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Coder, Gamer, Hiker

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I would love to be able to do some light work on my projects in the go. But this can NEVER compile my github projects.

Regular Android Studio projects. It often has problems with resource directories, says things aren't valid which AS has no problem with. Also it doesn't seem to be able to resolve dependencies from sources other than Maven Central or local Android repos, which means anything other than the simplest apps can't be compiled.

Here is one simple project that can't compile:

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This is pretty awesome. Block Chain based e-voting technology. They want to prove out the technology by doing a mock parallel election during the US presidential election this year.

Imagine voting from your phone, and being able to verify that your vote was counted and not tampered with the entire time!

Pressing the play button when the app first loads does nothing. Rotating the device makes the button work again.

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While skiing today I took a good shot of where we got engaged on Mt Rainier:

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On this day a year ago, I was so sea sick I wanted to die! :D

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Trying to get a simple project of mine building, but aapt keeps erroring out on what should be a totally valid path:

"Invalid resource directory name "

It seems to have constructed the path down to the flavor level correctly, then between "main/res layout-sw600" its got a space, which makes it invalid

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Sweet, the new ZEN ALBATROSS album is out, they are always good for some coding music.
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