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Happy Friday! Did you know that many publishers see higher engagement on their posts that contain images and rich media content? Today, we’ll show you a best practice for posting articles and content from your site to your +page, which will help you make the most of the visual nature of Google+ while encouraging users to visit your site for more details. Feel free to leave a comment below with any other best practices you’ve found when posting to your +page! (
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+Google AdSense  Will you be posting tips to the comment stream here or is there going to be a HOA later today on this topic?

I've been trying to balance what to post on G+ and what to post on the blog and where the cross-over point between these would be so this couldn't be more timely.
Good suggestion. Thank you.
Unfortunately not working. Whenever I use the ‘Attach link’ option and insert a link no thumbnail appears...
+Wolfgang Peters are you using mobile app or a Web browser?
The apps just grab the first image they find when adding a link this way. They don't even show you until it I'd posted.
If you can do a screenshot on your mobile device, you might be better of saving the URL in the clipboard, sharing the screenshot image and then patting the URL in with your text. That more closely emulates what they are suggesting you do in a desktop Web browser.
Good luck.
If you don't have an image to share with your URL, make sure you use the arrows that appear when you hover over the image G+ chooses as you might be able to select a more appropriate one. Can't tell you how many banner ads I see on shares because Perle font change this.
desktop version only
+Michael J. Gibbs Sorry, got no notification from Google+ about your reply. I'm using Chrome web browser. Still no thumbnail is showing. Even not after posting. Tested a few websites and same result. If I post an image and put URL into text, I'm wondering if this URL gets the +1...
+Wolfgang Peters WolfgAng is a good question. I think the +1 is attributes to the post and not to the URL.
Are you asking for SEO purposes? Google has stated numerous times that plus counts (likes, etc) don't affect page rank and SERP placement.
I'm having trouble getting this to work. I copy the link to the image and insert that link, but instead of getting an enlarged image, the link to the image appears.
Ah, great point +Ricardo Lopes , I didn't even think of that. Yes, you can't paste the URL of the image into text box OR copy it into the "Add Link" box. You need to actually upload the image from your computer using "Add photos", select a previously uploaded photo "From Instant Upload", take a photo (if you have a camera attached) or select an image "From Google Drive" account.

If your goal +Grace Lim-Clark is to share the photo but still give some credit back to where it came from, save the photo locally, upload it using "Add photos" option and then paste in a link to the original source.

Doesn't sound like this is the same problem +Wolfgang Peters is having though. Have you thought about reaching out to +Google+ for assistance Wolfgang?
+Michael J. Gibbs For some reason I do not get notifications by e-mail when you write. Only when others than you write a reply here... Strange world... I was asking only psychological purposes... :) - Because number of +1s of a site or page may influence visitors. PR is not important for me at all and I am sure that Google Plus has no influence on rankings even if some SEOs try to make you believe. - I think I'll wait. Some day Google will make this work: Thumbnail of the URL you post or a picture of the page like facebook. Without thumbs/pics it really makes no sense to post at Google Plus at all from my point of view. Only if you spend each day many hours for building a network... Thanks for you kind help, Michael!
+Michael J. Gibbs Thanks for all the helpful advice you've provided here! To go back to your original question -- yep, we'll be hosting a Hangout with a social specialist in a few weeks. In the meantime, we're posting weekly Google+ tips for publishers here on our +page and on our AdSense blog as part of this Social Friday series.

About balancing what to post and where, we recommend thinking about how posts on your Google+ page can complement your blog content. Your Google+ page can help you get the word out about your blog content, and you might want to use your posts to create an outlet to ask questions or solicit feedback about the content you're creating. You can then use a feature like Hangouts to bring an even more human layer to that conversation with your readers. Hope this helps, and stay tuned for that upcoming Hangout on Air as well as more Google+ tips.
+Google AdSense , thanks for the reply. Will keep my eyes peeled for the announcement of the HOA.

You know what would be a great feature for +Google+ would be to replace comment engine in my blog with the G+ comment string from the announcement post. Kinda like FB offers but with all the intelligence and security that G+ posts are known for. Know if this is in the works?
Er, I'm not a lawyer, but I think that downloading a full-sized image to your computer and then uploading it to Google+ for the purpose of sharing it may violate the owner's copyright (i.e., Fair Use does not apply).
+Dan Kehn Very good!

In Germany it is not allowed by law to share any image that's not created by yourself. Any sharing of other images may cause a warning letter from a lawyer with costs starting at EUR 500 but can be much higher, e.g. if you share a picture of a professional German photographer it may cost EUR 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000. There are many, many cases in Germany people had to pay by law and court.

If you take a picture in Germany from a public area and have not checked before, if you are allowed to take this picture, it may cost you a lot of money.

Remark: It's not allowed for any German to do this, not as private person and not commercially.
Wonder if taking a screenshot of the page the image is placed on, if it includes some or all of the surrounding page, is similarly a violation of German copyright law?
Never heard anything about troubles in Germany with thumbnails of a website/-page. Of course if you publish a screenshot that has the same size as the website or similar, you may violate German copyright law as you republish other content and pictures.
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