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Below are 2 links. the first is the the motorola touchless control app on the play store published by Motorola. Now i don't know what that apps name is once installed because i dont have a Moto X, but compare it to the "Voice Search" icon in the new Kit Kat app drawer screen shot in link 2. Same icon: Same red circle with same microphone. And its already been pointed out that in Android KitKat this icon is updated from the current one which is a blue square with a microphone.

Could Google be incorporating Touchless Control into Kit Kat?

link 1

link 2
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+Nicolas Cook Leon Are you referring to the X8 technology like the Moto X and the new Droids? That's the hardware that handles the "always listening" part (and doesn't kill battery.)
Nexus 5 is LG and X8 is Moto's proprietary hardware. I don't think itncould be shared like that. LG or Google could have developed a "software" solution hence baking it into KitKat.
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