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We've heard from AdSense publishers who have used their earnings to expand their sites, hire more employees, or just take hard-earned vacations. Check out our video and let us know what AdSense has done for you!
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I was told that my AdSense application was not approved when going to the adsense site and am notified on the site that I was supposed to have received an email. I never received any such email. Can you help me navigate through this problem?
OK, how can I add ad-sense to google plus ? I dont understand.
In Short i can say that "Adsense I Love you ". The Best Thing i have ever used on Internet. Adsense has done a lot for me and i can say that doing for all there publishers.
OK, Japrakash, beside this, have you used ad-sense in google plus ? It´s just a question. I want to know if this new is available now.
I have many questions regarding the adsense ban Please help me in this regard because its 5th time my account is banned
5time banned!! I thougth that when you are banned the first time, you can't get an other chance to have access to your account :) hey @Qamar Ali, how this is possible.
Yes i have not accessed to this account but after that i have made new account from one of my other domain and after few days this is also ban i dont know what happened with me if you have any experience in it then let me know
Just open a new account with the name of a good friend. ;-)
what are alternative can u share with us ?
any one please help me i m not getting adsense account
Asad You should match up with all criteria according to Adsense Policies, then only your website will be approved for adsense account.
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