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Don't let your company vehicles leave the shop naked! Use them to advertise.

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For franchise owners, a vehicle wrap is one of the best advertising investments you can make

Full vehicle wraps produce great results. They get notice everywhere you go. The effectiveness of car signage or vehicle wraps offer an unparalleled marketing impact. Top industry analysts have invested in years of researching the effectiveness of mobile advertising. Outdoor Advertising Magazine stated that outdoor mobile media has a 97% recall rate, and almost 96% of survey respondents believe that mobile advertising is far more effective than traditional advertising. The vehicle wrap on your car displays your message to thousands of potential clients each day. There is no spam filter for vehicle graphics, there are no pop-up blockers, and you don’t have to click to view it. It can’t be turned off and the channel cannot be changed. With vehicle wraps lasting anywhere from 4-5 years, you are purchasing long term cost effective advertising. Most vehicle wraps cost less than $2 per day!

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Non-Illuminated dimensional building signs look amazing and are cost effective. No expensive lighting or wiring is required. In this picture we showcase dimensional sign foam letters with acrylic faces in Claremont, CA. These foam letters are great for business signs and church signs. They also look great when used on the interior of buildings and offices.

Just like signs, window graphics are a great way to communicate to potential customers.

If you have a storefront with bare glass, try sprucing it up with window graphics!

There are many ways to take plain old windows and turn them into well dressed forms of advertising.

For a long lasting advertising investment, try vinyl window graphics and lettering to draw in new customers or introduce your company to passing traffic. To advertise and create a sense of privacy, you might opt for one way vision graphics. Such graphics provide full color images from the outside and total visibility from the inside.

If you have commitment issues, try a more temporary solution such as static clings that feature easy on installation and easy off removability. Window clings also work well for promotional events or seasonal sales.

Identity Signs can transform your windows from dull to dapper. Give Active Sign Shop a call at 909.267.9567 to get your window party started!

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Why do we use 3M wrap vinyls?? Because we know they work the best! Bring us your work vehicles and we'll turn them into mobile ads!

Not sure if a full vehicle wrap is for you? We have great alternative solutions that are cost effective and still look amazing! Just give us a call or stop by to find out more.

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