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Been working on a new pickup technology, big things are imminent. 

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Hey guys, posted this on eBay yesterday. This guitar has been completed for about a month and a half but still doesn't have an owner. Could it be you? Know someone who might like it? Share it! 

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Here's a guitar I have up for sale. I'd like to get $800 shipped for it. Specs:

Star body, rock maple with bookmatched spalted maple top
25.5" scale, 22 frets
Schaller top mount bridge
Jumbo frets
Dimarzio Tone Zone
Sperzel tuners
Graphtech nut
Push/pull pot for series/parallel switching
Momentary kill switch (the red button)
Semi-hollow body
Nitrocellulose lacquer finish

The neck was originally made by Zon in the 80s. When I got it it was in pretty rough shape, so I refinished it and refretted it. It's a fairly thin profile (not Ibanez thin, really comfy) and has really low action. The frets have been polished to a high sheen.
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This post is from my new Xperia Z1s. +Michael Hebo would be so proud. Damn this is a nice phone.

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Broke the screen on my Dell touchscreen laptop from the backside of the screen... Dropped a plastic Starbucks cup on it, the cup dinged the metal plate on the lid and cracked the LCD... Yesterday I removed the LCD from the Gorilla Glass touch screen assembly, which was absolutely terrifying because it was glued to the panel... Results of the carnage included, scary stuff... Had to order the adhesive, so I can't put it back together yet.
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