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Empower Yourself - Become a DNAvatar
Empower Yourself - Become a DNAvatar

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DNA Thought of the Day: It is time for you to regain access to your core control system, your DNA. Using sound is the ideal carrier wave to establish resonance through the dimensional realms of the cells, to the body temple, to the consciousness and to the Soul. Engage Intentionally! #DNAvatar #DNAactivation

DNA Thought of the Day: Wake up, your DNA is calling!

DNA Thought of the Day: As an evolving being, ascending to the 5th World of Light you are taking responsibility for your situations and circumstances, removing the victim templates from your matrix. Along with that new awareness, you also become the proud owner/creator of your DNA codex. You can now choose to insert and delete programs that you know serve your higher path and purpose. #DNAvatar #DNAactivation

DNA Thought of the Day: Your DNA code is personal and private to your consciousness. You have every right to change it, alter it or enhance it as you deem appropriate. Learning how to hack into programs that you once thought were pre-written in stone, empower you to fully emerge into your higher purpose and divine mission. Initiate Code Enhancement NOW. #DNAactivation #DNAvatar

DNA Thought of the Day: The more you learn to become and see the world as an energetic experience, the easier the concepts of DNA Activation using our QSET music will be for you to understand. Dropping into the music each day and becoming it, starts to point out the areas in your life that need attention as density and lightness become much clearer to you. You will see it, feel it, sense it from a level of awareness beyond the mental body projections. As you dig deeper into your stuff, in all areas of your life, you will find the areas that need attention by the density/darkness/heaviness that it starts to reveal to you. With that awareness, you then have the ability to transmute the frequencies using your directed intent. #DNAActivation #DNAvatar

DNA Thought of the Day: Your DNA is light-filled and encoded to release expanded levels of awareness through this crystalline based matrix. As you shed darkness and heaviness from all levels of your being, you activate this process of release. Gradually you awaken to the higher potentials that have always been within you to experience. #DNAactivation #DNAvatar 

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DNA Thought of the Day: There are expansive frequency patterns available to you if you can shift your focus of attention out of the hive and into the upper matrix of multidimensional light. If you are caught up in the lower density reality show in the dominant matrix, you will miss this grand opportunity to awaken some highly potentiated dormant DNA code patterns. Be even more conscious of the game play at this time, so you can make the shifts as they are presented. #DNAactivation #DNAvatar

Surrounding you all the time are filaments of potential, hidden in places that your conscious has been trained not to look into. As you expand your frequency spectrum and learn to engage more deeply into the matrix of life you can navigate these potentials and bring them forth into manifestations based on your intentions and actions. Your DNA resonates with these filaments and await the experience of coalescence. #DNAvatar #DNAactivation

DNA Thought of the Day: Are you Adapting or are you Resisting? Notice the difference in this position you may be taking to the waves of energy shifts and changes that are taking place on our planet. Eventually as you let go of the resistances and find your place of flow in the ups and downs of life, you will adapt to a new way of being and perceiving reality. The more you do this, the more your DNA codex accepts the changes and makes it a permanent part of your program. #DNAactivation #DNAvatar
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