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We’re traveling around California this week for AdSense in Your City events -- first stop, Sacramento! #ASIYC
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And when will you get to ASIA...?
Hi Adsense team !! Nice to hear from u that your team in GOOGLE + .... I shall be very thankful to u that if you can give some tips on how to get adsense approved , i shall be very happy .I am saying this on the behalf of hundreds of people who do lots of hard work on there sites , but at last gets rejected..
I am a new blogger and so doesnt have an adsense account. Is it still possible for me to attend the event. I am from Montreal, Canada. I am very very keen on attending. Please respond.
+Foto Rain Right now we're only inviting existing AdSense partners to the AdSense in Your City events. We're going to be hosting some Hangouts for new publishers soon, so stay tuned. We'd love to have you join.
I got my Adsense approved and submitted my request to attend the event through your link..I know its a last moment application, but hope I will be able to make it..Thanks !
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