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Winning Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile:
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Today we’re excited to launch our new Certified Publishing Partner program. Work with our trained experts to boost your business:
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The busy executive’s guide to winning with mobile: The Mobile Playbook #mobile #design
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Ch 2 § 3 has some nice advice

Ch. 1 seems to focus about companies with a combined brick/mortar and web-based presence. I understand that the mobile marketplace itself can be quite a demanding environment.

Is there any chance Google might start to integrate the Google app store with app developers' own issue tracking systems? I've seen a lot of app review comments making something like issue reports, in the reviews section – bad press, in a sense, and no actual app reviews in those comments. If Google could help app developers to cover the issue tracking concern, perhaps it might be to an overall better experience for all stakeholders?

JetBrains' YouTrack might seem particularly helpful for issue tracking, I think. Of course, there's also Trac, on the web, and Gitorious, Bitbucket, and Gitlabs, etc, in integrated change management and issue tracking systems… as well as Eclipse Mylyn and ye olde Debian reportbug, even, so much exiting work in help desk/user support services in the FOSS domain.

Super layout in the paged web presentation. My own jQuery/HTML5/CSS skills must need some polish, I think.

/Written on a tablet Android appliance
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AdSense mobile app has a fresh new look! Download today and let us know what you think about it:
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#UX  Tip of the day: Tailor your site’s experience to your users’ situation. 

Your site needs to provide a great experience to users whenever and wherever they need it. It’s important to put some thought into how your users use your site differently in different situations. Be sure to consider their time constraints and whether they are on a mobile device or a computer.

Check out these tips to tailor your site’s experience to your visitors:

#UX    #userexperience    #design  
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How did you direct traffic to your blog ?
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We’ve changed a lot over the last 17 years, and today we’re changing things up again...
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As per show 
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Have them in circles
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Help your visitors find your content by placing a free AdSense Search Engine on your site→
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A new source of revenue for your site: Check out what +Matt Cutts has to say about Contributor
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And I can't remember my password 
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Users increasingly rely on the mobile web to research and make purchases, which makes it more important than ever for companies to have an effective mobile presence. But what makes a good mobile site? 

Check out 25 principles of mobile site design to help you build mobile sites that delight your users and drive conversions:

#mobile #design
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#UX  Tip of the day: To get users to return, you need to do more than just answer their questions; you need to give them reasons to return to your site.

Check out these tips to turn one-time visitors into repeat visitors: 

#userexperience   #ux   #design  
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Please watch my channel
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#UX  Tip of the day: Make sure that users know what action to take on your site 

When a user lands on your page it should be very clear what they should pay attention to first, second, and so on. There should also be a clear next action for them to take whether it's clicking “buy” to make a purchase or reading a related article. 

Follow these tips to create meaningful calls to action:

#ux #userexperience
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How can I apply for the Google Ad Sense after being disapproved once? Would be kindly awaiting your feedback thank you
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UX Tip of the day: Employ a clear structure to guide users for a better experience

No matter what page a user lands on, you only have a few seconds on that first screen with the space above the fold to get their attention and show them what you’re all about. Employing a simple hierarchy will give your page a clear structure that will guide users and highlight what you want them to see.

Check out these 5 design tips to create a structure for your page:

#ux #userexperience
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