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Reporting fans, we’ve just made some visual enhancements to your performance reports to help make it easier to interpret your data. Visit your Performance reports tab to try out new pie and bar graphs, or dive into more granular information. Feel free to share your feedback about these updates in the comments below. 
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Strangely enough, every time there's a change to the interface, my earnings on that day plummet. What's up with that?
new look is better than old version and more faster loading.... good job!
I'm not happy about "The graph area covers a wider area of the screen".   My main machine is a netbook, and having to scroll to use basic reports is kinda painful. 
+Mary C you're right; everything, fonts, buttons, etc are getting bigger and bigger, as if people were getting blinder and blinder
Very nice. Just checked today and I'm really Impressed with the way I can now dissect my data
Very nice new interface - clean, clear, easy-to-use. Thanks :)
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