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Google Analytics now available to all developers in AdMob

A few weeks ago we announced that we’re bringing the power of Google Analytics to AdMob, making it fully available in the AdMob interface on a new Analyze tab. As of today it is available to all AdMob accounts. 

All of Google Analytics in the Analyze tab
Now you have a single place to get accurate performance data about your app. You’ll also benefit from a new set of features that make measurement the foundation of all your optimization decisions:

- a new Analyze tab with all Google Analytics reports
- a drop down menu to switch between reports for individual apps 

The new AdMob Home page: the one-stop shop for app monetization, promotion and analytics
Now that Google Analytics is built directly into AdMob, you can have a holistic view on your monetization, based not only on revenue from ads but also on in-app purchase performance. All these functionalities have been incorporated into the updated Home tab in AdMob, making it a one-stop shop for all your performance reports.

Get started with Google Analytics and AdMob
1. Log in to AdMob or open a new account. 
2. If you’re already using Google Analytics for your apps, you can link your existing account with AdMob in the Analyze tab. 
3. If you’re not using Google Analytics, you can sign up in the AdMob interface.
Visit the AdMob Help Center to learn more.

Mike Schipper, Product Marketing Manager, AdMob

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Thanks for implementing this feature. But I'm totally confused with connection dialog. It says I can't change it later and it allows me to connect just one app (although I have multiple apps in both Analytics and AdMob). Please advise.
Muito bacana, mas falta criarem um aplicativo no google play, conforme já existe para o analytics
I just submitted a support ticket because I clicked "New account" by error, and then deleted the newly created "AdMob" account in Google Analytics. Now all my AdMob data has been wiped out!. All of it: no apps, no money, nothing! So please be aware of that, and DON'T delete the Analytics account!!! I hope the support team can help me!
Marek L
Yes same here! Ads are showing, clicks and money growing through adsense. But nothing on admob.
+Marek L Try contacting AdMob support, after about 2 days they have fixed it for me and I see my data correctly (although I still don't have any response from their team saying they have fixed it). It seems a problem with the AdMob page because ads were still shown and data and income were correct in AdSense as in your case. Good luck!
Marek L
How is possible to contact support?  
+Tomáš Hubálek

Hi Tomáš, thanks for posting your question.

* The UI is about linking accounts, not apps; you’ll be able to link individual apps later. We’ll work on improving the wording to clarify that.
* You must choose a single Analytics account. If you have apps in multiple Analytics accounts, you’ll need to pick a single one and won't be able to link AdMob apps to your other Analytics accounts.
* The warning is about the fact that the AdMob/Analytics account linking is final. Individual apps do not have this restriction and can be linked / unlinked at will.
+AdMob I'm sorry but I'm still confused.

In Google Analytics there is (by default) created one account per app (and there are multiple properties, which can be eg. app flavors).

So when I'll link one account for one app I guess (according how form looks) that I'll not be able to link another account for another app. I'm talking about GA accounts not Google Accounts.

Is my assumption wrong?
+Tomáš Hubálek

Hi Tomáš 

Hopefully this will clarify.

The Google Analytics data model looks like this:

As you can see it is flexible and can be used in different ways to measure the same apps: Google Analytics enforces no strict rules on how to organize your accounts, properties, and views. However for convenience reasons the usual practice is to create a single account (to simplify permissions management) containing either multiple properties (usually one per application or group of similar applications) or a single property containing one view per application.

For simplicity, consistency, and technical reasons, AdMob enforces a stricter data model: all applications of a given AdMob account must be measured by properties and views located in a single Google Analytics account.

If the issue was just a terminology mismatch and you actually created a single Google Analytics account containing properties and views for all your apps, then you can use the AdMob Analytics form to link your AdMob account to that Google Analytics account. The form shows the list of properties in the selected Google Analytics account only to make sure that the right Google Analytics account is selected. You will be able to link and unlink individual AdMob apps and Google Analytics properties & views later and at will.

On the other hand, if you did create one separate Google Analytics account per application, then you cannot reuse your all existing Google Analytics statistics in AdMob. You will have to pick a single Google Analytics account. You will not be able to link your other Google Analytics accounts to AdMob.
+AdMob OK, thanks for explanation. Unfortunately I never heard about best practice to put all my mobile apps into one GA account and have tons properties of the apps that are not related to each other :-(

It explains why I can't use this new feature as I have my GA organised in way: one app <-> one account (and flavours of the app as properties of the account).

I just migrated to the new admob account, and imported my legacy data. I am aware that the earnings won't be transferred and have to be refund.

How can I refund my legacy admob earnings?

Hello, thanks for the upgrade, one question: why I cannot see real time data from Analyze tab? It seems it desappear since last month. Before it was working well.. Anyone knows why?
Unfortunately, there are no Wire Transfer and Paypal in new payment for Thailand.
Hey Admob .. Can you help me resolving one big issue my admob account??
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