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Adam Bliss
The simplest person that cannot be described in ten words.
The simplest person that cannot be described in ten words.

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This document contains some good stuff and some not-so-good stuff. But I strongly suggest reading the whole thing before trying to judge which is which.

Do any of my [g|x]oogler plussies have a contact in MTV or SF who works in STEM education outreach and/or APAC diversity? I have a STEM educator friend from Thailand who's angling for a campus tour later this year.

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"it’s not Bitcoin’s fault that your stupid fiat currency can’t hold its value."
Zing! Take that, stupid fiat currency! (Also, could somebody please remind me how I can pay rent, childcare, medical expenses, and income tax using Bitcoin? I seem to have forgotten.)

I can't believe it took me 14 years to think of this, but I finally realized that perhaps the solution to the paucity of video games with challenging puzzles is to drink until the puzzles become harder.

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I applaud David Ovalle of the Miami Herald for his tasteful restraint in reporting on this incident.

Wait, how does this work?
I couldn't find ".router" in any list of IANA TLDs, and I couldn't find any RFCs about this shortcut. But it's a tough thing to google for. 

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RIP. But the link should have been: "What is the headline of this obituary?"

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I hope Mark O'Connell writes a novel like this article.

In older versions of android there was a file at /data/data/ that you could access directly with sqlite3 (if you had root). In Marshmallow this seems to be gone. Does anyone know where it went?

(I need to access it because the settings app finally removed the QuickLaunchSettings activity, so there doesn't seem to be any user-level way to edit bookmarks anymore.)

I think my 3yo kid just hacked Number Genie on the Google Home. He got it to respond:

"Well done! It is indeed %x."
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