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Looking for information that can help you tailor the experience on your website to visitor needs? You can now view impressions and revenue from across the solar system with the “Top planets and moons” report on the homepage of your AdSense account.

With our recent discovery of the interplanetary IP address repository, you’ll have access to even more reports that can help you improve user engagement on your site. For example, if you notice a lot of traffic coming from Mars, try adding a few pages in Martian to engage with those audiences.

Head over to your AdSense account to see the top planets and moons for your site and let us know what you think by commenting below!
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I've been waiting for this my whole life. So there IS life on Mars.
Seriously loving it.. Btw thnks google for providing eft for indian publishers!
It was awesome to find this feature before this post and other spoilers.
is this a bug or why planets are displayed? xD
I have a lot traffic from Mars. The only problem is that their advertising market is fantastic, it is marvelous, but missing altogether.
Hehe:) are we going to sell to the Moon :)))
Trop fort ces Américains !! J'ai des cliques qui viennent de la Mars mais je ne sais pas parler le martien :))
FINALLY! Good addition but more needed please. Can we track Alpha Centauri? I have users there. Obrigado.
Good fun. had just noticed it in my stats and thought it was classic Google!
Great!!! All my traffic is from Europe, nothing from Mars or Earth.
from mars you are getting users...hahahhaha :-) April Fool from Google Adsense
I'm glad I saw the "Top Planets and Moons" in Adsense before elsewhere online. A nice surprise.... now, how to increase the CTR for Mars... any suggestions? :)
Okey!! I'm gonna report this :p
Love, but my stats seem to be "stuck" despite people going through my site on Analytics. Is there a bug today (other than the Martian reports)? They've been the same for 3-4 hours but I know I've had more visitors coming through.
How funny! My website has visitors from Europa, The Moon, and Mars. Surely it is google's way to make april fool.
Cool I don't understand the monetizing of it I would like to know more about that.
Haha good one. Was shocked for some seconds before realizing what was going on :D
Moon and mars seems to be leading in stats
I had so much fun with this April fools prank..
Thanks for the laugh!!!
Any word on when you'll be expanding this data to the regions around the constellation Kasterborous any time soon? That's where a lot of my target audience is located and I'd really love to see how well it's being received over there. 
I know why l love you ???? 
Because they always help me when I need them. 
I thought Google trying to make me April fool..... Laugh on me!!!ha ha ha!!
I loved waking up to this, thank you!
Do you have any idea how to REMOVE blocked ads from a domain?   Somehow I missed the rule that one blocked domain across five sites is equal to five blocked domains, and while it makes sense to Google's profits, it doesn't make sense at trying to limit bad advertising across all your sites . . .     So in order to regain control of my blocked ads, I've removed AdSense completely from one of my domains ... but I cannot figure out how to get Google to remove those blocks to free up some of my allotment.  
"all these planets are yours except for one, Europa"... the aliens are going to be mad that it's been colonized :).  I think that's a 2001 Space Odyssey quote, but it's been a long time since I read it.  Very funny... :) :)
(and the quote didn't say "satellites" I think. the quote was "planets", but again, I don't have the book near me.  I'm tempted to add that that moon is a little more like a planet and w/ TDRS-L or M perhaps the ads serve rate is getting faster.  more nerd humor...  :) :)
Ara Ari
Aliens from Mars visited to my blog, he found something.. :D #AprilFools
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