talks us through some effective ways to beat procrastination
Ready to win the battle against procrastination?

We've all had that moment where we find ourselves doing something that detracts from what we're working on.

Maybe it was the new Star Wars film trailer, or a random list post on BuzzFeed, but the result is the same.

In our latest post, +Elna Cain  shows us how we can finally win the battle against procrastination and boost our motivation.

Read it here:

#motivation   #beatprocrastination
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Adam Connell

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Here's how to optimize landing pages for social media conversions.

(Via +Social Media Examiner)
Read now:

Do you want more conversions from your social traffic? Are you using landing pages?

Directing targeted social media traffic to relevant landing pages helps you convert visitors into leads.

Click here to discover how to optimize landing pages to boost social media conversions: -Kim

#landingpages #conversion #smexaminer
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Adam Connell

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40 Experts Unveil Their Top Blogger Outreach Strategies And Tools

Blogger outreach is one of the best, if not, the best ways to grow any online business.

In his latest post for +UK Linkology, +Jason Quey brought together 40 experts to share their go-to outreach tools and how to make them work.

There are some great tips and nuggets to pick up here.

Read it here:

Some of the tools mentioned in this epic post include: +Ahrefs, +BuzzStream, +BuzzSumo, +Inkybee, +MyBlogU, +Triberr, +Hootsuite, +ClearVoice, +GroupHigh Blog Outreach, +Sidekick by Hubspot, +Onalytica, +Klear (formerly twtrland), +Sprout Social & more great tools.

#bloggeroutreach   #outreachtools      
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Adam Connell

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If you're wondering how to measure social media ROI...

+Brandwatch are running a hangout which will dig deep on social media ROI, it's on 22nd September.

Guests include +Ted Rubin, +Mike Allton and other great folks.
22nd September l 4 PM BST | 11 AM EDT | 8 AM PT

Three letters are incredibly important to every marketing professional. ROI.

As a marketer, ROI (return on investment), defines the success of a campaign, and informs decision-making and budget creation all the way throughout the enterprise up to the C-suite.

Without ROI, it can be difficult to report the success or failure of a campaign, especially for social media activities.

If your company is spending money on social media marketing, they’ll certainly want, and likely need, to see the ROI.

Unfortunately, many marketers don’t measure ROI on their social media marketing efforts - because they don’t know how or simply don’t have the resources and tools to do so.

During this hour-long hangout, Brandwatch VP of Inbound Marketing, Joel Windels, will address these unanswered questions and uncertainties, along with four leading social media industry influencers:
Eric T. Tung (Digital Recruiting Evangelist, BMC Software) 

Ted Rubin (Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist, and Acting CMO, Brand Innovators) 

Lauren Perkins (Founder and CEO, Perks Consulting) 

Mike Allton (CMO, SiteSell) 

These social media influencers will share their advice and expertise on best practices for how to connect social to dollars and measure marketing professionals can calculate that elusive social ROI.

The discussion will focus around the following core questions:
1. What ROI measurement methodologies should be used when tracking the value of social?
2. Can everything be measured in dollars, or is there a limit? Where does that limit lie?
3. What role does social play in proving the ROI of other activities? Can social data inform the ROI of, say, a TV ad or billboard campaign?

We hope to see you there!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Brandwatch. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Connecting social to dollars: How do you measure social media ROI?
Tue, September 22, 11:00 AM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Me too!
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Adam Connell

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3 Powerful Copywriting Secrets To Make You A Better Blogger

On your blogging journey, there are a lot of valuable skills you should learn.

But, copywriting is a skill which has the potential to do so much for your blog's success.

In today's post for +Blogging Wizard, +Elna Cain talks us through some powerful copywriting tips that you can start using today.

Read it here:

#copywriting   #copywritingtips  
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Adam Connell

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38 Experts Reveal The Content Tools Every Blogger Needs

Which content tools do you rely on the most?

In +Jason Quey's new post for +Blogging Wizard, he asks 38 top marketers & bloggers to share the content tools they rely on the most.

Read it here

Thanks to everyone who took part:

+Abrar Mohi Shafee, +Andrew Warner, +Andy Crestodina, +Ann Smarty, +Ashley Faulkes, +Brian Dean, +Bryan Eisenberg, +Carol Amato, +Casandra Campbell, +Chris Makara, +Christian Karasiewicz, +David Leonhardt, +Dom Wells, +Eric Siu, +Gael Breton +Gini Dietrich, +Ileane Smith, +Ian Cleary, +Jason Falls, +John Rampton, +Kristi Hines, +Lorraine Reguly, +Matthew Capala, +Mike Allton, +Nate Shivar, +Nick Eubanks, +Robbie Richards, +Ron Sela, +Sarah Lively, +Scott Wyden Kivowitz, +Stephanie Benhart Wallace, +Stuart Walker+Sujan Deswal, +Tim Soulo, +Tom Treanor and +William Harris.

A few of the top tools mentioned included: +BuzzSumo, +SEMrush, +Google Docs, +Google Analytics, +WordPress, +Ahrefs, +Evernote & +Trello

#contenttools   #contentmarketing  
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Sure thing +Carol Amato - thanks for taking part :)
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Adam Connell

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15 Top Bloggers And Writers Reveal Their Best Writing Tool
For Killer Blog Posts

If you want to improve your writing & approach to blogging, there's plenty of helpful tools to help you.

In today's post for +Blogging Wizard, +Elna Cain has brought together a great group of bloggers & writers who share some helpful tools.

This includes everything from distraction free writing tools to project management & note taking tools.

Read it here

Pin it for later:

Thanks to everyone who took part: +Sue Anne Dunlevie, +Adrienne Smith, +Ariel Rule, +Lauren Tharp+Lorraine Reguly, +Brent Jones, +Sharon Hurley Hall, +Bryan Collins, +Tor Refsland, +Pam Neely, +Devesh Sharma, +KeriLynn Engel and +Sarah P..  

Tools mentioned include: +Trello, +Evernote,, +PicMonkey and more great tools. 

#bloggingtips   #writingtools  
Blogging Wizard's profile photoKelly K's profile photoSharon Hurley Hall's profile photoCursor Creative House's profile photo
Nice set of tools.
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Adam Connell

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How To Craft The Best Guest Post Pitch Possible
11 Successful Bloggers Reveal All

Guest posting can be an effective tactic to grow your blog or any online business.

But what makes a truly great guest post pitch?

In today's post for +Blogging Wizard, +Karol K asked 11 successful bloggers to share what makes the perfect guest post pitch.

Read it here

Big thanks to Karol for putting together such a details, and insightful post. And big thanks to everyone who took part: +Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré+Pauline Cabrera, +Bamidele Onibalusi, +Sophie Lizard, +Selene Benjamin, +Jordan Teicher, +Tim Soulo, +DJ Thistle, +Catalin Zorzini and +Ruben Gamez.

11 successful bloggers take a look at the best guest post pitches they’ve received and share why they worked ( and how you can emulate them).
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Adam Connell

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How To Encourage Social Sharing On Your Blog

When your content is shared, your traffic can skyrocket.

But how can you get more of your readers to share your content?

In today's post, for +Blogging Wizard I've put together a detailed post packed full of actionable tactics you can use to get your content shared.

Read it here:

#socialmedia   #bloggingtips
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Thanks Jay, unfortunately I'm unable to take on clients right now. 

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Adam Connell

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If you want to grow your following on Pinterest, the right way - here's a great collection of tips from +Katy Blevins over at +UK Linkology.
Here's how to get the "right" followers on Pinterest

More followers isn't always the answer, you need the right followers.

Here's how to get started:

#pinterestfollowers   #pinteresttips  
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Sure thing +Katy Blevins - really enjoyed your post!

Thanks +Ashley Faulkes :)
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