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We’ve recently launched several enhancements to our Ad review center to give you deeper transparency and control over the ads displayed on your sites. These new features include an impressions-based progress bar, giving you an overview of the total impressions on your site that correspond to the ads you have reviewed. You can also enjoy quicker access to more information on a specific ad simply by hovering over the creative. Finally, you can now review and block visually similar ads thanks to the integration of Google image search technology. Find out more about these new Ad review center features on our blog and let us know if you’re planning to use them.
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How about if you disagree with a publisher you communicate with them I was on Ad-Sense for 9 years before I was kicked off Ad-sense with no reason given except to check the 300 page user agreement written for attorneys...
+Jose Carlos Adsense on Google+ would ruin the experience a bit, and why the hell would Google let you put your own ads on G+?
I have a question +Google AdSense  Do you think at some point in the future it would be possible to see the revenue produced by ads themselves?

I understand you can get an overview at category level but it would be great to drill down even further and see this at ad level.

Currently I have some ads which look slightly spammy displaying on my website, but fear to remove them as they might be generating revenue. I understand it's a good thing if they are but I still need to maintain a professional environment for my visitors so it can be a fine line.

Thanks for the updates mentioned these do help also, I have checked them out and they seem to be quite helpful.
It looks like the company will spend more budget to put their ads .... because the more complicated.
hi google adsense

I would like to donate my winnings on my google adsense account to a charity, this love I know how to do
What if I want a bigger ad how do I get one
I can not sign on my AdSense...
I can not see ads on my Blog...
Please tell me what can I do and How?
With Respect  Jasmina Cobovic (Jasmina Čobović)
i can log into my blog I just cant see any ads. I accepted the new policy agreement late-I wonder if that has anything to do with it
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