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Gotta Punch Nazis till they Cry.
Gotta Punch Nazis till they Cry.

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Resistance School starts tonight

4 sessions in April, Free online Education in Fighting #theTrumpocalypse .

Graduates of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and former Democratic Staffers teach ...

4 nights in April


Here’s the session schedule:

Wednesday, April 5, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m . EST: Communicating our values in political advocacy, featuring Tim McCarthy

Signup here!

Session1 Syllabus>>>

Wednesday, April 12, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. EST: Mobilizing and organizing our communities, featuring Sara El-Amine

Thursday, April 20, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. EST: Structuring and building capacity for action, featuring Marshall Ganz

Thursday April 27, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. EST: Sustaining the resistance long-term, featuring Michael Blake

Sign up below to register your group and we’ll follow up with you with information on logistics and next steps, including the livestream link, detailed instructions for even the least tech-savvy resistors, and a syllabus of suggested readings.

Resistance School is about community. We’re asking you to convene a group to watch together and work as a community to take action - both locally and nationally. During our sessions, we’ll connect members of the Resistance to one another through a nationwide classroom and real-time conversation.

Speakers will provide interactive breakout sessions to allow your group to practice skills and develop plans that fit your local context. We’ll feed questions from the virtual audience back to the speaker to tailor our syllabus to your needs. Convening live across the country, we’ll build the energy we need to move forward together.

After each session, we encourage your group to spend time as a community: stay and chat, plan your action, grab a bite, and build the relationships we need to take back America.

Have questions or suggestions during the session? Send us an email. Tweet us. We’d love to hear from you.


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Personal Lady-Bug Craft will be next

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Recap: This past week in Treason and High Crimes...

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Ibalizumab: First Long-Acting HIV Treatment ( Antibody ) Available Now Via Expanded Access

Big News in the #TheCureForHIV .

A long lasting ( 2 weeks a dose ) anti HIV Medication is now available , one which has minimal ( none reported so far ) "No Major * Adverse side effects" . It's initially for people with multidrug resistances .

* "Major" is relative. The cohort numbers are all small. ( Under 120 people ) . I went to the company s website. So called minor side-effects might not even show up on such small sample sizes, and can be considered "major" when taken long term.

Edit They are already testing a much more advanced version of this drug that overcomes all known resistance to it, and overcomes having multiple resistance mutations to it.

Strategic addition of an N-linked glycan to a monoclonal antibody improves its HIV-1-neutralizing activity.


This will be obsolete as soon as it hits the market.

The updated version is a Celebrity Drug based on work by David Ho , the Creator of all modern HAART multidrug therapy.
gotta Read the mangled Engrish on website , it's funny AF **

This is also Cure News because it's an antibody that blocks the CD4 receptor on Tcells.

It may also function as Prophylactic To prevent HIV infection, much better than current Truvada. ( Edit: TMB 365 would. This version is still let's 10% through )

#Ibalizumab could easily be combined with #Vectored #Immunotherapy . I.e. Using an AAV virus to infect muscle cells , so they produce this Antibody internally.

< Edit While this is true, I don't know we can vector produce an internal version of the updated version , which includes a special glycan bonded to it. That might be an order of magnitude harder. >

That wouldn't Cure HIV alone , but could produce a practical Cure combined with multiple simultanous strategies :
~ Like (2) Cutting HIV out of a large population of Stem Cells and Tcells, cutting out their Receptors, multiply them in the lab, and
(3) And #VectoredmmunoProphylaxis . The same muscle cell > Antibody Factory Trick only with Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies

Edit the newer version ( TMB 365 ) is a Highly Neutralizing Antibody effects on over 95% strains.

Ibalizumab , like all AntiHIV antivirals , also can't be taken alone. It must be combined with at least one other drug to prevent HIV from rapidly mutating resistance. But the New Tenofovir ( TAF ) is effective at only a tiny 9 mg dose.

** the Celebrity Endorsement Engrish Copy

The existent drug resistance against ibalizumab in clinical investigation was sending a call or signal of message and drawing attentions to well-known HIV research group led by Dr. David Ho, the distinguishing, leading investigator and inventor of the creative and innovative cocktail therapy against HIV, at Arron Diamond AIDS Research Center (ADARC) anchored at Rockefeller University (RU).

( How many times was that translated back and forth via Machine, from Mandarin Chinese ? )

With an exciting discovery on the mechanism of the ibalizumab resistance, Dr. Ho led the ADARC task force to deploy a campaign employing proprietary state-of-the-art technologies attempting to reverse the drug resistant mutants to be susceptible to an ibalizumab (iMab) based novel recombinant monoclonal antibody or antibodies

ZOMFG. I can HAZ grammar?
Can't they hire an English speaking Science copywriter ? This reads like Spam.

It gets much worse explaining the Science.

By Nelson Vergel 
May 16, 2017 


No one can deny that many patients can now suppress their HIV with effective antiretrovirals (ARVs) that cause fewer side effects. However, a vulnerable and often forgotten minority of people are still struggling with multi-drug resistant HIV (MDR-HIV) while they anxiously wait for access to lifesaving ARVs that would finally control their viral replication. Although some of these patients may have developed resistant HIV due to lack of adherence or other issues, many of them have been strictly following their doctors' orders for years.

They're often veterans of drug development research who have accumulated HIV resistance as they repeatedly joined ARV studies or traditional expanded access programs of a single new drug out of desperation to control their HIV viral load. As they signed up for studies that helped companies get their drugs approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), many of these patients were exposed to suboptimal HIV regimens (namely, functional monotherapy or the addition of a single new active ARV to a failing HIV regimen).

Currently, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) adult HIV treatment guidelines recommend three ARVs be given in combination to suppress HIV. But many patients have HIV that has mutated rendering their virus multi-drug resistant. Those with MDR-HIV cannot construct a viable HIV suppressive regimen with current FDA-approved and commercially available ARVs.

A new HIV medication called Ibalizumab may be approved this year for patients with limited treatment options. It has a completely new mode of action, so most patients should respond to it when using it with at least one other active agent. It is different from the entry inhibitor maraviroc (Selzentry, Celsentri) in that it blocks the CD4 receptor on T cells rather than blocking the CCR5 co-receptor. This means it could be effective against virus that uses either the CCR5 or CXCR4 co-receptor. It is a genetically engineered monoclonal antibody administered once every two weeks intravenously.

In the manufacturer's website (Taimed Bilogics), the drug is described as : "TMB-355(Ibalizumab) is a humanized monoclonal antibody (mAb) and a member of an emerging class of HIV therapies known as viral-entry inhibitors. This drug candidate is distinct from other entry inhibitors in that it binds to the CD4 molecule, the primary receptor for HIV infection, thereby interfering with the penetration of the virus into the cell. It is the first entry-blocking humanized mAb to treat HIV/AIDS. TMB-355 caught the attention of the scientific community in February 2003, when results from the phase-1, single-dose, intravenous infusion (i.v.) clinical trial showed a transient but clinically significant reduction in the patients' viral load. Moreover, it was well tolerated with no evidence of adverse effects on CD4 T-cells of treated subjects unlike the majority of approved drugs for HIV. U.S. FDA granted TMB-355 fast track status in October 2003. The phase-2a clinical trial was successfully completed in 2006, with the results showing a clean safety profile and clear antiviral activity (10-fold reduction in viral load). The Phase-2b clinical trial was also successfully completed in 2011, with the confirmation of a good safety profile and strong antiviral activity in HIV patients with multidrug resistance (MDR). U.S. FDA granted orphan drug designation of TMB-355 for HIV patients with multidrug resistance in 2014. Moreover, TaiMed received breakthrough therapy designation from the U.S. FDA for TMB-355 in 2015, which provides the privilege for a rolling biologics license application (BLA) submission. A pivotal phase-3, single-arm clinical trial with patient number of 40 had completed in October, 2016. The clinical trial results, along with other available CMC, pre-clinical, and clinical data, will be submitted as BLA package in 2016 under rolling review. TaiMed Biologics also developed a subcutaneous injection (s.c.) dosage form and the phase-1 human pharmacokinetics bridging study was completed in 2012. Currently, TMB is also developing an intramuscular injection (i.m.) dosage form and a phase-1/2 study for HIV-negative and naive HIV-positive subjects had completed in 2016.” Source

The manufacturer of this biologics product is now providing free access of this treatment option via their expanded program.

Talk to your doctor about this option if you have been told that your virus has resistance to nucleosides, non-nucleosides and protease inhibitors. Remember: This product needs to be used with at least one more active drug to which your virus has not developed resistance. Failure to do so will result in resistance to ibalizumab.

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Let's take bets on Trump's resignation

I actually seriously wonder if Trump wants Impeachment.

(1) he doesn't want the Job
(2) it's too much work
(3) He only wanted to win for His Ego
(4) An impeachment would have fantastic Ratings.
The Best Ratings
(5) He would be even more famous than he is now.
(6) it's the Ultimate "Reality" Show.
(7) He's guaranteed to make this History Books and not be a forgotten President.

Why wouldn't Trump welcome Impeachment?

It's win-win. 

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Special Prosecutor IS appointed Now....

Hooray ?


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A second Woman:
A sparse summer collective ; a gift for your 21 century Digital Boys and Ladys

Enoesque +Jane Rakali might like 
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