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A bunch of artists!

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And-Y - Catharsis [Live Performance]
And-Y waxing emotional of a relationships end. SoundCloud

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Net Neutrality
TL;DR: They're trying to control the internet. Fill out the form at and send a letter to the FCC. Remember SOPA ? This is worse. Basically their goal appears to be to turn the internet into the way TV is , where only large corporations t...

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Corey Arnell - Basic Cable, "The Beat Tape" [Beat Tape]
I'm super late to posting this so that's bad on me (I promised Mr. Arnell I would too), but better late than never. My advice on this project is that it's best listened to after you've ascended to the status of a level 12 mage, as you'll be able to properly...

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"Do You Want To Do Performance Shots?" [Video]
Ford4D is crazy. The music video for " Fast Food " coming soon. "The E Before The O" out now!

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2017 will be more...

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Lucid00 - Fixtape #3: Unicorn 2A [Mixtape]
Not Yet...

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brandUn DeShay - goldUn Child 2 [Album]
The homie brandUn DeShay dropped a sequel to his GoldUn Child project and basically he's probably two songs away from fully converting into a Japanese citizen.

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m_boogs and Justin de Guzman - Gradients [EP]
The album sounds like what the phrase "chillax" feels like. No front. Also " OKAY! feat. TheWerd " is the best song, don't argue with me on this. Google Play

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Keys - Static Synergy [Album]
Before I start, I just want to say that my favorite song here is " Glo feat. Evz " it just has this super chill vibe that I rock with. Basically this project is one of them newfangled neo-soul RnB alternative indie jams them kids today will be out listenin'...
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