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What percentage of people use their smartphone while watching TV?

+1 the answer and check back at 4pm PT (11pm GMT) to see how you did. #PopQuizFridays
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Based on Google Databoard, 81% of people in the Google Mobile Search Study use their smartphone while watching TV.

Find out more about the Mobile Search Study and build your own infographic at

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Improve the user experience on your site by improving site speed

Faster pages lead to a better user experience and can improve conversions. Enter your site into the PageSpeed Insights tool for recommendations on how to improve site speed and the general user experience on your site.
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If you’ve ever browsed a site and left after a few seconds, chances are your users have too.

Use In-page Analytics from +Google Analytics to help you identify how users interact with your site and answer questions like “Are my users finding what they’re looking for on the page?” and “Are my users seeing the content I want them to see?”
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Have been out of the game for awhile but have just checked out my Google Analytics for my pages.  Good info!
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Thanks for following the AdSense +page and sharing it with your circles.

Over 1 million people are following the page and we couldn't have done it without your help! 
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Off the top of your head, can you name the date for this Saturday? How about next Saturday or the Saturday after that? 

Participants in a recent mobile user experience study didn’t always remember the exact dates for “next weekend” when they were asked to book a flight.

Prevent confusion and help your users schedule by offering a visual calendar if you’re asking them to select specific dates. 
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I like this.
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Ever wonder what makes an AdSense publisher’s site successful?

Certified Partner +OKO Digital shares their take on the definition of AdSense success by analyzing some of the sites we’ve featured on the blog over the past year.
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Ya and when site gets successful ban there adsense. Before pay out
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Users looking for specific information on a website will usually try to use search. 

Make the search bar one of the first things mobile users see in order to help them find what they’re looking for. #TipTuesdays  
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10/julio /2014conertarme a Google veo argo pocitivo
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Say you’re sitting on a bus stuck in traffic and you want to catch up on the latest news in town. You pull out your mobile device, open the web browser, type in the news site you normally visit on your desktop, the site loads, and everything on the screen is tiny.

Do you pinch to zoom in and then scroll around or do you go to another site?
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For this month's #FoodforThought , Googler +Simon Beauloye shares what’s on his mind:

“Some predict that the next billion online users will be mobile, and catering to these new users will play an important part in growing your business.”

How are you planning to cater to your mobile users? Share your ideas with other AdSense publishers by commenting below.
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is it a new one?
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You’re on the go and you want to check your AdSense stats... but you don’t have your computer. What do you do? 

Download the AdSense app on Google Play ( or iTunes ( and have your site’s performance reports in the palm of your hands at all times. 
The Google AdSense app provides an easy way to view key data from your AdSe...
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Greetings to the muslims around the world. Ramadan Kareem!

We shouldn't think the world cup competition was intentionally fixed to fall in the month of Ramadan because FIFA has a timetable regarding the period it is usually held.

Football is a very interesting sport, likewise Ramadan is a vital and interesting part of Muslim tenet/belief. It might affect the football fanatics but my advice is to for them to plan their time and always focus on the Ibadah other than concentrating on football. I don't see any point in going through Ramadan and not optimize the full benefits therein. Football should be secondary just as it is.

Don't forget regular tilawah of the Qur'an, frequent remembrance of Allah, going to Tafsirs nd lectures nd taraweehs in congregation(Even when matches are been played. We can always watch highlights afterwards or follow proceedings on livescores), giving out to the poor and needy, rather than involving in Nairabets and the likes.

May Allah accept it as an act of ibadah!

Ramadan Kareem.

From, Nation Builder Usayn ( @sannihussein ).
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Can’t decide where to put an ad unit? 

Try doing an A/B test to identify which placement works best before you make a decision. 
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Hello,  Thank  you  Goole  Team  for  your   Specil  Program to  Publishers  and  advertisers  too.Regards
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Travel back in time (in your AdSense account) by viewing performance reports from the first time an ad displayed on your site. 

Find out more about the “All Time” report over in the Help Center:
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Please bring back the total for the current month and last month, instead of the last 28 days like it's showing now.
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