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+Ambra Vanderpool
 Biden appoints Pence as VP.
Biden charges Trump with Treason,
charges Michael Flynn with Violating classified Petntagon rules, charges with Trump with Innurement clause. ...

Or Biden appoints Trump as VP a a few days early so he can file charges on him for Breaking Federal laws.  Like the Post office building?

nah its really on Mike Pence to enact to remove Trump #becauseitsThursday
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Adam Black

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UrineGate2: Just When you thought it was safe in the press room
The memo stated: “Journalists who are at the White House more than one day per week should be subject to drug screenings to occur no more than twice a year at random times. Refusal to comply should exclude them from credentialing entirely.”

Sean Spicer, who was spokesman for the Republican National Committee and is now Trump’s press secretary, told New York Post’s Richard Johnson, “I support whatever security measures are recommended by the Secret Service.”

The memo also proposed taking away the right of the White House Correspondents’ Association to control reporters’ seating arrangements in the press briefing room. Evidently, that wasn’t enough for the Trump team; now they are considering evicting press entirely from the White House.

If anyone should be drug-tested it should be Donald Trump and the 62+ million people who voted for him. And I wouldn’t stop there. Let’s make every member of Congress pee in a cup, especially the Republicans. You’ve got to be on drugs to come up with what the GOP-led Congress wants to do.

As far as press goes, maybe they should be tested. Instead of fighting back when they are attacked by Trump and his team, they’ve just been sitting back in some drug-induced stupor and taking it.

What is Donald Trump's fascination with other people's pee? The president-elect may be forcing the White House press corps to pee in a cup for drug testing.
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+Rafael Espericueta
 ya think?
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Adam Black

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ooh, Lay-away plan,  for Lynn
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This is actually more like Fall River accent.
but could be Quincy/ Braintree  too.
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Adam Black

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Alzheimer's Drug cures cavities

A paper from a group of Kings College London researchers documents an unexpected and welcome side effect from an experimental anti-Alzheimer's drug called Tideglusib: test subjects experienced a regeneration of dentin, the bony part of teeth that sits between the pulp and the enamel.

The drug stimulates brain-cell regeneration. But when it is applied topically to teeth, it suppressed the release of a kind of tau protein, which allowed them to sprout new stem cells, which led to the replenishment of dentin.

The King’s College researchers put the enzyme inhibitor on biodegradable collagen sponges, stuck them in subjects’ teeth where cavities had formed and found they healed up without the need for any drilling or filling.


“Using a drug that has already been tested in clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease provides a real opportunity to get this dental treatment quickly into clinics,” Sharpe said in a release.


Thx to +Kee Hinckley

Researchers discover that experimental Alzheimer's drug causes teeth to regrow tissue lost to cavities
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+Tony S No more hockey 4 U
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Adam Black

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The Pressure falls on +Buzz Aldrin .
Former astronaut Gene Cernan, who as the last person to walk on the moon returned to Earth with a message of "peace and hope for all mankind," died on Monday, his family said. He was 82. Cernan ...
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+Ambra Vanderpool It's far beyond disgusting. These are treasonous war crimes, crimes against humanity. And the reason for all these crimes, including millions murdered, is corporate profits for a tiny few. This is beyond disgusting. Those responsible, including a few presidents should be the guests of honor at international war crime trials! One day all people will look back in horror at all this, just as all people with compassion and awareness see it today.
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Adam Black

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Adam Black

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Harriet the Spy, anyone?

Find from +Sheila Nagig​​

Alphabet substitution cipher. The Barbie Typewriter E-118, is a low-cost electronic typewriter, developed as a childeren's toy by Mehano in Slovenia (formerly: Yugoslavia) and sold worldwide by Mattel (US) 1 . The E-118 is the latest model in the product line that started with the E-115. The electronic ...
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Gotta Kick At The Darkness ---Till it Bleeds Daylight!
"Put a little something here so people know they found the right Adam"

NO ONE, has ever told me "found the right Adam" ...
< Well, not without taking it back, or changing their number >

I am an able-bodied disabled person, an outgoing shut-in, a cynical believer;
too smart for my own good, and too gullible to be left alone without adult supervision;
A realist with his head in the clouds,  and 2 feet in the grave.

I'm up at all the wrong times, with all the wrong crowd----or just alone.
A Brave man, A bold man--- terrified of things I cant put into words...yet ARE words that can be placed into me.

I'm up with the Down Crowd, and Down with the Up Posse,

I grew up a foreigner to this land, yet I am a natural-born citizen ( to the U.S ) that speaks only English fluently.

I'm looking for water-brothers--- in all the wrong places;

I'm mature enough to have taken every side, in every major argument.
I DO call people out on their bullshit. So rest assured,  when I insult you, I am really just practicing extreme SELF-Criticism;  try it sometime.

I am NOT an atheist myself, but I Do admire atheist positions.
I respect religions as pathways, But NOT as "belief-systems". I bend both ways, but I am not "convert-able" .
If you actually believe in something wacky, like Twilight or  ( Vampirism/ Zombism /Infecting Ghosts ) , and Insist on converting me, on G+, I am not responsible for your tears, as one poor Bloody Soul found out. 

If your wacky beliefs involve time traveling phone-booths and sonic-powered home improvement tools, that particular Time-capsule dematerialized a LONG time ago...

I very rarely delete comments, or Block people.
 I tolerate dissent, and  wide variety of opinions BUT...i really DO post things for a reason,
BUT:  I am a bit of a TotalTopic-nazi,  I reserve the right to turn a threadjack into a brand new post.

But some arguments have become tedious and stupid to me.

Targeted Notification I sort people I follow into personal interests, and reserve the right to Notify-you according to your interests, if you add me---unless you opt in to me my "Never Notify" circle. My sucess rate is over  90% .  But try not to be a jerk if tag you in by accident.

DO TELL Me your interests.
This is a Social Network, and I dont want to spam anyone. Arent you here to be known, and meet like and interesting minds? NO?
then be quiet and let the adults interact. You'll figure this out.

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The Perfect & Smooth Blend of Open-Hearted Sincerity & Straight-Up Sarcasm!

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Tag-Story:  Slowly rotting with the Rest of you, YEA!
......Ok for the sake of Scientific Accurracy: Neither,  "with You" in the sense of Space ~unless you sweet talk me, or are really really lucky.
Nor,  rotting 'with you',  in the sense , of the same rate of time. Some of you, have clearly ...arrived. 
Hey, don't give me that look. I was just trying to be nice,  and show you some camaraderie for your blackening soul. 
Now,  I'm going to casually walk back over toward the civilized people; So take 3 steps back you creep, and take that THING with you...
'Hey guys you wont believe what this freak on the Interwebs' ' Ya, she thought that was normal in 21st century'

Bragging rights
I have never kissed the editor of the Radio-Times; I DOUBT your commitment to Sparkle-Motion, ... "I am training it _to like_ being where it is put" ... "I try never to be serious ---as it damages, I believe, ones nerve-endings" ... I mean what I say and say what i mean ... covered in nerve damage "too small to be detected by science" , ... No, Sailors swear like ME
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Africultures - Analyse - Vin Diesel: A Colorless Actor for a Colorblind ...

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One of a kind gaming, mechanical puzzles hobbies, unique toys and gifts . It's filled with small wonders. If you have kids, GO! They also host a free local gaming night to try new games.
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Small lines, lots of space.
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Good authentic food. Great burritos and plantains.
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Sadly past its prime! I got a Pastrami Reuben, an easy delicassey for a Jewish Deli. They steam the sandwich like they are supposed to. A Pastrami Reuben ought to taste like heaven. With the sandwich meat melting in your mouth like butter. It didn't melt. It sat in my gut like a brick.Big Disappointment. The meat was rubbery. They defiled the sandwich by putting in yellow mustard ( I didn't ask for that!! ) . It's supposed to have Russian dressing. ( Which sets off the other flavors perfectly). It was dripping in Thousand Island dressing instead. Like a friggin whopper! Who does that? When I asked for Russian dressing he gave me more Thousand Island dressing. Wtf. I said. Russian is red. "He makes his own, it's not red like the name brand" No, it's Not Russian. ( Ironically I don't even like Russian Dressing--- except on a Pastrami Reuben. It just belongs. And the Meat was Rubbery. ). Look The Jewish owners sold out. Take your memories somewhere else.
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Landmark, History. A cultural resource, they have great speakers every week.
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It's Whole Foods. It's overpriced bullshit staffed by hipsters and hippies. But the Homemade Peanut Butter you grind, and the Organic Pacific 365 Coffee makes every trip worthwhile. Your life is empty. Your friendships are one illness or betrayal from ending forever. There is no purpose to life, it's all pointless meaningless disappointments, on a good day. Now Smell that fresh peanut butter. Throw it on some ice cream . Mix in some ground black Pacific Coffee ground to sweet black oily dust. Taste. Let the pleasure wipe your mind clean. You are whole again. Thanks Whole Foods.
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