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10 years ago today, we launched AdSense to help online publishers earn money by placing relevant ads on their websites. Check out our latest blogpost for a special message from Susan Wojcicki and hear from her live in a Hangout on Air at 10AM PDT / 5PM GMT today. #AdSense10  
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Its a very good idea google AdSense team
Congratulations and Happy 10th Birthday. 
I am still in my baby-Adsense-stages, but I am glad that it is part of my blog.
congratulations and please approve my adsense :(
I can not sign on my AdSense...
I can not see ads on my Blog...
Please tell me what can I do and How?
With Respect  Jasmina Cobovic (Jasmina Čobović)
I haven't been able to view my account from my computer for months. Have to use my phone 
Happy 10th birthday Adsence well done team
It used to be great and pay well for the efforts I put in, now i'm thinking of dropping it.
Really good... Congratulations 
Hi Adsense!
I like the idea of the 10 Years game (the game itself is getting boring after 10 seconds) but would it be better if once the game starts the account results would become blurred so people who want to share a screenshot of this amazing game you have there can do it without exposing the millions they are making?
Happy birthday to you. . .
Happy birthday to you. . . .
Happy birthday my dear adsense. . .
Happy birthday to you. . .
You are my all hope to live a better life :)

helo, u r mostly wellcome ,please help me ,how i can earn adsense google ?
Happy years with adsense. It makes my life more realistic and optimistic in this untruest internet world. I am happy.
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