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Adam Audette
I write and speak about online marketing, SEO, and stuff like that.
I write and speak about online marketing, SEO, and stuff like that.


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Great piece from +Adam Sherk 
I've been taking a break from blogging this year but I decided it was time for a new post. So I've compiled a list of some current digital marketing trends and opportunities for publishers. Some are newer, others are long standing, but I wanted to group them together and focus on the benefits for news and content sites.

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Here's the TL;DR of what we found by testing Googlebot and JavaScript:

1. Google can execute and then follow many, many different types of js links.

2. Google can execute and follow several types of js redirects, and the result is similar to how a 301 updates the index and preserves rank.

3. Google can read the DOM and then index dynamically inserted content.

4. Google can read meta data inserted in the DOM, such as rel canonical tags, robots noindex tags, and meta descriptions. We even inserted structured data dynamically and it resulted in rich snippets in Google's SERP.

These tests were designed and executed by the +Merkle SEO technical team led by +Jody O'Donnell and +Max Prin 

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How I Let 'Busyness' Make Me Choke At Mozcon
Just started a personal blog and this is my first piece. Ideas and tips for not falling into the 'too busy' trap like I did.

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Here's the other reason I live. Lilly Grace.

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.

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My Alli Ray with Santa.

Nothing to do with work... just the purpose of my life that's all.

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The inside view on site search, dynamic content and SEO. Some big trends in enterprise SEO we're seeing.

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+Shari Thurow shows a deep knowledge of information architecture, user experience, search behavior, and mental models in this article. Love the concepts and elevated thought, and how it's applied to SEO.

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I’m not so rabid about “link equity” that I’m going to recommend every URL with links needs to be redirected. If there’s not a good page match for a 404, don’t redirect it.

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Some great insight here from +Mark Ballard, including:

• Microsoft has been providing web search for Facebook since 2008 (I didn't know that)

• FB gets "about a million searches a day" according to +Mark Zuckerberg, yet our data show web queries are a teensy tiny fraction of that

• FB generates just 0.13% of clicks on Bing ads

• FB's share of overall paid search clicks is 0.02%. To put that in perspective, Ask, Aol, and Amazon all rank higher (with click share in single digits). FB and Blekko send about the same amount of clicks.

• The data show an already 2-3x increase in Bing paid clicks from FB as Graph Search rolls out. Could be potential here with the new layout.

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+AJ Kohn just posted about his struggles JUST WRITING instead of laboring and over-thinking things in his head. I'm the same type of writer, so last night I just sat down and typed this in 15 minutes.
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