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Which report in the AdSense interface do you find most useful and why? #questionoftheweek
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Ken S
None if it makes any sense to me. I can't work out which of the many Google sites is actually making money. (I'm currently only using the Google sites)
L'onglet "Rapports sur les performances" qui est super pratique quand même.
+Google AdSense, is it possible to add the "multi-account" feature on Adsens ? Or change the adsens email ? Because I don't use my adsens email and that's really boring to disconnect and reconnect... ( Sorry for my bad english :) )
Ok, YOU GUYS ARE IDIOTS. I had an AdSense account, and I uploaded videos all with my own content and things I bought (and I gave credit to other people if they weren't mine). Basically, one day I got an email saying it was disabled for click activity. I've never done anything like that, in fact I pretty much don't watch my videos except if I'm re-editing them. I can't think of anyone that could have done it beside my friend Josh who watches my videos a lot. So, basically, I submitted an appeal form and you didn't accept it. I'm very upset by this because now I can't open any new AdSense accounts EVER, when I have NEVER done anything like that. But because of your crap software, I'm suffering. It sucks. And you guys can't even explain to me whats going on. What kind of customer service is that? Please reply when you see this.
+Google AdSense That's not exactly my problem : I would transfer my google adsense account to an other google account because my actual google adsens account is in an old email i don't use today.
So when I want to see my adsense stats for exemple, i have to log off my email, log in with the old and when i have finished, return to my actual email.
I got to step #4 - confirmation - on my youtube monetize page, went back to finish the process only to find my monetization had been completely disabled. No reason. No email saying it was disabled or why. My adsense account is in good standing as is my youtube account. Still making money from my adsense account on other sites. Now youtube is running ads on my original content, but I can't monetize? So... is this a problem with youtube or Adsense? About to shut down my account and move to a more straight forward service where I can actually get one on one support when I need it. I'm frustrated and disappointed it has come to this--I started my adsense account years ago, invited as part of the initial testing group on blogger - terrible that I can't get support now.
How do I change my ad type to: text ads only
Def Qon
* Today [Custom Channels]
* Yesterday [Custom Channles]
* This Month [Custom Channels]
* Last Month [Custom Channels]
Did I put this in the wrong place?
I like the report that lists youtube as one of my monetizable sites--and then has an N/A next to it. Let's me know where I stand. So here's a new #questionoftheweek Why is Google forcing us to treat all of their services as one inter-connected service, when they aren't supporting or treating them as one?

Support for each service is still handled separately. So there's no one to tell me why my ads can't run on Youtube. But they can on Blogger. Do I ask Youtube? Will they shoo me off to adsense to ask their support? Will they say it's a Youtube issue, ask them? If you want all my data on Google servers, then I want one support contact when I have an issue.

Just sayin'
+Google AdSense I don't know who you are, but I love you--for answering. Been there. I'm not a partner, had one monetized video, youtube put up a banner in my uploader asking if I'd like to monetize my channel--clicked the button and got to step 3 of 4 (confirmation). It said read the terms well before clicking confirm. I did. When I went back in to click confirm, the button was frozen and a new banner said my tab was disabled--no explanation. My adsense account is in good standing. So is my youtube account. But since I didn't quite make it through the partner process I'm not allowed to use the contact form you linked. I had to go to the forum--where the inmates are running the asylum. Not even a Nurse Ratchet in sight.

Finally, I gave up--I realized that I wasn't going to get help.!category-topic/youtube/accounts-sign-in-and-sign-up/eb0e-61Fsr0
My Adsense is one of the original legacy accounts, not my gmail account. I had to confirm it through email. It's all there, on that page. My last hoorah--with jpegs too!

But I've gotten a bunch of great offers from new services, so... best to move forward rather than spinning my wheels. I did however check a box on the known issues page. Going down fighting :P

And now... I'm late with a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert review. They rocked! Reminded me of why I do what I do--keeping the flame.

Thanks again G to the A. You Rock!
Hi, I am trying to place my adsense ad code on my site. The far as i get each time is the page that state "save and get code". I have watched several videos on how to place code on site, none work gor me.
i'm sorry for adsense but i don't understand, from an email from adsense, i receive next phrase:
"this AdSense account owned by you at risk of generating invalid activity";
I wonder why are not attached and sent samples or warnings or anything to prevent a bad situation;
We know some of you have concerns about the enforcement actions we take. We want to give insight into the reasons that drive our actions, and let you know how you can ensure your continued success in the program ( Also, please keep in mind that Google doesn’t keep unpaid earnings from invalid activity. The earnings are properly returned to the affected advertisers.
"The relationship between Google, advertisers, and publishers is built on trust."
Well, I think you got your answer. THIS is the adsense interface they all like most--where they can yell at you. Personally, I haven't been able to create custom URL channels or figure out how to get better tracking since the re-design. But at least I can get my daily hits, so I know there really are people out there. And sometimes they even buy stuff--I don't know what, because I don't know what ad they clicked, but they are there. So at the risk of staying off topic, do you think I should apply for adsense for video to cure my youtube problem? Can I do it with a legacy account?
google is not a problem it your url blogspot you are being leverage
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