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Yo🙌 hello everybody! I'm just here to tell you that I love both Android & iOS and even Symbian😂😂😂


(Whispering) Android is still better though😈
As we've seen for years in the BGR comments section, debates between iPhone fans and Android fans can get pretty heated, although in most cases those debates devolve into accusing the other fan bas...
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What the actuall f***. Seriously? They stabbed each other because a debate of 2 OS. I can't even.
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Calling all the G+ #Mobilephotographers! You don't wanna miss this concentrated dose of awesomeness 📷

This is a highly curated circle of mobile photographers. 

I am notifying those who are in the circle. I'm asking you and others to share it. Please read about this circle of artists below.

It is a mix of different genders, nationalities, ethnicity, religions, sexuality, political views, cameras used, artistic style, lifestyle, timezone, etc. There is everything in here from abstract art and free hand mobile drawing, to straight up photography. There are individuals who post from their blogs, some who post exclusively to communities, some who post on the main news of the world of mobile photography with a pinch of their own work, and then many more who post their own wonderful work and do so often. Some, including myself, are owners or moderators of mobile photography communities. There is an occasional cat and some food, lots of street, monochrome, nature photography and macro. I make little judgement as to quantity or quality, only that these are people who create beauty with their phones and are active here on Google+. 

How This Circle Was Built

Everyone who enters this circle first entered what I call my "mobile watch" circle. I get notified of all posts from people in that circle. I give it a month or so to see what kind of content they post. When I'm satisfied, they enter this circle. Previous to posting this circle, as I've done here, I check to see whether individuals are actually still active on Google+. This circle, some year or so ago, was over 200 people. Some have passed away (well, just a couple souls), some have moved on to other social networks, some have simply stopped posting or post to private circles, etc. I've limited this circle to those who have posted at least something in 2015 that is preferably the person's own artistry. 


I'd like you to share this circle. For starters, as I've mentioned above, it's a quality circle of artists, most of whom I interact with regularly on here. I'll vouch for them. Another reason I'd like you to share it is because mobile photography, and GOOD mobile photography, should be promoted. 


I am also asking you to share it unconditionally. You don't have to share it to stay in the circle, nor to get in the circle, or to get others in the circle. This circle is content based. No gimmicks to get shares.

How To Get In The Circle

First, read how everyone else got in the circle. Then, if you feel you post mobile photography or mobile abstract work, and that you do so on a fairly regular basis here on G+, post a link to a gallery of yours. I'll put you in my "Mobile Watch" circle and see what happens.


Again, I am notifying those who are in the circle. No one else. If you have received a notification from me on this post, then you are in this circle. I hope you share it with others.

#circleshare #circlesharing #sharedcircles #photography #photographers #mobile #mobilephotography #mobilography #mobilographers #mobilephotographers
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Cheers +Jacob Dix​ 😉👊
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A door of terror💀👻

NB: I already uploaded this picture just 2 days ago but deleted yesterday accidentally! My apologies to all those who have interacted with this post before

#Streetphotography #Mobilephotography #Shootermag #AMPtCommunity #Snapseed #Vscocam #VSCO #AndroidPhotography #CameraFV5 #OldDoor 
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Achwaq Khalid

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Just deleted a photo from profile page ACCIDENTALLY and can't find it in the "Trash" folder to restore it!

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I usually wouldn't go through all this hassle to restore a damn post or picture! it's just that i was getting some valuable feedback and useful interaction from some nice people on it and i don't want them to get any bad idea about that
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The first one who will use some comments like: XD, lol, or ROFL. will be banned, i believe that you have a rich linguistic background, So use it.
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Whoa. What the hell are you doing on my profile page? Stalker.   Hmm?


Still studying/Learning..........and interested in almost everything from science & technology, Philosophy, Psychology, Art (Music, Movies, Literature, theater......), to sport especially martial arts and probably 1001 other things, but i'm lazy most of the time, so don't expect me to make a list just for you eyes.

i'm sure that you will find what you like in my posts, if NO, then re-check again.
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