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Micro-machining and the tools of the past

Hi loving our Instagram we share images of our vintage machines and tools of the past that for these two are still utilized to this day.


Here is a Mitutoyo P/N 190-101 Vernier Caliper
This fine tool make in the toughest of tool steel is a great example of how a single tool once performed the tasks of 8 modern day tools.

Hello this is Patrick and Lance from Active Atom precision machining who specialize in micro-machining here to share one more piece of our past while the two of us continue to make our journey of rebuilding, restoring, refurbishing vintage precision machinery and tools that once completed will be utilized to allow us to produce our product.

American Machined Product Producer
We will then offer our perfect aerospace grade product through our online store at Active Atom after sharing them begin made and then offering them to our viewers via our YouTube Channel.

We are a small precision machining and finishing operation located in a rural Mojave Desert California Town named Yucca Valley in the USA.

We are these two best friends living and working from a home converted into a full design, engineering, machining and finishing operation and truth be told we are having the time of our lives working really hard and yet feeling like this is not work at all, it is real fun and enjoyable to be able t share all of what we are doing or have going on with others globally through all of these great social media network locations.

#youtube #activeatom #americanmachined #japanesetools #mitutoyo #verniercaliper #machineshop #machinisttools #bestfriends #USA #precisioninstrument #watchshop #instamachinist #metrology #vintagetools

This pair of images is of a rare machine tool is an inspection tool made of machine tool steel that measures with great precision machined parts and components for industries. This tool is a Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper used to measure 8 types of precision dimensions all through this single inspection tool. This tool is no longer sold or offered for sale and was made in the country of Japan.
This tool Part Number is 190-101
It measures 8 critical precise dimensions:
Outside Measurements
Inside Measurements
Depth Measurements
Offset Measurements
Angle Measurements
Height Measurements
Divider Measurements
Compass and Scribe Measurements
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YouTube Weekly Series

Shop Adventures 15

Learn how to become what we are technical machinist and makers of great products by joining these two childhood friends as they expand their journey.

The current weekly video series Shop Adventures follows these two guys from their home converted into mostly a precision Machine Shop that specializes in micro-machined parts for the watch, timing and instrument industries as they stop working for others and begin to fix, rebuild, refurbish or restore as needed the machines and tools from those working for others days and start filming videos of their daily lives of living and working on making their own perfect product.

This series is filmed in a small rural California Desert Town named Yucca Valley and while the location is in the ever perfect always glamorous State of California the series is anything but a fancy California imagined place or setting.

The YouTube Channel is going to grow a bit become more helpful and be a great place for other people to come join these two guys as they share machinery and tool rebuilding in great step by step instructions and cover the topics as follows and here are just two to start with.
How to Rebuild a Barker Milling Machine from start to finish
How to Rebuild the Head Stock on a Levin Lathe

Technical machining and machinery sharing videos
There will be many other videos that cover a single focused topic and they will be released as they are accomplished, where currently we release Shop Adventure a weekly series once per week.
We will release these new technical videos more as they are completed and they are correct to help teach others.


The guys at Active Atom have a new mate, a new friend and this friend is a German a metal precision yet vintage micro machine designed to tap holes really small holes that the tapping machines new friend made a vintage micro drill press.

In this video we share some thoughts about removing bearing nuts with dual spanner wrenches during the rebuild of our German Made Hagen & Goebel Soest GmbH micro tapping machine model type HG-2.

Refurbish versus a Rebuild
This rule applies to ACTIVE ATOM precision machining
The German made micro tapping machine is getting a refurbishing as opposed to a full rebuild and if you work around high tolerance precision machinery and tools you know that means the machine is getting everything a full rebuild is getting only without the paint work.
This policy of quality rebuilding refurbishing and restoring are the rules we set into place many decades ago.

In this weeks video
We are wrapping up the final stages when Patrick is made aware that these 2 bearing nuts are going to need to be remade so that after new bearings 2 of the 5 bearings this machine has are replaced these nuts will work accurately and hold tight the bearings under each for many more decades to follow the two of us.
Lance finalizes the main machine base for Patrick to complete the refurbish of
Lance begins refurbishing a Levin Heavy Duty Cross Slide some standard cross slides and a Levin Lathe Turrett

German Tapping Machine built in late 1950's to mid 1960's estimate.

#hagengoebel #germamade #germantappingmachine #precisionmachining #shopadventures #americanmachined #activeatom #USA #tappingmachine #automtiuctappingmachine #restoringmachines #refurbishingmachines #machining #micromachining

This image from our YouTube video features a German Made Hagen & Goebel Soest Tapping Machine after being refurbished, had the main tapping machine body and electric motor attached to the cast metal base and then all of this including a precision aluminum pole hard anodized in black was added to a base plate for the VFD (VFD is the controller for the 3 phase motor speed) and all of this is mounted for portability to a 12.00 inch x 18.00 inch 1.750 thick maple cutting board with two one per side slotted carry slots for ease of transport.

The cleaning, polishing, inspection, bearing removals were performed in the Machine Shop it was then brought back into our Workshop are to finalize the addition if 5 precision bearings being added and some spindle alignment that should all only be done in a very clean environment which the Workshop area offer that while the Machine Shop is really pretty clean the Machine Shop does not offer the absolute best area to finalize the details of the machines refurbishing and in fact while the machine is in the Workshop it is going to be wired for the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) as this motor is a 3 phase motor and the machine and motor are going to receive a fused custom sized belt and begin testing for reliability repeat-ability and wear and heat testing or burn in cycling. This machine is painted in the hammer tone as originally an that color is German Machine Green.
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Living Life in a RURAL DESERT TOWN

Hello this is Patrick and Lance from Shop Adventures a Weekly YouTube series following the lives and works of two childhood best friends who live in a house converted into a full machining and finishing operation.

This California Mojave Desert location is where they are currently rebuilding and refurbishing vintage precision watchmaker and Instrument machinery and tools that once completed will begin the making of the perfect product.

As part of this series Active Atom precision machining the name of their business is sharing these images of great watch, timing and instrument tools gauges and machinery along the way from their Instagram page.

The Instagram page is where they encourage you to join them and watch as 3 times a week Patrick uploads or posts a picture or a series of pictures with excellent descriptions about the vintage watchmaker timing devise or technical instrument.

If you love great vintage precision tools, machinery, watches, watchmaker tools and precision instruments then this Instagram link has what you are looking for in high quality image uploads.

#watchmakingtools #activeatom #youtube #watchmakertools #watchmakerbench #bergeon #precisiontools #uhrmacher #horologer #watchtools #watchrepair #bergeonswitzerland #bestfriends

In these 3 images, there are of 3 different Watchmaker Graver Sharpeners.
Tool in top of the image is a common Bergeon model that is still available NEW. The Graver Tool on the bottom-left is a much older style you see very commonly copied currently (remade this is an original). The last Graver Tool on the bottom-right is also an older model that is unique for being able to set the Graver angle.
What do these Graver Tools from the Watchmaker world perform?
What do these fine precision watchmaker tools do?
It is the tool used to perform very accurate cuts in the making of a watch part.
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Desert Porn
desert porn
DesertPorn .com

Domain names are not always about sex this is not a sexual website domain name.

Current times show many #hashtags are using the word porn but that are not related to humans in pornography.

Example we use all the time is:
#MachinePorn #edcporn #penporn #cncporn you get the idea these are also not porn related pound signs or hashtag domain names but merely the tags for people to utilize when placing great machined products or the making of machined parts.

The people that take these images of such wonder such beauty are just really passionate about there work, their efforts and their creations so they use a porn hashtag to express this desire to convey their feeling to a vast majority that share these same makers values.

Hi and hello to all
We are Active Atom precision machining and over the course of our 25 years in business we have acquired many domain names only these days we are holding just under 200 .com domain names.

We consider these near 200 domain names to be the best of the many thousands we once owned then sold or simply let go of as times and some of the names relevance became less relevant in the current and futuristic coming times.

Would you like to buy, rent or co-develop this DesertPorn .com any of our domain names from the linked list of domain names please feel free to contact us through the linked website, we are very open minded and very willing to work with you and your ideas for any of these great domain names.

#domainporn #loveimages #domainsforsale #businessdomains #startup #activeatom #desertporn #desertimages # domain names for business, domain names for geo-location domain names for products and keyword domain names used for exact or near match explanations for the domain name in question.
Nearly 200 .com good domain names list on the website link provided here.

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Active Atom presents
The Bionic Eye Guy
Meet the Watchmakers Polishing Fixtures

We are a really proud pair of precision product makers, our names are Patrick and Lance childhood best friends living and working from our home converted into a full machining and finishing operation in the Mojave California Desert near the main entrance to the USA famous Joshua Tree National Park.

We have a great place where we equally share these images however we place them here on Google Plus due to the ability to convey larger wording examples explanations and such with no limitation of the number of writings or characters we can use.
Here is our image file for the tools of Active Atom precision machining.

Active Atom precision machining is made up of these two best friends Patrick Lara and Lance Conway.
Patrick and Lance have a YouTube Channel titles SHOP ADVENTURES a weekly series following these two guys making machinery ant tools from the past that do come alive one last time to enable these two to make a perfect precision American Machined product in the highest of tolerances and quality using aerospace grade materials. and we will share with you each Monday evening our progress of making great products and all that occurs along the way.

#watchmakertools #watchmakerbench #horology #horologytools #makers #vintagetools #polishingholders #watchmakingtools #watchmaking #watchtools #screwheadpolishers #horologer #uhrmacher

Here we share 3 images of watchmaker tools used by us to this current time when making micro-machined products that are still around the size of the watch and timing parts size (micro-machined scale) we have made for decades.
These three tools are watchmaker polishing fixtures and they are used in two function of the watchmaker when performing his task at hand.
The first picture or top image this tool is used to polish a part that you glue or shellac to a round work plate.
The bottom two images are of screw head polishing holders each different. The tool on the left (tripod) utilizes 8 mm watchmaker collets for holding the screw and the image on the right that tool has a little screw holding vise clamp.
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Desert Scent
desert scent

Desert Scent
Bottled Passion Desert Rain


Great domain name but there is something even more important going on here.

Have you ever been in a desert? YES/NO

Now have you ever been in a desert during or just after it rains? YES/NO

The scent the aroma the feeling that comes over the senses even the body through the skin makes this great feeling of a Desert Scent as it becomes a part of oneself.

DesertScent .com domain name
Owned by Active Atom, LLC. USA. since March 2006
This domain name has never been placed into use (clean domain name history)
This is a TLD (top level domain) name
This is a 2 word domain name
deserTscent is 11 characters in length
This is an in demand premium domain name

This domain name represents the following areas of demand.
Heeling, Self, Body, Refreshing, Invigorating, Relaxing, Secure, Sensual, Purpose, Meaning, Calm, Karma, Sun, Brightness, Moon
Skin Care
Sun Screen
Bottled drinks
Air Refresher

Hello friends we are Patrick and Lance and this is an Active Atom product through our few hundred domain names we own at

#desert #highdesert #domainnames #domains #business #startup #beauty #fashion #fragrance #USA #activeatom #makemoney #domainmoney

This domain name is for sale, rent, partnership or any number of ways to work with you to make this a great brand and a great product for men and women

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Vintage Watchmaker Tool

Active Atom is proud to have an additional skill that is performed in-house and by these two childhood friends on a journey shared weekly through their YouTube Channel SHOP ADVENTURES

Hi I am Lance and along with best friend and business partner Patrick we machine precision parts in high grade aerospace materials and specialize in micro-machined parts (parts that are really small think eye glass arm screws sized only really complex and such) and since we live in a small rural California Desert town we have this really neat hobby.

We just completed this wonderful watchmakers tool below and we are currently working on a German Made Hagan & Goebel Soest micro Tapping Machine model GH-2 with a Albrecht speed Chuck size 1.5 - 3.0 mm.

Patrick and Lance are working on 3 machines simultaneously;
These three pieces of equipment are from a local Southern California company that still make machines and tools Louis Levin & Son Inc.
The company does not these precision vintage machines and tools.
Levin Instrument Lathe 1 with the chip bed 40 plus years old
Levin Instrument Lathe 2 with the chip bed 80 plus years old
Levin Micro Drill Press

These machine tools are receiving the full rebuild treatment, not just a refurbish you see these machines have already been stripped down inspected, polished painted baked and have all new bearings and felts to be replaced and we are going to rebuild the head stocks, spindles in-house but unlike many machines these are very micro machine tolerance pieces of equipment.

The head stock spindle rebuilds has tolerances that must be maintained to the factory specifications:
That tolerance is 50 millionths of an inch that is 0.00005 or 1/2 of 10,000 thousandths of a single inch.

The skills required to rebuild the Levin & Son precision machinery and tools companies highest tolerance machine tools are so important we are going to share this process through our YouTube channel starting in a the coming weeks.

One of our goals is to leave our lessons and approached to how we make or do the things we do and we love the areas where the information does not exist on YouTube meaning we are contributing to the future generations ability to learn from additional sources than the ones they currently are offered.

Come to our YouTube Channel SHOP ADVENTURES and subscribe so you can learn how to rebuild a high tolerance mega precision lathe head stock at it is free and it is educational and enlightening we are hoping as we are doing this as you view us and even if rebuilding a lathe head stock or for that matter a machine tool in general you still might learn how the tools that make the things we all enjoy are built maintained and utilized.

#youtube #youtubejourney #bergeon #watchmakerstools #carbidetoolsharpener #horologicaltools #bergeonswitzerland #toolrebuilding #machineryrebuilding #watchmaking #watchmakingtools #bestfriends #shopadventures #activeatom

In this set of 4 pictures we are sharing:
A German Made Bergeon Carbide Tool Bit Sharpener as bought used by us and then after it was rebuilt and finally a catalog image of how they look currently and are offered for sale in 1970.
This tool sharpener is for the watchmaker industry and this particular electric motor driven tool sharpener predates the 1970 Bergeon Catalog.
The catalog image below is from that 1970 catalog where you can see it was made very differently in that later years image then the one we share before and after images as we rebuilt this Bergeon Tool Sharpener to the exacting factory specifications.
This tool bit sharpener is used to sharpen the carbide tool bits that a watch or instrument machine operator would use while operating such machines as a watchmakers lathe a machine that would allow the operator to guide the carbide tool bit along a hand rest edging in ever so slightly this bit to make contact with either steel, brass, bronze even optic glass.
The operator would then make slight cuts to remove materiel from the raw often spinning materiel in the watchmakers lathe in the making of fine precision micro machined sized parts for wrist and pocket watches as well as that such as aircraft instruments and many other precision gauges and such.

4 Photos - View album
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YouTube Weekly Series

Shop Adventures 14

If it were not for YouTube and some really great ideas we thought up a few decades ago (vintage machine and tool rebuilding collecting and utilizing to make a living back then) we would not be here sharing our journey the journey we share is via YouTube featuring 2 childhood friends making a product.

Patrick Lara and Lance Conway are rebuilding vintage micro-machines various machinery and tools to be able to make a perfect product for their website online store in the coming year.

The product will then be offered in very limited edition serialized quantities for people that have a true makers passion to come along and join these two men on their journey from the start from refurbishing, repairing and rebuilding the machines and tools.

Watch these machines and tools come alive with excellent makers quality and then see them take these very machines and make a precision machined aerospace grade metal material product with them.

The rebuilding and the making allow for a true journey and is something we are documenting and we are equally be sharing our techniques on how to accomplish each task of the making process along the way for people now and people in the future to see one pair of guys take on how to make a product from start to finish and to make it using machinery and tools from the watchmaker and instrument makers machines and tools.

This Series is a YouTube Series following these two best friends as they make an American Machined product at their home that is mostly converted to a full machining and finishing operation.

They will handle the 100% making of the product at this location meaning all of the work is done in-house by the two of us and it is all being filmed and shared on our YouTube Channel

#youtube #youtubejourney #americanmachined #US #vintagemachines #machinerebuilding #germantappingmachine #flumemotor #tappingmachine #shopadventures #howtopaintraisedletters #machinepaint #chuckremoval #watchmaking #horology #machining #precisionmachining #bestfriends #watchmakertools

What we are sharing in this picture below is a vintage German Made Tapping Machine by Hagen & Goebel GmbH that is powered by a 3 phase motor we are running through a VFD Phase Converter. This tapping machine is being refurbished and not rebuilt the only difference is rebuilding gets a full new paint job and refurbished retained its original paint work though all the other parts are blued, blackened or polished replaced as necessary In this photo we also sharing how we are removing an Albrecht Speed Chuck size 0.2 - 1.5 mm so we can test the chucks wear and accuracy to allow us to reinstall the Albrecht Speed Chuck. We are showing the torch we used to heat and then remove the tapping machine chuck from the tapping machine.
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Watch Service domain names
Watchmaker domain names
Pocket Watch domain names
Wristwatch Repair domain names
Brand Name Wristwatch domain names

Hello and welcome to Active Atom Precision Machining that also enjoys the ownership of a few hundred .com TLD Top Level Domain names.

Here are 8 domain names in a cluster related to the wristwatches, watch, pocket watch, watch, repair parts, watch part making, watch or wristwatch servicing and the making of part and the actual wristwatch movements.
Mechanical Watch Service
MechanicalWatchService .com
Pocket Watch Service
PocketWatchService .com
Accutron Watch Service
AccutronWatchService .com
Accurate Watch Service
AccurateWatchService .com
Replica Watch Forum
ReplicaWatchForum .com
Watches Forum
WatchesForum .com
Watch Tour
WatchTour .com
Vintage Watch Service
VintageWatchService .com

We have been in the watch, timing and instrument machinery tools and the like of the micro machining world and watch movement of horology watchmakers since the early 1990's.

Currently Active Atom is a precision machining and fine finished operation making machined parts for their own products.
They perform this machining to very high tolerances and make the parts they machine in aerospace grade materials and it is all done on a micro scale.

The company was a service to the watch, timing and instrument industries as a maker or supplier of parts and components even well known for servicing watches for an elite group of clients globally.

Welcome to
A Weekly YouTube Series
Shop Adventures
Shop Adventures follows the real lives of these two best friends that live and work from a home converted into a full machining and finishing operation located in a rural California Desert own.

Lance Conway and Patrick Lara
Currently they are rebuilding the very vintage machines and tools from this business and assuring that these machines and the tools are up to the high precision task of machining the companies specialty of micro machined miniature really precision high tolerance machined parts and assemblies after finishing and coatings are applied.

We prepare to begin making a product to offer through our on line store at Active Atom in the coming year 2019 say business partner Patrick Lara.

Lance Conway partner and best childhood friend Lance Conway shares that the product they are making was hand drawn by the two of them maybe as far back as two decades and it is now the time to make a product of our own of two maybe one for the consumer and one for our fellow machine shop and watchmaker friends after stopping operations.

We are offering to sale partner or work any relationship that will help a fellow wristwatch or pocket watch or watchmaker service or maintainer the chance to increase their online awareness through the use of one of these 8 fine detailed, mostly key worded domain names.
#watchmaker #horology #youtube #domainnames #domains4sale #domainsales #greatdomains #businessdomains #accutron #wristwatch #makers #micromachinists #USA #activeatom #americanmachined #watchtools #watchmakertools #startups #businessopportunities #vintagewatches
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We rebuild our older machines

What is the difference in a refurbishing job and a rebuilding job when it comes to precision machinery and tools?

The only difference is the painting work because all the other tasks are completed regardless so it is actually harder to refurbish a machine then to rebuild one.

Please allow us to explain.

We are currently refurbishing a German Micro Hole Tapping Machine.
The Hagen U Goebel Soest Type HG-2 Tapping Machine.
Refurbishing a machine instead of rebuilding it comes down to only a single difference at least that is how these two craftsmen see it.

We realize this tapping machine has a special quick change chuck a chuck is how you install a tap for use in threading a hole, a tap is the thing you need to put threads into a hole that you have drilled.
Regardless of whether you drill or tap a hole it, a drill bit or a tap bit is being held by a holder collet or a chuck in this case it is a chuck because a chuck is versatile in its ability to hold a wider range of diameter drill or tap bits without making any other changes during these operations so be it, the words in the machining industry Quick Change chuck or Quick Change collet holder or chuck and such.

We salvaged the original chuck even though we have a pleasant amount of German Made new/ old stock chucks and the actual key-less chuck maker is still in business making these very chucks.
Albrecht Precision Chucks
The company located in Germany makes a wide range of products and a wide specific range of key-less collet chucks that are of the highest quality made currently.
We disassembled a 1.5 - 3.0 MM chuck and though we are a micro machining operation meaning our work is generally very small intricate style machining this precision machined chuck maker actually makes a model we have many of because of this small work there drill or tap holding size is 0.2 - 1.5 mm, that is really small work.

Active Atom machines are rebuilt to factory specifications or higher
During the disassembly process the machines painted surfaces needs to remain original either it is because the machine does not warrant the stripping of the paints and repainting or it is best to retain the original paint as in this case the color is a hammer toned German Machine Green paint.

Either way each machine or tool needs to be thoroughly cleaned and like all of the components of the machines they must be polished as a form of inspection, then seek out repairs or replacement parts and so forth.

We always replace bushings and bearings in any and all equipment regardless of the appearance that they are in working order, it is easier and often time the correct ways to maintain good equipment and its working order.

Though paint is not in this current tapping machine rebuild many of our machines including one in work behind this micro tapping machine which is a rare special factory addition of a an American Made Barker Milling Machine Series AM is. The Barker Engineering Company machine due to begin a rare version that is unable to be repeated by the still in business factory located in Akron, Ohio USA.

Every machine and tool gets fully disassembled labelled photographed and cataloged so that the machines are correctly reassembled upon completion.

Museum Quality Machinery Rebuilding
We are skilled to the level of working status for a museum piece meaning the machines will, as they do run and make parts as good or better then when the machinery or tools were new.

We just completed a full rebuild (powder coated paint) of a German Micro Drill Press.

We just completed two Flume rare watchmaker motors and on Flume Watchmakers lathe base.

We are currently rebuilding nearing completion two Levin Instrument Lathes with chip beds each 40 years different in age and one Levin & Son Micro Drill Press, company still in business located in Santa Fe Springs, California - USA.

Active Atom precision machining makes American Machined products for both consumers and machine shops.

Notice our business is in the precision machining of products and not that of a machine or machinery re-builder however we make our products utilizing the machinery very old very vintage equipment so we do from time to time add a new to us piece of machinery or a tool or one of our current machines or tools is needing some rework.

Maintaining high tolerance precision work
From time to time in order to maintain our quality standards as makers of limited edition precision machined products we have to take a machine off the line even our small machining operation line and give it some needed attention.

Tolerances might begin to wain a bit so we might need to change the bushings or bearings, scrap the table ways, change quick change collet (like we are doing this week for a very vintage tapping machine mentioned above) or even repaint the piece of machinery of a tool because we are a very unique machining operation.

What makes Active Atom precision machining special?
We feel every business should be unique even if that is true in the smallest of ways though in our case it is a major part of why this 2 man company exists.

We make all of our products in-house.
Just the two of us Patrick Lara and Lance Conway perform all of the work.
From the product design, engineering, CAD drawings, CNC machine programming when applicable, machining the parts either via CNC or manual machines, we do the finishing coating s and packaging electronics when applicable.

Still not all that unique?
We also rebuild and refurbish the machines and tools that make our products only these are not machines and tools off the shelf and put into service.

Getting more unique?
We have spent decades collecting these machines and tools and along the way we have learned to repair them rebuild them and we also learned how to buy new to us machinery and tools as they are brought up via the Internet.

Made in the USA
Made by just two people from start to finish
Made in limited numbers serial numbered
Make to aerospace tolerances and made with aerospace grade materials.
Made on machinery dating back 40 years, 50 years, 70 years, 90 years even 100 plus years and mostly all of our products are finished buy hand as we are also micro machined parts finishers.


Not convinced to trust these two desert dwellers yet?
Ease you thoughts and pains about the two of us these two childhood best friends are filming the YouTube Weekly Series Shop Adventures that started out as the two of us sharing the rebuilding of some very precision machinery and tools from the past, mostly the machines and tools are rare and that adds to the uniqueness of our story that is actually not a story this is Shop Adventures the Journey.

The Journey
With or without YouTube these two best friends of 40 plus years and business partners of more then a quarter century have been doing this work, training for skills and gaining knowledge to get to this day.
They have learned to correctly perform all of the tasks they perform and they re continually gaining new knowledge.
These two men are not hacks they perform all of their tasks to the best professional level and s watch and instrument parts makers and watchmakers they are trained to be methodical and patient.

Active Atom Team Skills and Knowledge Base HERE

#americanmachined #precisionmachining #micromachining #usa #activeatom #youtube #youtubejourney #machineryrebuilders #vintagemachines #vintagetools madeinusa #germantappingmachine #germandrillpress #machinetools #bestfriends
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