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Phenomnlgy of Altrd States: OBE/NDE,Lucid Dreams,Tran  - 
A Subjectively "True" Tale of Somnasentience

I was extremely drowsy and couldn't focus, but I don't like to fall asleep with that weird mix ( of sensation and unconsciousness in consciousness ( ; similar to intoxication ) .

Finally I gave in, tore myself away from g+ ; --- so I could get up  and do pre sleep rituals ( including supplements and pharmaceuticals that give me "good sleep" and approved  relaxation --- i.e. it feels pure , refreshing , not stupid ) and go to bed, properly.

The act of making myself get up ( to go to bed properly ) Woke Me Up ... I was already asleep, and dreaming; if not resting.

( Its harder to recall dream details when they take place in G+ abstract conversationland. )

Why did I feel drowsy, like I was fighting to stay awake, if I was asleep and dreaming ?

Would I have been better off staying "asleep",  or should I have gotten "Up" ?

If you are convinced you are falling asleep and you ought to, how can you know you already are ?

How did I direct myself to get up, ( and do so ) if asleep ?
( coincidence ? )

How rare is feeling like you are falling asleep, AFTER, you've already fallen asleep ?


The Mystery of Dream Histories
In retrospect I had some prior memories from dreams yesterday. My conscious narrative included some recent sleep dream personal histories.

My dreams often include false narratives which may include ( or so I think when awake ) extensive past dreaming experiences. Like lost episodes strung together. Into a series , going back decades.

I generally think I know upon awakening, the difference between a dreams false biographical history, and that informed by real old dreams then remembered in dreams , as a fact.

Sometimes this is very obvious as in "Dreams when X happens "

But othertimes its a sort of faith to know the dreamings self false history is a true telling of previous dreams, and not simply a new one.

But my dream was an extension of what I did while awake ( g+ philosophy community. ) .

I've lost the topics ( of dream Plussing ) though. One was about death. Not actual death but G+ philosophy posts on it.


Post your own answers , queries , and dream states , below.
( Column 2 means you are asleep )
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this wasnt supposed to be a poll.
There are 4 explicit questions
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Adam Black

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This Post is not About Helmets

After 37 minutes , Disregard everything I have to say. ..

Thinks for a moment.
No, not this too .
( some smart-ass would ask that. I know, because I would. That doesn't make it less annoying. )

No, its not even a logical paradox.
English is just overly isomorphic.

Its a plain and simple statement about present tenses in the future, with not a whiff of retroactivity; Given without cause, reason or justification.

No, not this either. What did I just say. This counts.
No not forever. Well Yes, Forever , but not for forever.
If it was for forever about forever, it would probably have reasons. And you'd have to raise money to buy me a Helmet or something.
Adds Title.

No, not 37 mins from the post .I mean that was Intention, but ... 37 mins when I wrote that line.

Any other Questions?
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Adam Black

Book Study Group  - 
Free Online MIT Course of Philosophy of Mind and AI

I found this in my inbox.  looks like a good introduction for people in this community.  Some of you already know enough to get the certificate now.!

Philosophy: Minds and Machines

An introduction to philosophy of mind, exploring consciousness, reality, AI, and more. The most in-depth philosophy course available online.

About this course
What is the relationship between the mind and the body? Can computers think? Do we perceive reality as it is? Can there be a science of consciousness?

This course explores these questions and others. It is a thorough, rigorous introduction to contemporary philosophy of mind.

According to many scientists and philosophers, explaining the nature of consciousness is the deepest intellectual challenge of all. If you find consciousness at all puzzling, this is a great place to start learning more.

#PhilosophyOfMind     #FreeCollegeCourses    #Moocs  
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Adam Black

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Worst Video Ever!
(Closer to 'the Folly pessimism'. )
Mindless Defeatism is what gave us mindless optimism , as an alternative.

If true, then logically I should expect the quality of School of Life to decline ; until it reaches the point where wisdom is literally stuck out of my head from viewing them.

A Small targeted dose of pessimism is useful as an inoculation to prevent anger in Stoicism. Even then it's seen as an antidote to gain equanimity.

Drowning in it, is folly. It poisons what is right, and hides what can be mended. This is just Marvinsm.

And he's wrong about Buddhism.
It promotes Positive equanimity, not pessimism'.

Pessimism is also a self fulfilling prophesy. And its a form of attachment to ill will.

When we say pessimism we are describing multiple things: a set of emotional affective attitudes, and the thinking its pattern from it.

One need to be separated from the other. the 'Clinging' and attachment in the emotional part of pessimism is impure, and needs to be worked on with meditation techniques to purify its intention.

I'd recommended Karuna Bhavana ( transcendental compassion )

These exercises and compassion will complement and purify the negative emotion in the pessiitivity.

Also Mudita , ( Empathetic Joy ) unconditional positive altruistic regards for others accomplishments, is the second set. It's described as the pleasure that comes from delighting in another's well-being.

The wisdom that buried in pessimistic thinking is a lack of attachment to positive outcomes. 

Adam Black

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O, this is nice......

For 5am . Goes down very smooth

#Psybient         #Ambient             #Artz

Note: Amazing, For once my contactlist actually pulled up!
( I added people by hand . )
You may have also gotten notified if  I Have you sorted in  intersecting  circles *, and i just havent talked to you in a while .

* Transhumans , Space or and Doctor Who.

#Spacesynth      #Trance  
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So nice. Thanks for sharing . +Adam Black​
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Adam Black

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Some #ambient,  live #electronica, Chills, thrills and Pills...

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Adam Black

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Let's Break sum Rulesz

I'm not supposed to talk to you fuckers. Not now.
I know better. So?
Ask Me Anything vv
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+Adam Black oh, I see. That's a real shame. 14 is a good old age though.

I remember when D'Arcy became ill, I took him to the vet and he didn't come back out! I was like what the actual fuck! And this was four grand later (on my insurance luckily) and I still didn't have a diagnosis they said the cost could creep up to 10 grand just to keep him alive to find out. So I had no choice to let him go. He was my best mate. I don't trust the vets anymore all they want is cash. 
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Adam Black

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Please Report THis Profile!!!!

edit No you dont want to look at the stream.
You dont even want that  to appear  .

This is the "about" page  only , and its safe to click on.
Nothing else is.

Just report it, and let google sort it out.
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Adam Black

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Suicide Is Painless --- Manic Street Preachers

Special Post for Bethany, "Miss Atomic Bomb"
Because we all have to go off, sometime ;
Why ask me?

( MSP version- lyricss ) 

Suicide Is Painless --- Manic Street Preachers

Through early morning fog, I see;
Visions, of the things to be;
The pains that are withheld for me,
I realise  , that I can see:

That, 'Suicide Is Painless',
It brings up many changes,
 I can take or leave it,
If I please;

That 'Game of Life' is hard to play,
I'm gonna lose it anyway;
The losing card of some delay,
So this is all I have to Say :

That, 'Suicide Is Painless',
It brings up many changes;
I can take or leave it, 
 If I please.

The Sword of Time will pierce our skin,
It doesn't hurt, when it begins;
But as it works its way on in,
The pain grows stronger: watch It bring!

That, 'Suicide Is Painless',
It brings up many changes,
 I can take or leave it,
 If I please

A brave man once requested me,
To answer questions that are key;
"Is it to be, or not to be?"
And I replied 'Oh, Why ask me ?'

That,'Suicide Is Painless' ,
It brings up many changes,
And I can take or leave it,
 If I ....
<    Pay No more attention to me  Than..   >

That 'Suicide Is Painless';
It brings up many changes,
 I can take or leave it ,
If I please.

That: 'Suicide Is Painless' ;
It brings up many changes,
And You can do the same thing,
 If you please.

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This is practically a perfectly composed and arranged rock song. 

i hated the song,  before I saw this version. 
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