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Many of you have asked for larger ad sizes, so today we’re excited to announce that the popular 300x600 ad unit is now available in your AdSense account. Read more information in our blog post and leave a comment below with your feedback -- we’d love to know if you plan on using this new ad size!
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Amazing, now it's time for a redesign to fit this monster in!
Yes, Let's see how my people can incorporate this for us.
Please now provide adaptive ad units to match modern layouts.
it's sounds interesting but we have to wait a couple of week and see how many companies start to using it. 
by the way you have to display some examples of the 300x600 ad unit
Hmm earning potential of this size would be a nice addition to some of my sites but such a big ad (content depending, which I have little control over) but I just dont think I could justify taking up so much screen real estate without affecting the UX - especially as I suspect that most people will try to get this to show above the fold as much as they can.

I'll run a split test trial but I don't think this size will work for my audience.

Also we need adaptive ads that respond to screen sizes because all my sites are responsive (as per Googles suggestion to serve one page to all users) but yet I am required to use very small units so they fit on both desktop and mobile devices or use a javascript solution to serve the ad based on initial display size on each load :s
thanks a lot. this monster ad size will help in improving adsense revenue hopefully.
Thank you.
It would be good to make the size of 600 x 300
Are there any examples of how/where to deploy a monster banner like this? Seems like it might go against G's recommendations on page layout -
Big & Awesome

What I say? Awesome, If you are going to use it in a better way, then all you will get is a better CTR (Click through rate, it is a kind of term that is very well defined by words "Ratio of Visits on a your site/Clicks on your ads"). Can you believe this? You will be viewing different experiments with this huge sized ad, place at blogs. Pre-made themes will get a shift! All the plugins in relation to Adsense will get an update. New trends in Web Design industry as well as new kind of themes.
Wrote a lot more here
why after suspicious clicks from india countries I've reported it my account directly on hold .... what a mistake I do with google working correctly
Certainly delighted, but one has to use on his/her site before displaying such a big size Ad. I think Adaptive Ads could be more useful from this point of view.
Thanks Google!! 
I guess 600*300 would have been more better.
A very good opportunity for pages with little content.
Any possibility of dynamic resizing based on ad content - such as 300x250 for text ads and 300x600 for rich media ads?

Quite few other agencies support dynamic sizing, serving smaller ads when the larger options are not available from the same html code slug.
I'd like to see a horizontal version of this:
600w x 300h
Niyas C
Thank you for providing.
Agree with +Andrea Doimo and would like to see adaptive sizing ad's allowed as well. It would make it far simpler for most people to implement across multiple themes/site layouts.
waah..  So BIG! :) and i believe more money here too... i can't help but wonder, what happens if everyone starts implementing this ad size everywhere?
+Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam that fits perfectly on your site! I initially was thinking that this would be a serious UX degradation on my pages but after seeing how it looks on your site I have to say I am now very intrigued. I think I'll find places to trial this today. 
+Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam I hadn't considered the possibility of it containing 2 rich media ads... 2 300x300 images or 2 video ads maybe.

I'd quite like to see some kind of a new take on the old interactive 'shoot the object' type adverts if anyone can remember those haha.
Like +Lilia Taranenko +Andy Harrington I would also request a wide version of 500/550/600px wide and 280/300px tall ad unit. This would fit better in articles than the 336x280 ad units. 
Does Cutts know about this?  I jest.... sortof....
We need a combo ad code/unit that shows 300x600 ads when available and then defaults back to 300x250.

The larger ad unit is great and we've been using it for a while on direct sales. The combo unit would be super handy to have in our AdSense account, too.
I want adsens on my blog
yes i also used on my blog.............
+Julio Franco Our half unit is empty and blank because of lack of enough text ads. Resizing 300x600 to 300x250 when lesser ads are available is a great idea, rather than showing empty white space.
Friends this is starting based.......just wait for 1-2 days for getting advertisement post on this website http:/
How many text ads are they filling in the 300x600?  more than other sizes?
yes total size 300 x 600 space 
+Peter Sedesse We chose the large font size and it fits 6 ads. Default size will fit 9 ads.
I've seen many large websites use this ad format, but it's mainly for display ads (not text). When I joined a CPM-only ad network this was the most paying size (it's image and rich media ads only), but the sad part is that it only shows once per day per visitor. I'm excited that AdSense has finally given us this feature, and if AdSense installs the image and rich media ads into this size I'll gladly leave the CPM-only network and use AdSense exclusively.
I'm a newbie on AdSense.  Just posted an ad.  Hope it goes well.

I like to read the Blogs.  It gives me insight as to what else I can do to make my site better.
I got an idea. In the absence of a complete 300x600 vertical single ad, split that ad into 2 ads that would take 300x300 space each. So that would make sure the space is not wasted & give 2 advertisers equal opportunity to show their ads & at the same time, demands advertisers to improve the quality of ads to improve their chances of receiving clicks. How does this sound? Can this be implemented?
Thats really awesome...hoping 4 good results!!!
+Rocky Dev You mean two 300x250 ads, since 300x300 doesn't exist yet and I don't see them adding more ad sizes soon. I think Google traded "AdSense for Feeds" for 300x600 ad size, since AdSense for Feeds is going away very soon.
Support your idea too, so that people who're accustomed to image-only ads won't run out of ads for the 300x600 slot.
+Jax Asia Well, I actually meant 300x300! You are right, 300x300 doesn't exist & I was aware of that. That is why I made a suggestion so that 300x300 fits perfectly.  Yes, a 300x250 can also do the job, but that would mean that there would be a gap of 50 pixels between the ads & I wanted to avoid that. That way, there is no empty space & at the same time, 2 advertisers get to show their ads. The ads will differ in their look & feel, so it would be apparent that they are 2 different ads.

I also suggested that because that will open new door to the new ad format of 300x300. Look at it, it's square. We all like an even square, don't we? That would mean advertisers get one more opportunity to display more of an ad (although 50pixels may not sound like a lot). But you can't beat the even-ness of the Ad. A very good example of usage would be the Sidebar in a WordPress theme. Most of the layouts that we do for our clients have a sidebar that is about 300px wide & having a perfect square block would look awesome!

If implementing 300x300 would take time, then I think a 300x250 ad could replace it. And Jax, thanks for supporting my idea. 
+Sachin Vaidya  You only earn money from websites where you place your AdSense code, or sites that let you link your AdSense account with them. For more info visit the official AdSense help center:
All your questions are answered there if you read everything over there.
Retracting the Euphoria of my earlier post re the 600x300. Further trial suggests that there is a reduced CTR compared to my previous 120x600. Maybe too many choices, maybe not the right advertisers - maybe just not right where I have it. Time will tell!
+David Hughes +David Hughes I do like your idea about the 600x300. It's one more opportunity for advertisers to consider about the ads & these type of ads will provide more horizontal space to experiment with. So they can get to show ads that are 2/3 (approx.) of what YouTube shows on it's homepage. 

All in all, I think it boils down to the space that a user has for the ad in it's blog, the Ad's positioning & it's effect on the user when he sees it. All this could be the reason for a decreased CTR. More trial & error & more time spent with the ad will give us more insight on the pros & cons of the 600x300 ad. If anyone has the analytics on these type of ads, please feel free to share.
Let see how it goes...
It seems that the 300x600 does not have a lot of inventory ads yet. most of the time, 1/3 of the space is empty. is this because its a new type of Ad that others do not yet have the targeted ads for a lot of keywords?
I certainly do not find empty space within the new -ish 600x300 Ad unit. Since I have implemented it - with reservations I might add - it has now turned out to be the best earning ad units across all of my sites. I use it in the right nav area - ATF but with plenty of content - words not pictures butting up to it. I think there could be problems if used with narrow format sites - as is being done in the mistaken belief that they are automatically mobile-friendly! I use it on 1100px spread pages - so plenty of room for content - and also another ATF or the left. There has been no dramatic change in viewing patterns - either time on pages or bounce rates, but then I have always had a right nav ad - previously the 120x600. Thumbs up from me. BUT I think it must be well complemented with plenty of content. AND, experiment with different colours within the ads. If you go complimentary as distinct from contrasting, then the bigger size can be made to fit in well. For my sites, the 'blending' seems to work best. Happy to answer detailed questions - within the scope of the Adsense Terms and Conditions.
Thanks for the outline, +David Hughes .
I'm assuming by "600x300 Ad unit" you mean the 300x600 one, since 600x300 would be two times wider and two times shorter (and I think I'd like that one!). Keep updating us if you find more (esp. positive) changes! For me, the new format brings in super high CTR's some days and super low on others; I gained higher CTR but lower CPC with image-only ads, and lower CTR but higher CPC with text & image type ads.
It does not seem to work when delivering thought dfp.
For me it shows only 160x600 adsense blocks inside 300x600
Oooops - yes 300x600. Sorry! But still going well.
I'm getting a max of four text ads and then a bunch of whitespace underneath. It's really disappointing because while the image ads look fabulous in this format, I'm concerned that conversion and earnings will be much lower until more advertisers come on board. Is there anything I can do to make more text ads appear to fill all space?
Boris F
Such a big ad would spoil a website. Maybe it produces more clicks but it would also produce less visitors. Who wants to explore a website when half of it is an ad? It also makes a webiste ugly, the same the new arrow icons.

600x300, 600x200 or 500x200 makes much more sense.
i have a blog where i have uploaded worthy 41 articles and try to change minds of others to believe in goodness.i was giving earning by adsense 100 doller.but it is still in  and i have not get paid.please do the things right so that i can freely upload more and more articlesas we lakh in computer operationand want your cooperation and help
This is great! I'll look forward to it.
Where do I find this size, I really want to add it to my blogs, but I can't see it under the 'gadget' - 'adsense' ???
Hi Ginger,
You have to go to your adsense account, then create a new ad unit (300x600 in this case), save it and paste the code back to your Blogger blog. Hope it helps.
Thank you so much for your response, I found it yesterday and placed it on my blogs...I think I also did the mobile one, it would be great if you took a look at my account to make sure I'm optimizing it to the fullest...some of it is kind of confusing..... thank you
Hello There, I am wondering how many sites are using 500 x 250 single adsense ad unit ads ? Are they from Adsense or doubleclick direct advertisements ? because, I am not able to see this big ad unit in my adsense account. If it is from adsense, they are available for big publishers only ?
not sure about the 500 x 250 but i finally found the 300 by 600 in the adsense account area not the blog gadgets, i can't remember now,  just go to your adsense i think under ad unit and look around for it, thats what i did, but now i can't remember...
Yeah, I know about that 300 x 600 dimension ad unit.
i am using this 300*600 ad unit but not working that much as the 336*280 does for me earlier... thinking to go back to that unit only...
it is better to put two 300x300 to replace the 300x600 ads
Plz allow 3 ads per page including one of the 300 x 600 Ads. Thanks
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