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I know that currently the PowerManagement APIs are disabled, but does anyone have any bright ideas on how I could programmatically turn off the display?

I've got a projector on an RPi's HDMI out and I don't want to burn through bulbs like crazy, so I want to turn the display off when ever people are out of the room.

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Video from the peak we climbed on Wednesday

It would be pretty great if apps installed onto AT devices were automatically "system" apps. Would allow us to easily do things like shutdown and reboot in UI.

Been running my little IOT Android Things photo frame 24/7, and it's been going well. Unplugging it and re-plugging it now and then. But it seems to have gotten angry. I was doing some dev on it, and it started to complain that a shared library wasn't installed, so it could no longer install new versions of the app. So I tried to uninstall the app, and it said there was an internal error. So I tried restarting it (by pulling the plug) and now it's hung on "Starting kernel..."

Any thoughts? I'm going to re-image the card next.

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I might have a bug here, or I could be doing something stupid. But has anyone tried using the WiFi manager's scan function yet?

PSA: If anyone is interested in using a Software Keyboard, note that after installing one via ADB you need to first fire the "Input Method Settings" Intent and enable the keyboard:

startActivityForResult( new Intent( android.provider.Settings.ACTION_INPUT_METHOD_SETTINGS), 0 );

This tripped me up for a bit.

However, does anyone know how to finish an activity like the system settings without a back button?

It looks like the soft keyboard is gone or disabled or something. Is that true? If so, I would request that as a feature :P

I know this is just dev preview 1, but are there plans to have an option to hide some of the boot text in the beginning there?

Also could it be possible to swap out the android things boot animation? I realize that one is probably more about branding...

Just discovered Android Things and am very excited about possibly replacing my Raspbain/Python application using it. But two questions:

1) Does anyone know if Android Things does anything to address the all too common SD card corruption issues that the other linux based RPi OS flavors suffer from?

2) Is there currently any supported way to remote auto-update the application running on AT?


I would love to be able to do some light work on my projects in the go. But this can NEVER compile my github projects.

Regular Android Studio projects. It often has problems with resource directories, says things aren't valid which AS has no problem with. Also it doesn't seem to be able to resolve dependencies from sources other than Maven Central or local Android repos, which means anything other than the simplest apps can't be compiled.

Here is one simple project that can't compile:
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