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Currently #Watching : Wanted

Wanted - trailer
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Love this movie!
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Achwaq Khalid

Favorites / Best Lists  - Again #Watching : The man from nowhere

Trailer: The Man from Nowhere|Trailer [HD]
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Everythin' illegal
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The first one who will use some comments like: XD, lol, or ROFL. will be banned, i believe that you have a rich linguistic background, So use it.
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Whoa. What the hell are you doing on my profile page? Stalker.   Hmm?


Still studying/Learning..........and interested in almost everything from science & technology, Philosophy, Psychology, Art (Music, Movies, Literature, theater......), to sport especially martial arts and probably 1001 other things, but i'm lazy most of the time, so don't expect me to make a list just for you eyes.

i'm sure that you will find what you like in my posts, if NO, then re-check again.
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Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.
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Quantum physics goes mainstream in ‘Source Code’

As we become increasingly aware of the idea that we create our own reality, it helps to have movies like “Source Code” available to remind u

Samsung Going Serious with Mobile Gaming

When we think of mobile gaming, many think Angry Birds, flappy...everything... and Plants vs. Zombies, but there are a few gamers who take t

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New Mali cores deliver much better performance per watt but will that be enough to take on PowerVR?

Microsoft finally admits defeat, will bring Start menu back in future Wi...

At its Build 2014 conference, Microsoft has revealed that a future update to Windows 8.1 will resurrect the Start menu. No, really, stop loo

Introducing the Coursera App for Android

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Ffmpeg Codec arm V7 neon

Ffmpeg Codec for ARMv7 NEON CPUs.Codec ONLY! You have to install or update anPlayer or Media Converter first. ffmpeg Codec เพื่อผล ARMv7 นีอ


With Coursera, education is free, open, online - and now mobile!Coursera connects students, professionals, and lifelong learners everywhere

Open Mic+ Para Google Now

De nuevo en Google Play con más de 60.000 descargas! Tal como aparece en XDA, LifeHacker, SlashGear, Comunidad Android, Android Headlines, D


"Fatigués de courir après les pharmacies ? Laquelle est de garde ce soir ? Démotivés à l’idée de vous perdre dans les rues et avenues de Cas


Tested is for clever people who are curious about the world around them.

AMD’s next-gen APU unifies CPU/GPU memory, should appear in Kaveri, Xbox...

AMD confirmed that Kaveri will be the first chip to use its upcoming HSA features and combined CPU/GPU capabilities -- but the next-generati

Next-gen HD video draft is proof we need to fix the system before it fal...

The upcoming H.265 video compression standard has hit an important draft milestone, but we need to unify various parts of the industry befor

H.265 benchmarked: Does the next-generation video codec live up to expec...

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Google Dịch

Phá bỏ rào cản ngôn ngữ với Google Dịch• Dịch giữa 80 ngôn ngữ • Hội thoại một cách tự nhiên và để Google dịch • Nói, nhập, viết hoặc chụp ả

Storage Analyser

Storage Analyser can: ● Analyses Sdcard, external Sdcards, USB storage devices, system partitions (disabled by default)... ● Order the conte


/mōbə'lägrəfē/ n : mobile photography

Linux Kernel compilation – 3.13.6

The Linux kernel is the heart of the operating system partly build from scratch and partly by publicly available software was created by Lin

Paragon exFAT, NTFS & HFS+

Update includes an issue reporter. If the application doesn’t work on your device, please follow the instructions below.TROUBLESHOOTING:-Ver

système app désinstallation

Note: We need root permission. Safe, Clear, Easy uninstall system default applications. 1, Safe, we filter out all apps that may cause unsta