GMO needs to heavily regulated!

Under its own genetic review agency and not just ejaculated into the biosphere like...well, its clear nonconsensual genetic metaphor I am implying.

Its important to remember that GM is just a tool. It is neither good or evil on its own. In practice, right now it is mostly used for evil.

We could be using to enrich our food supply with Vitamins and PhytoNutrients, ( #GoldenRice ) protect our forrests from diseases and infestations, produce Omega3 RICH grains, instead of dosing them with Neurotoxins...

We wanted frost-free fruits and Vegetables. We wanted our Dutch Elm gardens back!

WE dont want #AgentOrangeCorn !!

GMO isnt evil. Evil GMO is evil. Its time to science back from the assholes.
Wow. I can see why there was speculation Monsanto bought Blackwater...sometimes you need a "collection agency".
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