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My desk was vandalized this morning.  Who cares, I get to be princess for the day.

Just watched Elysium. I love Matt Damon, but what a huge disappointment of a movie. Just no redeeming value whatsoever ... well maybe the ending.  Saw a trailer for Monuments Men starring Damon, Clooney, and Murray that looked good, though. 

Highlight of the day: Discussing a project deadline on a conference call with our development team and members from a sister company, and our boss told everyone that the client is "chomping at the bitch ... bit".

He lost the room.

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I've never been a Stern hater. I think he's done a great job promoting the game globally, but his reaction has crossed a line and will surely tarnish his legacy as the end of his reign nears. The crux of this sticky problem for him was his eagerness to announce "severe sanctions" and issue an apology to NBA fans before the game even started. To his embarrassment, NBA fans were treated to one of the best and certainly most inspiring games of the year.  Watching the SAS bench play with such passion against a Goliath was as much a Cinderella story as those we root for in the NCAA tournament.

Had Stern used discretion and waited to comment after the game, I doubt we would have seen such a "severe sanction".  With egg now on his face and unwilling to retract his premature apology, Stern put himself in the undesirable position of having to leverage a face-saving hefty fine to the opposition of the entire NBA community: coaches, players, analysts, and fans alike.

Stern's apology was an effort to show that he answers to the fans, then turns around and fines the Spurs to the objection of the fans. Who does this fine benefit? It's political. It's heavy-handed. And it's a clear indication that it is, in fact, time for the NBA and Stern to part ways.

I don't know if Stern watched the game that I watched, but I loved it.  I yelled, I got chills, my adrenaline was flowing ... and my heart broke at the end of the game at the sight of those deserving young players' faces who came so close. But this isn't the game Stern wanted me to see or enjoy ... a game he apologized for and vows to prevent in the future.

#DavidStern , stop dictating how coaches should manage their teams and stop dictating how fans should enjoy the game.

A 4.3 #earthquake  hit Whitesburg, KY.  Nobody hurt, no damage, just enough to draw national attention to Whitesburg, KY. Thanks nature, late night TV will take over from here.

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Joker is gone!
In this letter to the Big Blue Nation, Mitch Barnhart announces Joker Phillips will not return as head football coach next season

UK basketball starts tonight! Exhibition or not, UK fans finally get to cheer again after a long painful autumn of discontent. #GoBigBlue  

Just watched Killer Klowns from Outer Space.  Just wished I hadn't watched Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

I was watching Bruce Pearl reporting live at NC State during ESPN's midnight madness coverage last night and a daunting realization sank in: we're never going to be rid of Dick Vitale. Expletive!   #DickVitaleLivesOn  

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