Made in France but by whom?

Walking a local area simple flea market decades ago and finding this micro-drill press is about as rare as when I found my first extra terrestrial rock a meteorite in the parking lot in August 2018 of our local bank stopped thanks to the parking lot curb.

Please join these two childhood friends on Instagram where they post great vintage watchmaker machinery and tool images all of the time all of these machines and tools are still in operation in their high-desert machining operation named Active Atom in the California-USA Mojave Desert Town of Yucca Valley.

This rare drill press find actually attaches to a WW style watchmakers lathe bed.

The tiny spindle utilizes 8mm collets.

We love this tool very much and it drills very small, very fine, very precision diameter holes.

Great news then, we are on YouTube and we have a weekly YouTube Series named Shop Adventures.

The weekly series is about these two childhood best friends that both live and work together in this home that is mostly converted into a full design, engineering, micro-machining and finishing operation.
There whole lives are devoted to making the Perfected Product from start to finish and sharing this via their YouTube Channel covering machine and tool rebuilding of the vary things these two are going to need to make this product.

Here is a link to these two guys story:

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We are sharing 4 images of our French made micro drill press attachment for a WW style watchmakers lathe this is an optional watchmakers lathe accessory used when making watch movement parts that require a hole be drilled into or though the actual part.

Image 1 and 2 are from the left and moving right through the images of the actual micro-drill press at different angles.

Images 3 and 4 the two images to the farthest right hand side of the posted pictures and are of the actual micro drill press mounted onto the WW style watchmakers lathe bed itself which is how it must be mounted to be placed into operation.
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