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We’ve recently introduced two larger ad units, the 300x600 and the 970x90, to help publishers attract more brand advertisers. To help increase competition for these ad spaces, we’re now allowing similar-sized Display ads to appear within these formats. Specifically, you may occasionally see a 160x600 ad in the 300x600 unit, or a 728x90 ad in a 970x90 unit, for units opted in to showing image ads. When this happens, the smaller ad will be served neatly in the center of the larger ad unit. In addition to improving publisher performance, this will enable advertisers to reach a broader audience with their existing ad creatives. Let us know what you think in the comments field below!
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amazing ad format of 970x90 :-)
Tu Sad is the time
good to know that because yesterday i confused while using the new format because i saw 728 on 970 unit. good job.
Tonia N
Can someone please help out. I just created a new blog called +ThirteenOThree. I am trying to add AdSense to my blog, but it won't let me. Also I will like to add Facebook, Instagram , and twitter. ..... Pls I need helppppppp!!!!
+Vincent Lam There could be many reasons for this. Maybe these clicks came from a common IP address among your visitors and therefor are not seen as reliable clicks? Or maybe these clicks were not valuable because the ad click destination never loaded? Could be due to an accidental click.

There is no way of knowing exactly. Everything is code. I guarantee you someone at Google is not looking over your specific account and deciding whether or not that click deserved a payout.
Agreed, I had the 300x600 block running and it filled it quite often with 160x600 but the yellow space underneath just didn't look aesthetically pleasing. Since I noticed it happening quite a lot, I figure there is sufficient volume at the 300x600 size yet so i dropped back to the 160x600.
I totally agree with +Lorenzo Winfrey. It looks like a bug. But thanks for the new sizes. If you could provide responsive ads then it would be no problem.
Great new ad unit for sites with white backgrounds... only problem, the arrow button spoils it for some visitors due to it's distance from the ad text. It is impossible to place these units in a position that do not imply 'next page' to some degree. We added one as the lone ad space on our landing page and the CTR went from 1.6 to 18%; obviously invalid clicks. When we get the option to turn arrow buttons on and off, then these new larger units will rock.
+Vincent Lam  I didn't waste my time reading that entire post as everything you said was irrelevant to my comment. You obviously did not understand my intent.

The statements you are referring to were stated in a very vague nature. that's why I put the '?' after the statement. I don't know either, those are just my ideas.

Let my explain in detail for you.

Lets say someone clicks an ad on accident, before the ad can load, that person will generally exit the page because they are not interested in the ad. therefore the ad will not load and has no value.

If multiple clicks from the same IP address occurs daily, weekly, etc... this could be an indication of 'click fraud'. 

'Click fraud' occurs from either you or someone you intend to click on ads only to generate revenue for your site. These click have no value as the visitor is not interested in the product they are clicking on.

Again, i'm not saying this is the case, but is a possibility.

Do you understand?
+Vincent Lam  Obviously there is more to it than simply an IP address. The time between clicks, the specific ad clicked, the time of day when compared to other clicks, platform the click came from, do I need to go on? 

Google tracks EVERYTHING.

And they use that data to make decisions. When all that data is brought together for a specific click, it give that click a  extremely unique distinction that Google will reference later. If Google can not reference this information, you could simply sit around all day long an click on ads, basically stealing.

To say cookie tracking is a scam is ridiculous. You earned your cut on the first click. The second click is possibly just to find the product/service again. Now whats to say the first click on your site was the visitors actual first click to the product/service.

Most likely the visitor already viewed this ad on another site, and maybe the visitor true first click was from a competitor site. Now what you thought was a valuable click becomes a little less valuable.

Again, this is only speculated. Only an example of the complexity of the situation.

I think you may believe there is more value in a click than there actually is. 

If you want more value from your clicks, find an affiliate program that pays per sale instead of per click. As close as you can get to full transparency without selling your own product.

Other than that, just stop complaining. It does nothing but harm your image. And in today's online world, your image is everything.
Smaller Ads centred in larger space? That will mess up the design :/ It will not fit so good into the website anymore.
What do you do?  Thats so important on your web property.
One of the things I don't like about the 300x600 ad unit is how when it's filled with text ad units, there's absolutely no space between the different ads.  It would be nice if there was a small margin between each ad, rather than simply cramming as many ad units into the space as possible.  If the ad unit looks ugly publishers are going to be less inclined to run it.
I placed the 300x600 on which fits perfectly to the design - so I'm happy with that size. However, the 970x90 - how would this work with responsive designs? If you're using different sizes in the unit space - why haven't you guys done this for screen resolution as well? Allowing display units to automatically resize based on responsive theme designs. You have the capability - unless I'm missing something? Responsive capable AdSense would be extremely helpful for many of my clients and for myself.
I think I'll just stick with the old formats for now as they perform better than the new ones on my site
When will you find a solution for responsive designed websites?
In the alert box, i have a message where it suggests: "Your application for is under review. You'll only see blank ads until your account has been fully approved. Learn more. Or resubmit using a different website." I need to resubmit with a different website, but the text box in there, is flawed, i can not type a thing. please help!
Please wait at least 7 days +Prarambha Dahal while your account may be approved. Google AdSense Rocks. Be Positive, Be Confident, keep smiling and never give up.
I had applied 970x90 on my blog at the footer and it works fine. However, visitors from Tablates and mobiles may not get the Ads 970x90 unit. It will be more beneficial for publishers that Google AdSense team develop responsive Ads Unit which fits for all devices from PC to mobiles.

----- I request all of you to share your own opinions --- 
+Vincent Lam   You have to understand why Google is so strict about ´appropriate´ clicks... it is because they are trying to keep Adwords as a safe investment.  I tried buying ads with other networks, and I ended up paying for a ton of bad clicks.  Visitors that stayed on my site for 1 second, and most not even registering.  Still, that network charged me for those clicks.  Guess what, I am not using them anymore.  Yes, as an Adsense partner, we often will get a lot of clicks that don´t count.. but at the same time, the clicks that do count pay much more because the advertisers paying for them trust Google to not charge them for bogus clicks.  Because they trust Google, they are willing to bid higher for clicks.
I'm sure your education will not succeed! Why? Due to the fact that many people are satisfied advertise with google ad network than other ad networks, including my brother. Likewise with Adsense! Many people are satisfied affiliated with adsense because a good income, including me. It is a real fact! Stop complaining, because you do not provide a real solution to make money as good as adsense!
i would rather prefer two 300x300 as a replacement of 300x600
by the way, seems the replacement is not work on dfp
You really are not getting credit for 14 of 18 clicks?  No idea what to tell you, but that is a drastically higher fail rate than I am seeing.  I would check your site and make sure it isn´t layed out in a way that is causing accidental clicks.  This can happen if on mobil devices especially.   I am not sure if the TOS allows us to post our believed fail rate, but I will say mine isn´t even in the magnitude of 75% that you are seeing.
excuse me, but - i need help!!!
i am from Canada - signed up with adsense and my account has been on HOLD for months! I applied for a 'pin number' to be sent to my address - twice - and it's never arrived!
HOW can i resolve this???
+I'mKar'n Leslie Silverman
 I just took a photo by my mobile camera of my ID card and attached it to Google, and then no more holds..  i think you should do the same.
Ok, but why 160x600 for 300x600 ?
I would prefer it to be 300x250 (to keep the same width).
+Mostafa Magdy You've been incredibly helpful! I have one more question, but quite frankly - i don't want the whole world to know how  computer-tarded i really
 My email address is if you don't mind contacting me just one more time, Mostafa?
Thanks so much (and
If I understand correctly for a 300x600 slot compete all 300x600 and 160x600 banners? That's a good start, but how about having the 300x250 banners competing for this slot as well? Or even two 300x250 in the same 300x600 slot if nothing else comes with a higher bid?
can i use 970x90 and 300x600 both ads unit in single post. plz tell me
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