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A word of warning if you use Expedia for travel that you hope to get reimbursed!  Sometimes the link for "If you need a printed receipt for business purposes click here." gets broken, and there's no way to get a copy of your itinerary+amount paid.  The itinerary is somehow corrupted, and shows only a portion of your travel.

Customer service finally confirmed:  "In some circumstances, our system is no longer able to display your complete flight information after you have taken the outbound flight."

(This happened to me during the trip— it wasn't like I waited for months after to try to find a receipt)  There's evidently no fix, and they can't give you a copy of what you paid for. 

Relatedly: who has recs for an on-line flight booking system?

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In the old days, error messages used to contain information, even if they assumed that the user knew more than they typically did. ("Why should we take all that time and space to write 'Unexpected End of File' when everyone and their grandmother knows that that's what 'Error -39' means?")

Nowadays, software engineers just assume that we're all stupid, and give a condescendingly vague characterization of the problem: "The iPad "iPad" could not be restored. An internal error occurred."

I half expected that when the inevitable next message arrived (roughly: "all of the data on your iPad is now toast") it was going to tell me instead that "the angels called your data to the sky"....

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OK, so +Coppe van Urk makes a good point that my proposal to introduce "summand" as the popular reading of "+1" isn't likely to go anywhere, because it's too fancy. Lesson learned from John Kerry.

So, I hereby switch my proposal to bless, which sounds like a special version of "plus", everyone knows it, and it sort of means the right thing. (twitter:tweet :: plus:bless ??).

Usage "this post has been blessed by 5 people".

Side benefit: since the vowels in 'bless' and 'plus' are already practically the same in some dialects, the cool kids from LA will already sound like they're saying 'plus' when they say 'bless'.

Would it be so hard for iTunes to give you the option to keep things organized by album, rather than by artist? It's dumb that every compilation gets split into a bunch of different subfolders, and it's a weird default, given the legacy of an album occupying a single spot on your shelf. (I know, you're "not supposed to" look in your iTunes folder... but still!)

Why doesn't Google Maps have a 'crow' option for its directions?

Clearly, my attempts to introduce "waggle" as a singulative Buzz were unsuccessful, so I've gotta get out ahead of this Google+ thing. I hereby dub the unit of Google+'ing to be an addend.

As a bonus, here's a verb for +1'ing: to summand. (As in, "I summand you!")
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