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Mobile World Congress 2014: In 4 days, Acer will reveal must-have new products. Take a sneak peek. #MWC14 #AcerLiquid #smartphone
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Acer pls change design on mobiles
Make similar design to acer s7 nice silver brushed smartphone ultrathin and flat on the back .. sharp on cormer edges.. 
Hello! Windows 8 is bad and I hate it, I like Windows 7 😟👎
The problem with Microsoft, they have changed the use of Microsoft Offs became difficult and slow
Aah hah . Am runin 2010 am not keen on 2013 and it is fast as hell .. you need to have mSATA drive installed these days.. it is best they offering on the market 
Unfortunate that I have a small laptop computer does not have the CD player
What u talking bout what cd player?? What for? I stopped using compact disc crap in 2009 why u mentioning cd player ???
Because the printer does not work with the computer without a disc for the printer programming 📀
downl. drivers from site it must be there am using wifi printer canon all works flawlessly 
Noo no u cant u have an SSD in it already which is fast .. buy for yourself 1TB 2.5 and put it in external enclosure and ull be set
If this is running Windows its already done...
+Acer should make a mobile phone that does not follow these stupid trends and put a HUGE battery inside. Make it fat!
And +Acer will update this one to the next Android version? Or will be forgotten same way as previous #Liquid models like #E2?.
Eind november 2013 een Acer  laptop gekocht. 3 keer teruggestuurd wegens falende hardware. Geld zou worden teruggestort. Ik wacht er nog steeds op.  Begin nooit aan een Acer. Product en service is om te huilen.
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