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We’re making some changes to the design of our text ads to enhance user experience across devices.

We’ve introduced a new default font and color palette together with a new look and target position for the button. These updates have been designed to meet the needs of users whether they’re viewing web content from a tablet, mobile or desktop device. Read more about our redesigned text ads on the Google Display Network and tell us what you think of the new look.
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Sam Ray
Wow I love the new call-to-action button. 
Sweet can't wait to see them in action.
Is there a choice that publishers can make between these new designs and the old ones.. Because I think some of us wouldnt like a big CTA button on our pages when we have one of our own on the website. I am sure hoping there is way we can customize these ads to suit the aesthetics of our websites. For instance if my website uses a font size of 12px, I dont really want an ad that completely stands out with a big CTA and upsets my page design as a whole... thanks.
Is the font selection responsive? I mean for destop green blue and for mobile gray blue?
okay it's good that you did it. However try to bring a system where we could change the color of the arrow only. 
You can change the color of arrow background it is of the same color as the url of the ad
My site has a responsive layout, and I really wish Google Adwords were fluid (at least for text). I ended up having to cut off part of the ad with overflow:none so it didn't distort the page on small devices.
good the changes will bring in some advantages
Change is good. But needs more space. 
Hate the big arrow buttons. What was wrong with people clicking on a text link. Much tidier I think.
Can we have an option to align the big button left or right? I don't like centred elements under left aligned text. It looks messy.
Google when are you going to make them responsive? I am wait for a long line of four text ads viewed on the desktop to shrink for a 350 unit when viewed on an iPhone. Responsive website design has been out for two years. That should have given you time to ship responsive text ads by now.  
Pete G
Oh boy! New and improved ads. I can't wait. 
I've observed the performance of the new ad design since (almost) two days ago. What I'd like to say seems to be contrast, but it's the fact. My CTR perfomance is now dropping, about 30 percents. The ad font size is way too big that it cannot blend with my content. I know the intention is to draw more attention from users. However, it looks very awful. The arrow button is too big, either. In short, it doesn't match and blend with my content typography, even though the fonts and colors being used are exactly the same. No offense. But that's the fact. To me, the ads are "too boldy" and not interesting at all.
It will be good, if option to align text (Left,Center,Right)  is provided. If the text ad is center aligned, it will be in Sync with ">" button.
por no aparece anuncios junto amis videos
I'm surprised the AdSense team is still toying around with amateur designs at the expense of the entire AdSense programme. I've seen the past works of the designers on the AdSense team and I'm not impressed. Plus it's quite naive to think that one design will fit all websites. Why can't you, like other ad and affiliate networks, just open up an API so publishers themselves can be in charge of how their ads look and behave?
tienes razon frank ami igual no me inpresiona el diceño de adSense.
HOw do i get an Adsesnse account am tired of blogging
matur thanks u mas bro...
Boris F
Once again Google created huge buttons. Not always the bigger the better. It just makes the websites so ugly and it is too obvious that it is an ad and not just an ad but the ad that everybody would try to avoid - just too scary big.
The buttons have to be at least twice smaller and more attractive. It des not work on PCs, maybe on mobile, I do not know.
My website looks ugly now and my earnings dropped a lot. The previous round buttons design was much better. The proof is that with that round much smaller buttons I had better CTR.
I would not dare to use big ad formats now - 220 px button, incredible. You just feel so vulnerable to this kind of changes form Google.
How i can change the primary domain of my adsense account?
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