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It's not about what you gain from what you provide.

I'm looking to suggest hosting a city wide event to my small town tourism department. Is there any sort of official package/kit that I can use to facilitate such a proposal?

What kind of awesomeness do we have going on tonight?

What determines the payoff values in a payoff matrix? Is there a specific ratio they should have or is it arbitrary?

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Friday Game Design

1) Must encourage many 1 on 1 interactions
2) Must NOT be physically or mentally strenuous
3) Requires little to no material to play
4) Mostly family friendly (it can push boundaries but it cant be seven minutes in heaven)

Players: Group of 4 to 8 people who have never met.


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All you need is a bit of makeup and the right attitude to pull off this stunningly terrifying costume for Halloween ;)

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Because some people are just too cool to pour their booze onto the chests of women AFTER they buy it...

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What would you tell this guy? Tsssk.

via +Dee M 

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An interesting and widely unknown story about the largest sea evacuation in history
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