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Starting today, you can create custom ad unit sizes for your website and there are 434,216 new options to choose from. We hope this update will help provide the flexibility you need to determine the best sizes for your site and allow you to focus on what’s most important -- creating quality content for your users and providing a great experience. 

To help make sure that the custom ad units ads continue to complement your site and create a positive user experience, we’ve put a couple restrictions around pixel size for your custom ad units. Learn more about the custom ad unit sizes on our blog ( and share your feedback with us by commenting below.
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That's great news. But all I really care about these days is, when can I have the mobile anchor ads?
good news for all publishers. Thanks.
Hopefully this improvement will increase the CTR, because to me, it decreases continuously.
Moreover, I believe there must be a reassessment of the term "invalid click". And to be more precise, I give you an example: when I pay an advertising campaign on TV, I do not expect an increase in sales immediately. Need to pass a time for me to see the impact of that advertising campaign. I do not think that if a visitor clicked on an ad and spent less than 30 seconds, he will not be interested in the future of the visited page. Perhaps he is not interested at the time. But I think he retains accessed page and the ad had the desired impact.
Almost a year I wait to The Adsense Team release an ads unit size 468x250 for my blog, and now... they give me 434.216 choices! This is realy, realy crazzy guys!!! Adsense Team is the best!!!
Smashing news! God bless a Google Adsense :-)
Great news, now there is 434216 more reason to love google adsense. It gives more flexibility and infinite possibility for designers to create an attractive website.
Are these new ad sizes supported by DFP via the Enable Adsense option on an ad unit?
+Cor Son wow had no idea it has to be over 30 sec. I often need less than 10 sec to know if thats something that interests me....
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