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Happy Easter

Dont forget to leave the door open ,so this little guy can get in your  young Children's bedsroom's.  For Candy...

#Easter #BlackSeder #ForCandy  
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For candy , use tongue 
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          Secret of The Sea

 Is there anything else that You need?
( By Popular Demand , more Romance )

In each sail that skims the horizon,
   In each landward-blowing breeze,
I behold that stately galley,
   Hear those mournful melodies;

Till my soul is full of longing
   For the Secret of the Sea  ,
And the heart of the great ocean
   Sends a thrilling pulse through me.

---Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

< Now with even more added romantic encouraging passionate
... #SeaPorn       >

With the stirring Ocean,
   and  Sea Spray upon my  face;
I  lap its Salty kisses,
  My Forlorn Lover's embrace.

My hand  grasped round  the Tiller,
   Cast My vision Horizon-wide;
The Secret Opens to me,
   I hold my breath, and steer inside.

Till his soul was full of longing,
   _And he cried, with impulse strong,--
"Helmsman! for the love of heaven,
   Teach me, too, that wondrous song!"

---- Longfellow, Not-so-much ;)

#landscapephotography    #photography    #sunset  
#SeaPorn    #Moonrise    #longfellow  

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<<< still sulking +Deema Qawasmi
Someone else Liked my poetry.  ( How am I supposed to know you don't like Medieval  Spanish Ballads? )
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Sound made Visible!

#PsychedelicArt #sciencesunday  
No computer generated graphics were used in this music video from The Glitch Mob. These sound wave visualizations were recorded with a camera using a subwoofer and lycopodium powder.
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The Doc Whobies/Fandom Circle

By popular Demand, my Circle Sharing Continues...

This was Originally a #DoctorWho Fans Circle  with added Added #Browncoats and #ScienceFiction #Fandom  
( started out from Peter Edenist, but I  weeded it & doubled it )

If you are tagged,  you are in it.

This was my First Great GooglePlus Circle, and its filled with Interesting People that will give an all-over shot of awesome to your stream.

Weblink for Mobile Users:

Recent SciFi Posts:

Red Dwarf Is back :

New Mind-Blowing Ambient Film score to Metropolis
( free Download. Trust me, You want this  )

Other Upcoming Coming Circle Shares include:

 ( started from Peter Wells and Iv added lot of new relevant people )

The Geekerati:
You can recommend People to this one.  Authors, Scientists, Actors... They are famous or talented...

( started out with the AntiSopa movement and turned Hard Left at Romney, and more  center after #Justice4Aaron Aaron Swartz death  and Snowden.  If you are progressive you may love it, if Libertarian its probably  a mix Love/hate  )

If you want to be added to those circles,  before I share them, let me know

#GeekCulture   #CircleShare #DrWho   #scififans  
In this Circle:
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+Pamela Mitchell #Transhumanism is basically a philosophy
( tried to make this short, and failed 3x  TLDR; Imagine if the Borg /Cyberman/ Cylons were actually Heroes   and role-models  )

predicting  sci-fi like tropes like Cyberman , The Borg ,  #MindUploading , The Matrix,  Vger from Star Trek : TMop;  but  with the propaganda that these will all be good things  and we should embrace them.

( The Original Cyberman were created by a planet that swapped out their organs for artificial ones, but went too far )

Stargate Atlantis comes closer to seeing how this may look, while still promoting techno-fear. While Star Trek has the social aspects of  post-scarcity and equality.

This is predicted to come about via the effects of accelerating technologies, which are expected to intersect at near-future, beyond the capacity of human minds to predict: called the #Singularity
This is not seen as merely science-fiction.

A Positive sci-fi version of it is #TheCulture series by Ian Banks:
The Culture is a symbiotic society of artificial intelligences (AIs) (Minds and drones), humanoids and other alien species who all share equal status. As mentioned above, all essential work is performed (as far as possible) by non-sentient devices, freeing sentients to do only things that they enjoy ...As such, the Culture is also a post-scarcity society, where technological advances ensure that no one lacks any material goods or services.

<Editing >
It includes the  following tropes:
1 Radical #Life -extension / Immortality through science
via  #extropianism  
A) #Croyonics
B) Tissue Regeneration
C) Cloning
D ) Mind-copying / Avatars/

2 Advanced Material-Science
 a) #Nanotechnology
b) physical replication technology  thus ending economic scarcity

3 Advanced Mastery of Biotechnology/genetics
a) perfect  waste free chemical manufacturing thru biotech .
b)  rewriting and customizing our genome thus taking control of our own evolution.
c) uplifting other species to make them sentient as humans
D) creation of custom-species
E) Biological Computation

4 Information technology
a) Creation of Artificial Minds i.e. #HardAI #FriendlyAI

B) Computers powerful enough to solve all the technological proplems  I already mentioned:  Most Transhumanists see this fact alone, as unlocking all the others.

C ) #SubstrateIndependantMinds Ability to transfer and back up minds from one medium to another, granting immortality and having different Bodies: either digital or Physical.

5 Cognitive Science

Alerting the fundamental parameters of the Human Mind beyond the dictates of Darwinian evolution.

This may involve removing the some of the effects of mental and physical and pain, and allowing the mind to operate on a fullfillment spectrum of pleasure to ecstacy,  ( which currently people take drugs to expereince and throw the mind offbalance )

6 Space Exploration
with the knowledge above, leave Earth and terraform new environments
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Combine this with an aspirin and you have Heart-attack pills

#MedicalBreakthroughs #ScienceSunday #nanotech #transhumanism  
Injectable Oxygen Microparticles Keep You Alive, Even if You’re Not Breathing

Will this advancement revolutionize the medical industry?
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.. WHAT?  ...

Red Dwarfs coming back?

Its been back for a year?

and Futurama is still cancelled?

Nobody tells me anything

Edit:  If you are tagged you are in my DoctorWho/ScienceFiction Circle * ,  A circle I am am going to share  post-caffeine  ( and G+ is not letting me properly target notify ). 

If you see this and are not tagged but want to be , and want to be in this upcoming Circle Share, please reshare this post with a 50 word essay what Science Fiction  you would most like to Cosplay with me , and what poison are we on? **

* It started out from +Peter Edenist but kept growing...
**  or just ask me...
#ScienceFiction #GeekCulture  
The incredible series Red Dwarf is to return for an eleventh series. Read more here. #reddwarf #scifi #sciencefiction #sitcom #comedy #british #comic
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That is awesome. I loved this show. Couldn't get enough  it. Guess I should heat up some gazpacho soup and get ready to watch.
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Black Seder
Where is your Goth  Witch   Middle class,Cult-Conformist   spirit?

Arent you a Twilight  Fan?

All you have to do is consent  to have your Heart possessed by a rapist-succubus  "ghost"  ;  Drink wine consecrated as Zombie-Blood,  and eat Cursed Matzoh as part of a Black Seder  : in a display of your commitment to eat human flesh... ( and KInda-maybe , Kill your parents  )

 It's  a perfectly normal  earth-fleshling activity,  All the cool kids ..... JUST, RUN!

#EasterSpirit  #Twilight    #Easter
#NotEvenOnce #JustRun   #BlackSeder  
Should have used Yew wood.
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I am sorry if this offends any of my liberal Christian Followers, but please consider:
In my lifetime, I have personally ( and impersonally ) been propagandized and accosted thousands of times to undergo a foreign, unwanted and occult ceremony.  thousands of times . Even Directly on  Google PLus!

Can you even Imagine if you couldnt turn on the TV , or go out in public ,or use the subways;  without being grabbed, accosted, harassed, bullied, Bullhorned,  Physically screamed at ,and threatened with torture  to undergo a foreign and distasteful religious rite?
I respect everyone's right to have a private  religion. I would be happier if some peoples were more private.

( But you can keep sending those hot Mormons boys to my door. I am OK with that) 
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Aurora Borealis 

If this is real, it's the best video of anything I have ever seen.

Thx +Megan Huddle 

#SpacePorn   #AuroraBorealis  

Great video by Henry Jun Wah Lee
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+Gizmo Sane It might not be too late to secure IP for my idea. But it will be soon
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Adam Black

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Blood Moon #Eclipse Tonight!

Good time for Stargazing ,
The first lunar eclipse of 2014 happens around 2am EDT and will last about 3.5 hours. Tonight's eclipse is the "Blood Moon" one - be sure to check it out!

#lunareclipse   #bloodmooneclipse   #STEM  
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teh awesome.... :)  Thx.
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This is what I like about Christianity!

That and Charity..  Ya, and that's It I guess.
NO, Not the Songs;
 who sad that , in that back?
 No, the songs are rubbish .    yes they truly are. no, we are not going to sing them NO

No, look, songs are crap,
< Edit Even the Greek ones? ... Nooo,   Greek services sound  lovely.. whatever the hell they are saying. In fact, that actually might help >

...the belief system is ridiculous, the philosophy ... some of it isnt  total- second rate , but look,  when your greatest Philosopher- Theologian ( Ahem Aquinas  )  Openly advocates Genocide against non-believers , in the 21st Century we can recognize this is a system of organized Moral Corruption . yes?

Look ,I apologize for that time I hurt your feelings and told you that Santa Claus Jesus never existed. I thought it was common knowledge by now.

OK, Let's start over. Just take the Compliment

You and I, we will always  have that. Even if you believe in a pile of fairy-tales that both justify and motivated genocide, spread by the sword and  converting governments.  

Oh, yeah Since we are on good terms again, Leonardo Da Vinci , Michelangelo : Total Homos. You knew that? good.

Your Bible Heroes too: King David .. Big Homo. Its in the Bible. Funny how God was OK with Him and Prince Jonathan...  And Jesus too. The Scholars who forgot he didnt exist think James was his lover. Post-Modernists, what can you do?

and Gay-Marriage ?
Oh ya, It's been  an officially listed Sacrament
( )  for over 1000 years. So, thanks on that.

#NothingIsSacred   #FreeThought #ChristianArchitecture
#Photography #Architecture #SacredSunday  
This is altar in one of the most beautiful Polish churches I have ever visited. Some time ago I shared interior of this church. This beautiful church is not located in Poland instead it was built in the USA by Polish immigrants around 1900. St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr's Parish Church in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

#SacredSunday +SacredSunday™ , +Manfred Berndtgen , +Robyn Morrison , +Chatchai Rombix , +Justin Hill , +Steve Barge , +Carolyn St.Charles , +***
#hqsparchitecture +HQSP Architecture curated by +Andrew Prokos
#PhotoManiaPoland curated by +Photo Mania Poland
#BTPArchitecturePro +BTP Architecture Pro +Aamir Shahzad +Best Top Photographer Group
#stunningmoment +Stunning Moment by +Alycia Miller +Christopher Prins +Britta Rogge
#architectureyesterdayandtomorrow +ARCHITECTURE YESTERDAY - TOMORROW by +Edith Kukla 
#showyourbestwork  +ShowYourBestWork by +Britta Rogge
#promotephotography by +Promote Photography curated by +Nikola Nikolski +Naghmeh Khadembashi 
+Milena Ilieva +Gittan Beheydt 
#artistphotographeramateurorprofessional +Artist , photographer , amateur or professional by +jany viala & myself
My contribution to #BTPCCC by +Best Top Photographer Group
#bellesphotos  pour +Belles photos page animée par +Jean-Louis LAURENCE et +Claudya Bonnet
#pixelworld +PixelWorld by +Alberto Carreras 
#church #churchphotography #polska #poland #connecticut #krzysztoffelczakphotography

member of
+Best Top Photographer Group +Rinus Bakker +BTP Daily Highlight +BTP Editor's Choice (Best Top Photographer's page)

Buy My Art
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First: Adam, referring to that as gay-marriage is forcing history through a 21st century lens.

Of course It IS! I completely agree.
But I do not think its relevant in this case, or matters.
  I  alone said Gay-marriage as opposed to "same-sex marriage " in my post. It was just literally license. The whole OP was tongue-in-cheek! David, you can be correct here.  ( There re lots of things I like about Christianity ... i think..  LIke Christmas Lights , ... Post-Christian ( western ) secular culture. While our society is not grounded in the Bible, it is grounded in Liberal Christian ethics and values that infuse all things. The Western Enlightenment happened in the West... While this is more inspite of... TLDR, I like  the West,  and i think you are splitting hairs. )

You are by defintion correcrt because "Gayness" is not just a biological sexual orientation. Its also a 20th Century cultural-trope unknown as such to the ancient world.  You are completely correct.

Here is why it doesnt  matter:
1) until the Kinsey Report our culture was in vast denial and ignorance of human sexuality that happening all around it, including, but but not limited to same-sex relations.

2) There is still  a vast amount of unspoken same-sex sexual relations in our culture , ( both consensual and non-consensual ) between non-identified as "gay" or actually identified as straight.  Far More than you imagine. I suspect you are not going to believe me, and may have to take my word for it. The Social Science is with me on this on.

3) This vast denial was not limited in scope to the present, but extended to a vast whitewashing of modern taboos throughout history.
( It's not like it has ended either: I dont remember seeing any same-sex scenes between Achilles ( Brad Pit )  and Patrochlus  In Troy, or Between Alexander the Great  and  in Alexander , or any same-sex solder-love in 300  )

4) This all ads up to you being absolutely and completely correct, yet it not mattering since even though , _referring to that as gay-marriage is forcing history through a 21st century lens  ;  Denying that many of these cases fit what we modernly call "gay-marriage"  is also , in your own words "forcing history through a 21st century lens" .  Plus  continuing the whitewash ( straightwash )  and denial of modern taboos back into scholarship of History.

No, it is not great scholarship
No? AFAIK the scholarship is sound.  I will accept counter-evidence beyond mere denial. 

However, what  if you succeed in convincing me? I believe this a good thing and actually casts the ancient Church in far more tolerant light.  And one that allows modern Chrsitianity  to navigate through  present taboos and intolerances.   But If you really wanted to take away something good I now believe about Christianity, It wont be that hard.  If you take this away from me, I will still have Christian architecture and Renaissance Art. and Christmas Lights.
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    use your Imagination
Slowly rotting with the Rest of you, YEA! ......Ok for the sake of Scientific Accurracy, Neither "with You" in the sense of Space ~unless you sweet talk me, or are really really lucky. Nor rotting "with you" int the sense of the same rate of time. Some of you have clearly arrived. Hey, don't give me that look. I was just trying to be nice and show you some camaraderie for your blackening soul. Now Im going to casually walk back over toward the civilized people; So take 3 steps back you creep, and take that THING with you... 'Hey guys you wont beleive what this freak on the Interwebs' ' Ya, she thought that was normal in 21st century'
*"Put a little something here so people know they found the right Adam"*

NO ONE, has ever told me "found the right Adam" ...
< Well, not without taking it back or changing their number >

I am an abled-bodied disabled person, an outgoing shut-in, a cynical believer, too smart for my own good, and too gullible to be left alone without adult supervision,.
A realist with his head in the clouds,  and 2 feet in the grave.
Im up at all the wrong times, with all the wrong crowd, or just alone.
A Brave man, A bold man--- terrified of things I cant put into words...yet ARE words that can be placed into me.

Im up with the Down Crowd and Down with the Up Posse,

I grew up a foreigner to this land, yet I am a natural-born citizen ( to the U.S ) that speaks only English fluently.

;I'm looking for water-brothers--- in all the wrong places;

I'm mature enough to have taken every side, in every major argument.
I _DO_ call people out on their bullshit. So rest assured,  when I insult you, I am really just practicing severe SELF-Criticism, try it sometime.

I am NOT an atheist myself, but I Do admire atheist positions.
I respect religions as pathways, But NOT as "belief-systems". I bend both ways, but I am not "convertable" .
If you actually believe in something wacky, like Twilight or  ( Vampirism/ Zombism /Infecting Ghosts ) , and _Insist on converting me, on G+_ , I am not responsible for your tears, as one poor Bloody Soul found out. 

If your wacky beliefs involve time traveling phone-booths and sonic-powered home improvement tools, that particular Time-capsule dematerialized a LONG time ago...

I very rarely delete comments, or Block people.
 I tolerate dissent, and  wide variety of opinions BUT...i really DO post things for a reason,
BUT:  I am a bit of a TotalTopic-nazi,  I reserve the right to turn a threadjack into a brand new post.

But some arguments have become tedious and stupid to me.

Targeted Notification I sort people I follow into personal interests, and reserve the right to Notify-you according to your interests, if you add me---unless you opt in to me my "Never Notify" circle. My sucess rate is over  90% .  But try not to be a jerk if tag you in by accident.

DO TELL Me your interests.
This is a Social Network, and I dont want to spam anyone. Arent you here to be known, and meet like and interesting minds? NO?
then be quiet and let the adults interact. You'll figure this out.

Bragging rights
I have never kissed the editor of the RadioTimes, I _DOUBT_ your committment to Sparkle-Motion, ... "I am training it _to like_ being where it is put" ... "I try never to be serious ---as it damages, I believe, ones nerve-endings" ... I mean what I say and say what i mean ... covered in nerve damage "too small to be detected by science" , ... No, Sailors swear like ME
Basic Information
Looking for
Friends, Dating, A relationship, Networking
Other names
"wedge" , "beercan" , "einstein" , "Niiice" , "miserable little twat"
Adam Black's +1's are the things they like, agree with, or want to recommend.
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