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We’ve now created a Certified Partner Program for AdSense service providers (, similar to existing programs in Google AdWords and Analytics. These Certified Partners meet rigorous qualification standards, and can provide specialized AdSense services including technical support and setting up specific optimization tests, should you require this for your business. Check out our blog post for more information about this program, whether you’re a service provider interested in becoming certified, or a publisher interested in learning more about these services.
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Do you have some UK partners yet? all on the Certified partner list appear to be overseas companies.
your policy to "ban" will sink into oblivion!
As a blogger I wanted to seriously pursue the Google Adsense as a partner who can really be trusted.
1001 syarat untuk masuk Ads,terutama tentang syarat blok apa lagi soal wilayah indonesia yg blm menjadi kawasan Ads.coba pelajari Ads dgn teliti
I hope henceforth reasons will be furnished if and when sites are disapproved for adsense. Otherwise it wouldn't make any sense at all. Forget Adsense. ;-)
I guess this is why Google now has Certified Partners - maybe contact one of them and ask for assistance in getting set up?
you banned me for no reason .... on a corporate account in Google Apps that have not yet had never used Google AdSense just because with my "Webmaster Tools" i've been monitoring a site developed by me for the other person?? that politics is this?? MAFIOSI
Really difficult to get adsense approval
i have  a blog cant see anymoney from google adsense..... since 2004-2013
Pourquoi désactivez vous les comptes adsense avant paiement ? Je vous ai envoyé plus de 6 mails sans réponses de votre part !
Is "Brand Rep" a certified partner? They misrepresented themselves as a salesman from Google and although I listened to the sales pitch I did not authorize anything but now have email saying Welcome new customer!! The email wants me to click on a link (will not).
What should I do?
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