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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our ad formats, we’ll be making visual updates to most AdSense text ads. These updates include slight optimizations to font size, spacing, padding and text layouts, as well as a new clickable arrow icon. We’ve tested these enhancements extensively, and found that they deliver an uplift in clicks across publishers on the Google Display Network. Read more on our blog (, and feel free to leave a comment with your feedback below. 
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Personally, I think they are utterly awful, and as a publisher I would like to be given a choice as to whether to have arrows on the ad units or not, in a similar way as there are options for corners, text / image etc.
This is good news, personally I found them much more appealing than older text formats. I'm glad to see Google AdSense team constantly working hard to innovate.

However, I do agree with the arrow customization comments and concerns. Now let's see what the AdSense team will provide to us publishers.

Thank you.
Hey guys, the blog post explains that arrow color IS adjustable: "color of the arrow icon will be based on the color palette you’ve selected for your ad units"
Thanks Matthew for pointing that out. It will be particularly interesting to see the effect of this improvement from the latest AdSense 300x600 ad unit format.
Those arrows are hideous. Might as well have gone the whole hog and changed the text font to Comic Sans.
This is the first time I have commented because I feel strongly with
Masatake Wasa. I think the ads shout "I am a Ad", simular to Adbrite, etc. I operate a professional site serving many .gov, .edu and other agencies and this new ad style makes my content look terrible. Sure, the color is adjustable, if you change the color of the entire ad. You cannot change, or blend out just the arrow. What made Adsense so great is, Adwords, and the extraordinary "Google Style Ads". The only way around it is to purchase a ad serving program and create the old style by selling direct ads, which I have already started. I sure wish this would change. The new 300x600 was great and should have stopped there.
"We’ve tested these enhancements extensively, and found that they deliver an uplift in clicks across publishers"

Looks like the AdSense team did their due diligence on this one. My expectation is that this redesign may increase CTR for some sites/niches (increase user attention on ads) and decrease CTR for others; especially for sites with near perfect text ads blending.

Time will tell...
I do not doubt Google's findings about the increased CTR. But it's not about the CTR as such. In my view, text ads should be text ads, without the gimmickry: these arrows are too large, too conspicuous, and too ugly.
Why do 300x600 ads only seem to show one ad, at the very top and a lot of blank space?
The new clickable arrow icon is highly intuitive. Very pragmatic!
very powerfull and effective upgrade by google
This type of ad will increase ctr then before type of text ads.
I think this system is not perfect on all type of Skyscraper ads.
I thought having arrows next to adsense ads was against Google adsense TOS ;-)
This is likely to help our network of sites. Great idea.
i wish i could have ad-sense account but don't know where i am wrong wish could some one help :(
Not sure if it is related to this but my webpage seems to have problems showing textbased adsense ads all of a sudden. Anyone else experiencing this ?
In responce to:
Pierre-Hugues Charbonneau...For some or most sites, the CTR may improve, however, I prefer a better user experience.
In follow-up, on 12/04 my text ads started showing without the big arrows pointing away from the ads. I made a note of this and will evaluate the CTR differance. Maybe others would want to track their own data.
I wish there was an opt-out for these types of text ads. I would only choose the "classic" text ads. Already my CTR has fallen nearly 50%. Until Google corrects this mistake, I am sticking with image only ads. I am SO disappointed with this change!
I love the Adsense program (since 2007), but this is a mistake.  These arrows are HIDEOUS and UGLY on desktops and laptops, which is 95% of the audience on my highly trafficked website serving professionals in govt and education. 

For years Adsense has recommended that the text ads work best when they "blend" into the general nature of the content and the site's web design (while abiding by their terms of service).

Now, with these stacked ads with GIGANTIC ugly arrows, all those efforts -- which were working great for many years -- are depreciated in an instant, making the website look "spammy".

I hope Google will realize this error, and allow us to opt for the "classic" text ads, which were working, and something we built for years and years in our content and ad mix strategy.

I understand that arrows work on tablets and mobile phones, but they are HORRIBLE on desktops and laptops.  And Google is sophisticated enough to know how to display the differences.

Google is so good at what they do,  but I am just bewildered of this broad "one size fits all" decision they've made to serve this style of text ads across all platforms.
Boris F
These arrow icons are AWFUL. Firstly I thought I had a virus in my PC when I saw them for the first time. Ads were intrusive before but now they are utterly HORRIBLE. They completely spoil the website.

How many unhappy visitors will we have/loose because of these buttons? I do not know if the CTR will improve, however, the user experience will be definitely worse. How many publishers feel like removing all Adsense from their websites right now and use other advertisers?

I will remove some of the ads to make it a bit nicer but it is not the solution. Google should fix this mistake. At lease we should be given an option to include these buttons or no.
Why? Even on the 180x150 the arrow exists?! The text on this add is almost gone or fontsize 6"..... So ugly! :(

Edit: it looks like the CTR is higher with these ads.... After a few days it is a positive ugly change :$
I dont know why i dont have options to optimize my fonts. Any idea?
Boris F
After introduction of arrows icons: ctr has improved, BUT cpc has decreased, bounce rate has increased, number of visitors decreased, time people spend on the website decreased. As a result total earnings decreased, and I no not know how many visitors will never come back to my site. Just a coincidence?
Since this was implemented, my 300 X 250 and 336 X 280 ads now only show one ad instead of the 3 or 4 they always have in the past..  Can you please fix for me?  Thanks!
Yes, also, I would agree with others that the "Blend" feel of the Google Ads that we previously had is now LOST.  These new ads do not blend well at all.
Half my pages now do NOT display my skyscraper ads at all anymore and i used to have 3 or 4 text ads in my 336 X 280 and 300 X 250 ads and now only one appears in those boxes and look horrible.

Google, please eliminate these arrow ads as they are a BIG MISTAKE and have now broke my site and clicks are going down.
Boris F
And these huge fonts, when in my adsense setup is selected ' arial small'? Ad titles are bigger than my h1 headers. Why we are given an option to select small, medium o big font if our selections are ignored? Content is the king but design is very important as well, people enjoy websites then they are well written, clean, well structured, and not intrusive.
I use 728*90  and 336*280 ads on my website and only one ads appear in those huge areas. My website looks so lame. 
I guess, CTR will be little high for few months but, after that every body will know about Adsense ads because of those arrows and it is not going to help publishers.
I was wondering why my CTR had doubled on some of my ad units and now I know why. That arrow does what so many of us wish we could have done before. While we can`t direct people to click on our adverts, google has done it for us. Thanks google, my christmas is so much sweeter at the moment due to the increase in revenue.
HORRIBLE!!!  Ugly, bulky looking/feeling...really takes over the content and makes the ad stand out too much.  Though advertising makes us shouldn't detract from the site itself.  

glad to hear CTR's/revenue are increasing...but as some have said...that'll probably go back to normal.

Give us the option Google...if we want big ugly arrows...let us choose them, otherwise...leave us to our original AdSense that doesn't run roughshod over our site.
roll it back, the big arrows look awful 
For someone like me who likes their ads to blend in with their text - this is downright awful!   They are big and ugly and completely take away from a nice, clean web design.  At least give us the option to remove it from our ads.
I completely agree with previous posters. I was shocked to discover that now that I finally had time to tweak my site's ads to fix them after the ugly arrows appeared...I can't get rid of the problem in any other way than disabling the ads or switching to image-only. Very disappointed.
I’m not seeing positive results (nov. 1-19 vs. dec. 1-19), no significant changes with traffic or ad requests, but:
clicks: -41%, ctr: -32% and revenue: -40%.
I would like to see a disable/enable feature for these graphics.
Please Google get rid of them asap they heavily damage the sites impression they make me wanna puke!!
People who are writing these comments are divided: one part want to see clean, not spamy, pleasant to read websites; and other part cares more about money and about persent, and not considering what will happen to their websites in the future - no visitors and no money. I am glad that there are more people who care more about positive experience. Of course money are important, but by having these ads in the future we will have no visitors and no money. Who will come back to a website full of spammy buttons?
My two travel sites brought in a very nice income for me for six years now. The ads blended well and all was right with the world. Since the introduction of these hideous arrows and only a single ad showing in my med and large rectangles, my income has taken a nose-dive and the ads make my pages look junky. Please, change this back!
It look so nice and better in fonts and the customization cursor.
Arrow icons (Large Rectangles) have impacted -tive to my side too. Don't know about other sizes...??
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Better CTR - I guess that's the value of the arrow.
Lower CPC - I'm guessing that's because clicks are spread across more ads on the unit, rather than being dominated by the upper more expensive ads.
Visually Bad - Hopefully, a little work on page design will help.

I'd be concerned, but I trust Adsense will watch the numbers and make the right decisions for the long term.  It's possible the bump in CTR is due to the newness of the arrow overcoming ad blindness.  I wonder if once everyone is used to it, will we lose that CTR bump?  Let's see what happens in the coming months.
My CTR has doubled since the implementation of the new ad layout. Love!
Well its been over two months with the new text format and clicks have been dropping dramatically. If this is working for most of the other publishers than all the power to them. I would like Adsense to reconsider giving publishers an option to the old formats as adsense can't keep track of all publishers and their results.
After two months, I see only negatives.  The appearance is detrimental to the image of the site and the overall numbers are worse.  I understand there are sites that might benefit, but there are obviously sites that don't.  The solution is simple, make it optional. 
Boris F
At the beginning CRT increased but as many people expected CTR is decreasing steadily now due to ad blindness. Everybody knows now that these ugly buttons are ads and stop clicking even without reading the ads, even if these ads are useful. How Google did not see that it coming?

I think now not only us but also Google started slowly loosing money, hopefully they will reconsider and get back the old format or improve the current format, create a bigger variety of sizes, ads that do not spoil the websites.

Generally people do not like ads, but they would not mind them if the ads are nice, not intrusive and fit well with the design of the websites.

Or we are the only publishers that have CTR decreasing?
Really true and agree with 'Boris F' and few other comments above.

Google should give choice of 'These Button Adformat', It is not that bad, Yet the format is not very attractive, Can be easy ignored by users without reading text. Worst is to see so many buttons on the new size '300 x 600'.

Recently i experience some really superb ad formats on my website, I didn't took snapshots yet it was like a small thumbnail pic with link and this button (Looking Decent) on Large Rectangle.

Another one on 160 x 600 being 2 to 3 standard links as it is and couple of 'simple links only' like link units, that makes a great combo with variety.

Google might be still testing the results etc, Yet i personally request to have multiple formats rotation so it makes publishers life easy with design co-relating ads and get back the CTR... :)
Mark M
Dear Google Adsense -- these arrow ads are horrible!  Please remove the arrows!!
ive had google ads on my website for 7years (about) and this is the worst set up they have ever tried. My CTR is about 33% of what is was. Idont hide the fact they are ads (no blending etc) but the huge fonts and arrows give me eye pain so I dont even want to read the ads anyway! Just hold in there as it will change. It always does.
Boris F
It is so easy to create a nice ad format. I do not uderstand why Google offers nice, not intrusive adsense ads to the sites like BBC  and we have huge ugly buttons and fonts. 
Hi Google, these arrow has dissapeared for some publishers causing dramatic drops in CTR... is there some sort of technical problem? its been over 3 days now... forums are full about it.
Please Google communicate about the decision to remove arrows ?
It was supposed to be a great optimization and now, it's a dramatic problem for publishers whose CTR is divised by 8...
For the sake of publishers who dislike the arrows, I fully support them being optional.  But I am not in the AdSense program for aesthetics; I'm in it for sustainable, maximized revenue.  I don't think the arrows are any worse than the typical image ad.  After 3 months with arrows, revenue doubled with no negative effects.  And now that the arrows have gone away over the last few days, revenue is cut in half.   For me, taking the arrows away is AdNonSense.  But, I trust Google will use its data to make the right decision and communicate accordingly.
This change increased our CTR by multiple times, and we simply love them. Should be configurable though, of course.
I don´t like the arrow buttons. They are too big, not customizable - on my desktop-browser they are grey (because of the white background), but the same website shows BLUE arrowbuttons on iPad and iPhone - the layout of the website is exactly the same and the same AdSense-Ads are shown - but the arrowbuttons are in an awful blue color (which does not fit into the design of the website). So: No. Not a good solution to me. It should be the choice of the site-owner to use those buttons or not.
The ctr has increased. Bounce rate increased. Returning visitor has decreased. Its UGLY and i hate them. User experience has decreased.

Works great for us. Increased the CTR by ~300%. The ads needs to be placed strategically.
I don't like the arrow buttons either. They look amateurish and gawdy. I thought there was something hinky with my system. I vote to have the option to remove them.

They're AWFUL!
The arrows are horrible.  They scream "I'M AN AD!" ... forget blending in ... along with the giant header (even though I applied "small" font).   Also only displaying one ad in a leaderboard style is horrible.  Just not liking how my sight looks anymore ... almost embarrassing.
Arrows helps you to increase your EPM. I don't recommend to hide arrows if Google AdSense algorithm has decided to shows them.
You can change colors scheme in your AdSense panel to optimize integration of arrows in your web design. Always remember Ads must use the same colors as your website to improve CTR.
I'm just curious... If these hideous arrows are so great, why don't wee see them on Google's own ads on their search result pages?
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