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Hey everyone.

We launched the new Digital Surgeons website last week! A lot of effort has gone into this project over the last few months and some very cool new ideas for our framework have come out of it. Please check it out and let me know what you think -

Also, we are in the running for an Awwward! We have poured our hearts and souls into this project and would really appreciate it if you could take the time to vote for us -

Thanks guys! :)

Hey guys,

Sorry for the website outage this morning. We had issues with our servers. Everything should be back up and running as normal now.

Hey guys,

Sorry for the slight absence recently, i’ve been super busy on an important project at Digital Surgeons which has been consuming all of my time. This project has however given us an opportunity to explore some new ideas and strategies for the future of Gumby. There’s awesome stuff coming, watch this space.

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Hello everyone,

I really recommend watching +Cory Simmons's Toggles & Switches screencast on TutsPlus.

Toggles & Switches are a really powerful Gumby tool and some seriously cool UI elements have been built using this feature alone, without writing any custom JavaScript. This screencast is an excellent (yet again!) introduction to the concept.

Check it out.

Hello everyone, we have released Gumby version 2.6!

You can grab the code from Bower, GitHub or our customizer right away.

Updates to the core framework include…

- Mobile Navbar auto closes after tap with an optional gumby-persist attribute to retain the old functionality

- Tiles are no longer restricted to <ul>/<li>, a .tile class can be used to specify the children of a .tiles element

- JS and CSS performance updates throughout, including script loading, fixed module scroll monitoring, modal re-painting as well as a large CSS code reduction 

We have also made updates to various Gumby extensions including a brand new tool for you to play with, InView!

InView (
Toggle classes on elements as they scroll into view, set the classname, top/bottom offsets and more.

ResponsiveComments (
A Gumby extension wrapper for the ResponsiveComments library I launched recently, check that out if you haven’t already!

Now uses the background position x axis value if set in CSS, also performance tweaks to loading.

ResponsiveImages and Shuffle
Shorthand syntax for media queries! You can now specify ‘< 768px’ or ‘> 960px’ for example.


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Hey guys, total self promotion (again). Thought I'd share my bands new site. It's only a very simple single pager but it's built with Gumby and makes use of the FitText plugin.

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Check out another awesome tutorial from +Cory Simmons.

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Hey guys,

I published a library yesterday called ResponsiveComments. It allows you to hide content within HTML comments and insert into the DOM based on media queries.

The content within the comments can contain any HTML, images, iframes, whatever. The media queries are specified in data-attributes, much like Gumby's Responsive Images module. When the media queries pass the content is uncommented and inserted into the DOM.

It's a really simple, client-side only solution to conditional loading and can help improve load times in RWD.

Check it out, let me know your thoughts. There will definitely be a Gumby extension wrapper for this coming soon!

Pro Tip: Take advantage of in your JavaScript. The property defaults to 'click' but is updated to 'tap click' on touch devices after jQuery Mobile's touch events have been loaded. Use preventDefault in the event handler so tap and click don't both trigger the callback.

Make sure you tell Gumby where to look for jQuery mobile.

<script gumby-touch="/path/to/libs" src="gumby.min.js"></script>

Bind to a button click/tap events. On touch devices you'll save around 300ms per interaction which is huge!

$('#btn').on(, function(e) {
    // only tap or click
    // e.type will be 'click' or 'tap'
    Gumby.debug("Triggered by "+e.type);

jQuery Mobile touch events also include swipe, swipeleft, swiperight and 'taphold' so take advantage of those too.

// only on touch devices
Gumby.touch(function() {
    // bind to swipe event
    $('#slider').on('swipe', function() {
        // do something awesome.

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Pro Tip: Log the global Gumby object by entering it directly into the console. From there you can inspect various public properties including click, gumbyTouch, touchDevice, debugMode and more. Expand the uiModules property to see an array of initialised modules, each containing an events array showing the available events.

This combined with Gumby's debug mode can be pretty powerful.!/debug-mode
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