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Monkeys! And frogs! And pigs! And stuff!
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Adam Boenig

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#SupportIndie  I should make a category just for all the makers I know
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Pfft you!
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Adam Boenig

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#SupportIndie  always.
So -- three sets of these earrings will be up for sale. The necklace? Not so much. Mine. It's mine. I would be willing to build a variant for $100 -- those bead strands are made from over a dozen different gemstone chips and rounds. That's what it would cost to build another from scratch -- though I have the dozen bits required, and so can make a fair profit. 

But it took three years and having a great deal of family support to gather together my bits and bobs to the point where I  can offer the piece for less than $100. "But I could build that!" Yes, you could, and the cost for the raw materials, all twelve gemstones in their various shapes, and the metal for the fittings, would run you around $100, to build just the one.

Let's not forget the six months to a year you'd spend learning how to put the damned thing together.

And that is why $100 is giving Plussers a discount. I can make three or four once I've bought enough for the one, and that means I get to do this for something more than just the love of doing it.

That said, is anyone interested? Earrings are $18.50; I'll put up a listing tomorrow/soonish. Necklace available on request.
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She drew a thing! And a lovely thing it is!
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Who are you again?
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The problem with having a natural gift for writing is you expect it to come naturally. You don't expect to have to work at it.

And sometimes, it does work that way. But not often.

Me? I'm a writer. It has always come naturally, which leads to a problem: I don't take it seriously. I don't work at it.

So I find myself at a crossroads: Do I have the attention spank, the fortitude, and the will to be able to actually complete what I set out to do?

Or do I move on to other things?

Of course, the answer is yes. Why? Because I want it to be. I want it with every bit of my being.

Which means I have to start right away. Keep pushing myself until it is done. Overcome my obstacles.

And really, I have the worst obstacle to overcome: Me.
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it's really fantastic when my inner muse delivers fluently, I can fluently write, sometimes I myself get astonished at seeing how pages have got filled with thousands of words, full of climax, relevant setting, twists.

But alack! Sometimes the muse doesn't respond. I sit idle for long time in front of PC ready to write, yet not a single word was put on MS Words-page, entire day passes on empty handed! That's writer's block, I can recognize.

What I do in such prolonged block, is simply floating on my inner self's liking & dis-likings, next I try to find out a way to break the block. I use a strong weapon meditation, in my contemplation I can visualize the root reason of this block & immediately uproot it, Maybe it's lacking knowledge in relevant topic, I fetch up enough material, study over those relevant topics.  I enrich my store of knowledge Next I visualize the most true thing - I write with pleasure. In fact, whatever I do, including writing novels, I do for pleasure.

Why shouldn't it be for pleasure? This evening when I've finished writing, I discovered I wrote the novel events I didn't have any previous plan for those at all. How successfully those relevant & meaningful events got life on pages! My joy of creativity knew no bound!
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So, who would like to see an Role Playing Board Game?
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Get your mind out of the gutter.
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Hi Abi's sister who may or may not find this!
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#SupportIndie  Because birthdays! And dolls! And custom!
Have you shopped my birthday week #sale  yet? Everything in the shop is 15% off. I'd love to #custom  crochet your favorite critter for you!

#crochet   #handmade   #animal   #toy   #Zibbet   #SupportIndie   #discount  
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Eep eep!
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Dear people who have just followed me:

I hate to disappoint, but as much as I am a man with opinions and thoughts to share, I am also a man with projects. Unfortunately, these projects have cut into my plus time, meaning I post very little.

In the meantime, feel free to say hello! I don't bite. That you know of.
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I can't complain, not I have an excuse.
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So, I woke up thinking about how to use RUBY to program basic game mechanics.

So yeah.

And how are you?
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I'm thinking about rubies and gold.
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Best post of the year nicked off a private post on here.
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First of all: know you aren't.

Second: I didn't take her, she left you. Years ago.

Third: Bye bye!
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So, here I am. What do I do now?
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You're already doing, snatching peace of others planning for having a sweet nap. So sweet boy you're!
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I can take you to another world with words.
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Hello there. My name is Adam, but you already knew that. What you want to know is what I am about.

I am about many things, the top of which being writing, videogames, and occasional bouts of philosophy.

I don't post as much publicly as I use to, but when I do, it's either my own fiction or something that I feel is important enough to share with the world!

Things you will see on my stream:

#VoicesInMyHead is the hashtag I use for whatever my characters choose to spontaneously say to me, be it morbid, humorous, or thoughtful. Think of it as a line from a script.

#RandomThoughts is what I use to mark an idea about something I have been thinking about again. Sometimes it's controversial, and I am not afraid to discuss it.

#SupportIndie is my way of marking quality, interesting, hand-crafted work and giving back to the indie community as an independent writer. I also have a community based on it, the SupportIndie Marketplace.

I also post a lot of music, marked by #music, genre, and whatever else I can think of. Genres include ambient, techno, remixes, covers, folk, rock, and some rap.

My final hashtag, #ChaoticMotion, is used for my own work. I write stories, randomly, without rhyme or reason, often to artists here on the plus. I run a community and a page by the same name, if you look for them. 

A Few Warnings:
-I say that I post very little publicly. I mean that. That does not mean I post very little. I am not on G+ as much anymore, but I will flood your stream with awesome when I am.

-While I am willing to discuss anything, I do not waste my time on drama. You can believe what you want in whatever way you want, as long as you do not force those beliefs.

-If you are an artist, photographer, maker of images, I will hunt you down. I will find you and I will write stories for your work. After I ask permission. Cause I'm a rebel.

Bragging rights
A small group of people think my writing is just swell, and that's enough for me.
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