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Ah, the River Thames
A major trade route ever since the Romans set up a small outpost called Londinium. It remains one of the busiest waterways in Europe.
It’s also usually blue on the map. This fact had bothered the Enlightened for a while now, and under the direction of @DJLResident, we decided to change that (and get some juicy Mackerel Units in the process).

This is our story…

The river was to be split into sections with a team responsible for first deploying and collecting keys along one side of the river and then crossing over to deploy and link back across the river.

@scubatom0488 made cake. Lots of cake. And the team saw that it was good.

In the hours leading up to the start of the operation the weather did not look good. Persistent rain and cold are not what you want during a long operation. Fortunately, the skies cleared and the sun came out just a few minutes before commencement of the first stage. All in all, three stages were planned and executed.

2 teams started at midday, Team 4 led by @TheJangler at Wandsworth and Team 1 by @Minkovsky at Greenwich. Team 4 team made good progress in West London while Team 1 suffered multiple delays.

At 3 pm Team 3 commenced, led by @TheSkullz, between Vauxhall and Wandsworth. Team 1 also suffered severe delays (like most Underground trains :P ) by the time they reached Woolwich, despite a couple of shortcuts via the DLR!  Fortunately, Team 2 having already fully deployed helped to speed things up a little. After arriving in a god-forsaken corner of Woolwich,@Minkovsky decided that the lack of cake and/or hot chocolate was dragging on for too long, and rejoined the operation as an eye in the sky after a brief break for a McDonald’s (by the way ⅕ stars for that particular one; they did have hot chocolate though). Team 3 made excellent progress and reached the half-way point just 2 minutes behind schedule.

Linking became complicated around the Greenwich peninsula owing to a mismatch between the number of available portals on each side of the river. We had the best Intel agents at our disposal so our linking was guided under the wise counsel of @FenrisTWolf, @diamondg, @bassjunkieuk and @Minkovsky.

Around the time Team 1 finished their shift in Greenwich the first signs of Resistance now showed up on Intel. A full 6.5 hours after the first Level 8 portal was made!

Finally it was time for the last stage that covered Tower Bridge to Vauxhall. Taking into account the number of agents present,@Novapuppet split them into groups to finish the remaining parts of the plan. The central section was fairly quick to go up and the operation ended at around 10 pm with the river fully fielded all the way from Chiswick to Tower Bridge, with a few patches further out also fielded. One agent had to make 4 trips between Westminster and Lambeth bridges, not helped by a small link inside a closed park blocking a critical link. As luck would have it the small link decayed while Intel was attempting to find an alternative!

Fun facts:

End to end distance covered: 13.6 miles
Total miles walked by agents: over 200
Number of Mackerel controlled: Too many to count
ADAs used: 8 or more
Levellers:@redpanda1991(L9 with simultaneous badges for links + fields (only one was needed))
Total number of Stooges: 3


A great day out by the fantastic River Thames covering both banks from Woolwich to Chiswick.


Planning:@DJLResident, @sessha, @TheSkullz, @bassjunkieuk, @FenrisTWolf
Team Leaders:@Minkovsky, @DJLResident, @sessha, @TheSkullz, @aGreenMamba, @TheJangler, @scubatom0488

Intel:@FenrisTWolf, @bassjunkieuk, @Minkovsky, @diamondg, @xKimChix

Field agents (in no particular order):@CNash85, @redpanda1991, @CoconutHunter, @Minkovsky, @TloqueNahuaque, @sparkiegeek, @BarbieCassie, @izsi, @sessha, @sophieisbinu, @Ingefara, @TheSkullz, @CarlDC, @deathstriker, @NeonSpirit, @Tarsanis, @aliskink, @Kestrel7, @NeoShady, @goingspare, @GreyMouseGrave, @TheJangler, @Danzabin, @Etorlan, @Multimeter, @Novapuppet

Special thanks:

@FenrisTwolf with excellent, easy to understand intel. A true professional.

The IITC Team for the best Intel map out there. Some of those links were so tight you couldn't fit a wafer in between! #Intelisnotacrime 

Thank you all for this wonderful Operation.
Special Agent DLResident

+John Hanke​ +Joe Philley​ +Brandon Badger​ +Anne Beuttenmüller​ +Matilde Tusberti​ +Brian Rose​ +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe​ +Carlie Chiu​ +Gijs van der Hulst​ +Olga Garcia​ 

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If you want to try Landscape, we're now giving you 20 free as in beer licenses!

Perfect for managing your personal Ubuntu machines at home or work. Heartbleed, Shellshock et al aren't worrying if all your machines get patched before you finish reading the blog posts
Landscape comes with 10 physical and 10 virtual licenses for free. That means you can self-host your own Landscape server and manage your home machines. This is perfect for geeks at home!

Here are my instructions, please feel free to edit/fix! 

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Loved inviting a member from the audience to build their first cloud live on stage, unaided, using our OpenStack Autopilot on Ubuntu! Thanks to the whole team for all the pieces that made the keynote possible - including LXD, the next hypervisor of choice.

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Here's what it looks like to install a "pilot" cloud, using +Ubuntu +OpenStack on 408 cores, 768 GB of memory, and 47 TB of storage, with the #Landscape Cloud Installer from #Canonical .  A couple of clicks, and 40 minutes later...  Poof.  Magic.  Thanks, #Juju and #MAAS  :-)
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My new colleagues all hard at work.
Making Landscape happen, at Canonical HQ, London, England.- courtesy of +Adam Collard:

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Interesting insight in using LXC for speeding up test runs

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