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We’ve been hearing a lot recently on ways you would like to evolve your sites in line with user needs. We’re now giving you more flexibility by allowing you to make modifications to the AdSense code to implement changes like responsive design and A/B testing, so long as those modifications do not artificially inflate ad performance or harm advertisers. Any modifications should also comply with our Terms and Conditions and program policies and you should always use caution when making changes. Read more about about the techniques you can experiment with and some of the experiments you should avoid on our blog.
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"For more details and to find the specific code snippets related to the bullets above, visit our updated Help Center article." - The link in the post doesn't say anything about the points in the article. Please fix it.
Hi everyone, sorry about that! +Ahmad Khoirul Azmi is right. We're working on this and will let you know when the Help Center article has been updated.
sick, I will need to learn more about this. I was thinking about having money from Ads in Margins go toward printing more free t-shirts for my non-profit. 
Yeah my 3 x roomates somehow inflated my clicks and intercepted my check in the mail. Then I get out of the hospital and find out my adsense was deactivated. Really wish it hadnt. It was a good way to add fun to making vids on youtube.
+Google AdSense Thanks for the update, but the main issue with responsive design remains unanswered: "Keep in mind that this example will adjust based on user screen sizes but won’t accommodate screen orientation changes." So what do we do for orientation or viewport changes that don't result in a page reload and ads that no longer fit right?
On a mobile sized page, we should drop the number of ad slots from a maximum of three to one. What is the accepted javascript to not display an ad rather than switching to a different sized one?
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Nice update with the responsive design support.

Are there any reccomandations for how to implement AdSense on a single-page-application using HTML5 History?
I could not agree more things like that in the show because there will be injured.
Is the old style adsense snippet still acceptable? I use it to set dynamic channels. Is there another way?
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