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What a great day in my rural Mojave California Desert town.

I rise early to seek great opportunity in the making of American products, something I have done continuously since 1973.

Today me and best friend Patrick are beginning the installation of replacement precision bearings into 1 watchmakers lathe 2 instrument lathes a micro drill press and a mini power milling machine.

Monday was the day all of our precision made machines finished their enamels, lacquer powder coat and 2 part epoxy paint work was completed and the unmasking, uncorking of the items carefully began.

Below is a link to our photo gallery on Instagram anyways, showing many components and ultimately the finished precision vintage machinery and tools that will begin our quest to make precision machined products on these machines and offer them through our Active Atom online store. #watchmakertools #watchmakermachines #levinlathe #flumelathe #barkermill
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Oh I am and sincerely hope you are as well, having a great Yucca Valley day, I did awake to the smell outdoors of what might have been a blown in scent similar to that of moister from outside the Morongo Basin or at best perhaps just within the western end of the basin.

I am a lucky man in the company of a great best friend of more then 4 decades who get to live and work form our home making machined parts and working with great vintage watchmaking machines and tools.

The message from myself and ultimately it expresses the two of us is that we are very thankful to be living in Yucca Valley, California, this San Bernardino County town in the high desert region of Southern California is a great place for being just within that of the vast and well documented Mojave Desert.

#highdesert #yuccavalley #morongobasin #sanbernardinocounty

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Precision Machining Monday's 03

This is the Active Atom Precision Machining BLOG.

We have a weekly inside look beyond what we cover during those few short YouTube minutes of video.

The BLOG continues to share the coming weeks of what is going, or being built in our home based precision machine and finish operation in the rural town where the filming and the two of us also make home takes place.

We have a new YouTube channel, it is way more fun then we thought, and guess what it offered us the chance to share emotions and things.

We order some bushing material for our vintage 100 year old German Micro Drill Press so we can machine it when something rare happens to the two of us.

We share a tool from a watchmaker tool company that they have been making since 1791, we have a really old one to sharpen our carbide tool bits with and now we are going to refurbish it so it is reliable to us for decades to come.

There is a man that lives u=in Europe we id=s a watchmaker machines, tools and instruments re-builder and a collector of said same and we have a video to share from him.

We talk a little about this whole social networking thing, how social media works for these two desert dwellers. #watchmakerlathes #youtube #makers #madeintheusa #machining
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Precision Machining blog helps us because why now?

To read is to learn knowledge, to apply learning is to gain actual skills, to gain skills you learned provides money for living life.

Let's face it shale we, we these two guys at Active Atom Precision Machining are not the most exciting type of people or business on earth and we likely never will be.

Our shared education requires a lot of reading
While we do not stake claim to being educators, we do share what we do in the following areas within our skill set, and unlike most people, we have not a single fear of learning new things and applying them to our vast array of current knowledge.

We have been growing our skills for all 25 years in business.

Hey who knows maybe for once after many years (over two decades) of continually learning new skills and gaining vast amounts of knowledge it might all add up to paying us better then a modest means? Who knows.

All of this being said we are merely two friends who live and work together, we work really hard to make an honest and yet modest means of income.

YouTube is only a part of our 7/365 work schedule
We film a YouTube video for our channel and upload it each week, it gets some traffic and we are really happy to be doing this for several reasons.

To the two of us YouTube is a great way to entertain others through our work, maybe share light amounts of details about how to do this, or accomplish that, but the one thing YouTube does do for these two men is allows our personalities to be conveyed, something that has been really tough to achieve through our years (continuous since 1994) of writing and sharing our writings on the Internet.

Skills we share can help you become more productive
We first and foremost want to convey or skills to an outside world, and please believe these two best childhood friends that without the Internet we would have no way to convey our messages to others on any notable scale.

WereRich .com (we own it, it is for sale)
HollywoodWeather .com (is also ours and is for sale)
You see we live in California, a state in the United State of America.

When someone reads or hears that these two guys live and get to work in California, home to Hollywood, Huntingtion Beach Surfing and the Silicon Valley you get this feeling that, oh then these two men live in the most populated state in the United States and so everyone must know them and besides since they live in the USA and in Southern California they are rich and do not need anyone to help them.

You would have to be the most uneducated person on earth if you believed that line.

Meet to multi generational California Natives
My name is Lance and along with my best friend Patrick do live and do work within the Southern California section of the Golden State of California, that however is right about where that relationship ends and reality begins.

Here is the actual truth.
We live in the Inland Empire and within the largest county in the United States of America, San Bernardino County, a very rural town named Yucca Valley in a basin named Morongo Basin that has a single desert road leading from the more populated and heavily traveled roads to and from major metropolitan locations such as the counties of San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles lessor so counties of Riverside and San Bernardino, even Clark County Nevada where Las Vegas is located.

Shop Adventures is a YouTube maker of precision machined products channel
Where we film our YouTube Channel videos
Our location is in the Mojave Desert on an airport that makes it great for machining and finishing products we are manufacturing from our home converted into a business.
Here are our skills and even more reading for you:
From the below page or from any page on our Active Atom Precision Machining website you can go to our blog on the websites front page. #machineshop #makers #mojavedesert #madeintheusa #machining

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What a great set of paint jobs.
We have been painstakingly prepping our vintage watchmaker lathe, instrument lathes and micro drill press parts for weeks to get them to be as good as good gets, that is when we finally applied lacquer and powder coating to various precision machine components leaving only the unmasking to be done before assembly.

Powder Coated in Whale Blue (not pictured)
We are even refurbishing our vintage Mahr indicator stand with its original indicator a large indicator that needed to be rebuilt, lucky, we are watchmakers, so for us the internals of a dial indicator are about as complex as a simpler watch movement, this is not an argent statement, it is my best attempt to share the experience with you as a reader what a dial indicator and a watch movement share, have or have not in common.

To see the Indicator Stand and its indicator you would need to begin watching our YouTube Videos where we share our rebuilding of these machines and tools and there on video is also where we are going to share the making of precision machined products made right on these various vintage machines we have been painstakingly rebuilding for months if not years.

We then have big news, we are nearing the rebuilding of our vintage precision machines and tools something that is similar to a reward for the hard painstaking efforts of our work into the fine refinishing honing, lapping, scrapping (though no scrapping was needed for any of these particular rebuilds.
Our first job on each lathe and the drill press is to press in the new bearings for the head-stocks and such for the micro drill press we are machining two new (after 100 years plus of service) oil impregnated bushings.

Click the link below to see the other 2 pictures of our painted machine parts please. #horology #watchmakertools #watchmakingtools #watchshop

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Shop Adventures 03

YouTube video shares the journey of two childhood best friends.

These two friends are skilled and knowledgeable in watchmaker machines and tools, miniature mills and lathes, even precision measurement tools for the micro-machining world.

The machines and tools you are watching us rebuild is the vary equipment we will be producing our machined parts on that will soon be the products we will be offering to our viewers through our online store at Active Atom.

This weeks video is number 3 and the topics we cover are:
Levin lathes the 2 instrument lathes we are rebuilding get the painting after prepping of a lifetime.
A vintage Flume Model 53 watchmakers lathe gets some really cool painted color to the factory specifications.

Active Atom is located in a rural high-desert, Inland Empire, Southern California town in the California Mojave Desert. #watchmakerslathe #machinerebuilding #powdercoating #vintagemachines

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Life for these two best childhood friends of 40 years gets a bit better for the following reasons.

Reason One:
It will be Monday and the regular (we work 7 days a week 365) working world goes back at it, this means opportunity for these two rural living guys.

Reason Two:
We have been prepping vintage precision metal cutting machine components for paints, paints like enamels, lacquers and powder coatings, all of that paint work is now completed.
Whale Blue, German Machine Green, Levin Gray and Almond were applied professionally by these two trained maker craftsmen.

Reason Three:
We are getting ready, editing our YouTube video for our YouTube channel as this is our 3rd video weekly upload.
We, it turns out love to make videos showing how to rebuild a vintage machine and how to machine precision machined parts.

Learn something new now:

Reason Four:
Active Atom is a precision machining operation based out of a home that is converted to mostly a machining and finishing operation.
We are beyond thrilled to have this great opportunity and home, mostly a business that is located in the Inland Empire of Southern California within the southwestern corner of the vast Mojave Desert.

Reason Five:
As a precision machining operation we are so happy to have been prepping machine tool components for bead blasting, cleansing, masking, priming, baking, painting, and again baking, then unmasking and preparing for the more exciting part of the job.

The great beginning of the job where our highest levels of skills and knowledge begins to kick in, this is where we are very highly trained.

Micro-Machine and tool rebuilding
Rebuilding vintage precision machine tools takes a lot of well, assembly tools and the remainder is knowledge and skills of pressing in bushings pressing very precision bearings that must hold tolerances so close with such continued repeat-ability that most people would flatly walk away fearful of the task at hand.
The table ways alignments for X, Y and Z Axis must also be dialed in to such a very repeatable tight tolerance that your skill levels clearly get challenged here.

Reason Six
We will be machining a pair of bushings being replaced in a German made Micro Drill Press.

The bushings we are going to be machining on our bigger lathe, for a micro machine shop bigger is likely the smallest machine in your average machine shop operation.
The bushing material is called Oil Impregnated Bronze.
We have never machined this particular grade of bronze before so this one is new to us even after machining aerospace grade materials together for just over 25 years now.

Two Best friends discover a shocking discovery about machining materials.
We both found it to be truly amazing that we have never machined this oil impregnated bronze before as you can clearly see by viewing our materials basic properties page here

The unknown maker German Micro Drill Press is over 100 years in age yet still as precision a mini drill press nearly as great as the day it was manufactured.

These two bushings are shoulder bushings
These two bushings have oilier holes and those holes align with a single oilier reservoir container like a mini can that holds a little bit of oil within it utilizing capillary flow lubricating these bushings such as the two we are replacing have been doing perfectly for well over 100 years.

If you like to watch two men machining precision machined parts and components for vintage machines to the actual making of a product these soon to be rebuilt machines will be producing and then sharing on YouTube and selling the products on our Active Atom Precision Machining website online store, then please join our weekly video series now.

A new video and a blog post comes out every week.
Here is our YouTube video one

#machining #machinerebuilding #watchmakertools #youtube
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We love making things.
We love to make things that last the tests and trials of time.


Precision machine shop located in a California Desert rural town speaking here.

Powder Coating surfaces
Active Atom is preparing to do some painting on parts for a vintage micro drill press and we just finished painting the color Whale Blue on a Mahr vintage indicator stand.

German made 100 year old (no known name) micro drill press, while made of many precision components only 5 pieces are being painted. The German Machine Green powder coating is a brighter shade of green comes across really rich from the green shades of the green color family.

Mahr indicator stand has just 2 of its 6 components that are being powder coated Whale Blue, it is a darker rich shade from the blue color family.

#watchmakertools #drillpress #powdercoating #painting #machineshop #machinerebuilder

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This is a vintage watchmaker bench micrometer that has a large dial with a see through center to view the mechanism.
The manufacturers name of the watchmaker tool "Echt" Glashutte

Active Atom Precision Machining prides itself on utilizing vintage machines and the tools to make the precision machined products we will be offering in limited quantities.

Want to join us via YouTube as we rebuild these tools and other vintage machines that will be making our products?
Here was our first YouTube video

#watchshop #watchmankingtools #watchmakertools #watchtools #benchmicrometer
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Powder Coat Paint it to last
What is the best color to match a vintage 100 year old watchmakers micro drill press.

The color will be?
Since this drill press is German made, I think the most appropriate color to use would be the famous German machine green (RAL-6011 Reseda Green).

We are at it again here at the Active Atom precision machining operation.

Powder coating a few machine components before beginning assembly, also this is the machine I write about some lately a micro drill press that is going to get two new machined oil impregnated bronze bushings with shoulders and oilier holes in them.

After 100 years of service these two inline drill press bushings need to be replaced to maintain the tight tolerances of the original factory specifications. #watchmakershop #machineshop
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