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Adam “Hairthulhu” Boenig
Ask me about my imaginary friends!
Ask me about my imaginary friends!

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I wrote my first book on a typewriter. It was shit, but I miss that old typewriter. I miss seeing the pages pile up. There is something to be said for seeing physical change as you progress. It's satisfying.

I miss writing short fiction, but I never have the energy.

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I'm at a point in a story where I don't want to write, but this part needs to be written just so I know. You folk won't even get to read it in its entirety.

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I am so bad at keeping up on all the channels.
I'm working on a new series. <3 

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For the artist folk :)
I promised a hand guide/tutorial thing to some people a few weeks back, and here it is. Note that I'm not perfect at drawing hands, but here's how I go about drawing them. Feel free to reshare this post if you wish.
I might make a part two later.
If you have any other tutorial requests, comment them below for me to add it to my To-Do list.

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+Abi Grey apparently this is a problem that is common enough to have a sign.

So many things I want to rant about today, none of which I have the energy to properly word.

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Theoretically, eventually I will just get so tired that I will sleep forever.

So I've got that to look forward to.
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Good afternoon!
Today's goal: write a fictional alphabet, create a writing system for said alphabet, and work on the novel.
I figure, seeing as it kept me up all night, I should take care of it.
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