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Tell us what you think is driving these metrics in our new report “Display Business Trends: Publisher Edition”. Inside, find out which ad sizes are growing in popularity and what types of sites are increasing their monetized ad impressions. (
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Wow some pretty interesting metrics and trends to look at. Nice!
It seems strange that small ad sizes are in decline, yet mobile advertising is growing. That seems inconsistent to me. Anyone know where to find good information on mobile ads, such as ad sizes, click through rates, etc? I read that Facebook revenue forecasts are down because of users shifting to mobile, and Facebook expecting less revenue from mobile ads. This doesn't give me a good impression of mobile ads.
I would expect lower revenue from mobile ads, it takes longer to load pages, adds to bandwidth use, etc, so there are built in disincentives. Also window management is a pain.
In other words, as more people buy smartphones, bandwidth and speed will increase, and people will be more likely to click on the ads. Have you considered a job writing instructions for the IRS?
Hope I will deliver my best on Google plus.  
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