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Welcome to our new Acrylast Online Store.  We are offering a 20% discount for all orders placed by the end of April.  Discount Code MMA20
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Acrylast International now has an Online Store.  Contact us for your discount code.
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PlexiPatch - Fully Cured Repair Material in one hour.  Rigid and flexible formulations.
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PlexiDeck MMA vs Epoxies & Polyurethanes

Plexicoat America has made a conscious decision, based on years of experience and expertise, to focus our business on the supply of MMA (methyl methacrylate) resin flooring only. By using MMA resins, we are able to meet the vast majority of customer needs, regardless of industry, something that would not be possible if we were solely supplying Epoxy or Polyurethane flooring products.

We have been able to focus on just one resin type due to the unique benefits of MMA resin technology in relation to epoxy and polyurethane resins.

Cure Times

All PlexiDeck MMA systems cure both physically and chemically within just 1 hour of installation. Whereas industry leading Epoxies and Polyurethanes typically reach physical cure 12 - 48 hours after installation with full chemical cure taking between 7 and 10 days.

It should be noted that while you can walk on an epoxy or polyurethane floor when it has reached physical cure, these systems should not be subjected to full operational use until full chemical cure is achieved.

Installation Temperature

PlexiDeck MMA can be installed at temperatures down to -20°F without any detrimental affect on cure time. The same cannot be said for Epoxies and Polyurethanes. These products should not be installed at temperatures of less than 50°F, with optimal cure occurring at approx. 70°F.

The speed of cure for epoxy or polyurethane installations is greatly affected by temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the cure (please note most epoxy and polyurethane specification sheets quote cure times at 70°F). However, if epoxies and polyurethanes are exposed to temperatures below 50°F during the curing process, there is a high probability that the product will fail to cure altogether!

Speed of Installation

Most PlexiDeck MMA and epoxy systems are roller or slurry applied, while most polyurethane systems are trowel applied. Roller and slurry applied systems are significantly faster to install than trowel applied systems and as the process is less labor intensive a higher quality finish, free of trowel marks is often achievable.

Additionally and due to 1 hour cure time of PlexiDeck MMA, there is no real downtime between applications. However, epoxies and polyurethanes need at least 4 - 8 hours to cure between applications, resulting in significantly longer installation periods.

Bonding Technology

MMA resins are thermoplastics, which achieve a chemical bond between each installation layer, resulting in a monolithic finish. In reality, each new layer chemically fuses to the previous layer (or existing subfloor) creating an unbreakable bond.

Epoxy and polyurethane resins are thermosetting and achieve only a mechanical bond between installation layers. In reality each new layer 'sticks' to the previous layer (or existing subfloor).

Slip Resistance

PlexiDeck MMA offers a range of solutions to meet varying slip resistance requirements. This is especially true of industrial environments, where outstanding performance is required.

The PlexiDeck MMA quartz system utilizes quartz aggregate, which stays suspended at the top surface of the system creating a consistent and textured finish that delivers marketing leading performance.

Most polyurethane systems are trowel applied and rely on the installer leaving part of the aggregate within the resin mix 'exposed' to create slip resistance. This method often results in an inconsistent surface finish and together with early wear can result in unsatisfactory slip resistance.


MMA resins are totally UV resistant and do not become brittle with age. Many polyurethane resins are not UV resistant creating long-term performance issues (including discoloration). Additionally, some epoxy formulations utilize plasticizers that can wash out over time creating a brittle finish.

Temperature Resistance


Temp Resistance


Up to 140°F

PlexiDeck MMA

Up to 180°F


Up to 250°F

PlexiDeck MMA offers excellent temperature resistance at a thickness of just 1/8”. However, polyurethane resins can withstand temperatures of up to 250°F when installed at a thickness of 1/4".

Based on our experience it is rare that a customer actually needs a floor that can resist high temperatures, often finding that small changes in operating procedures avoids high temperature liquids coming into contact with the floor.

There are many other reasons why we believe PlexiDeck MMA offers a better solution than epoxy or polyurethane flooring systems and we would be happy to discuss these at your convenience by phone, email or during a technical seminar.
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Coatings Industry News PPG PMC Named Exclusive Reseller of PlexiDeck™ MMA Floor Coating Products PPG Industries' protective and marine coatings business (PMC) and Plexicoat America are excited to ...
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Acrylast MMA Floor Coatings and Repair Materials

Acrylast Seamless Resinous Floor Systems will bring the durability, aesthetics, and performance of the demanding commercial, industrial, and marine communities to your facility.

Our ACRYLAST Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) floor systems, are ready for full service in ONE HOUR after installation, and provide a superior alternative to epoxy floor paints which take hours or days before the area is fully functional again.

Acrylast resinous flooring systems are designed for industrial, commercial, marine and residential environments. Our proprietary ACRYLAST chemistry allows for specifying technical and design criteria, as well as durability, time savings, and reduced lifecycle costs, all with easy maintenance.

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