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Adam Boenig (Agent Muave)
Ask me about my imaginary friends!
Ask me about my imaginary friends!

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Studied a news article for an essay. I wrote the basics of chapter 7. I have accomplished everything I set out to accomplish.

Our daughter once asked us why we like dark things like witchcraft, vampired, demonology, and Satan. We had to sit her down and explain to her that we don't consider these dark things. We just consider them interesting.

My relationship with change is weird. When I am home, I am bored; I know there are places to go, but I can't be bothered to go there.

When I am travelling, I am up for just about anything. One time I spent a week bopping up and down the Florida coast, seeing state parks, zoos, and whatever else I damn well felt like.

I exist out of my comfort zone.

I Showed Up.

Wrote a short thought
Worked on a stupid story with the wife person
Did some studying
Went to class

You have athlete's foot.

In your nose.

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All of my writerly friends are all professional and I'm just here like

Well I was going to do my reading today, but studying and little girls take precedence. Such is life.

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Hey +Abi Grey...

There's a conspiracy in my pants.

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Sometimes I wrestle with my demons. Other times we just cuddle.

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