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A Touch More Connected: Someone's looking mighty slim. Revealed in 4 days.
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Is it going to be running an old version of Android at release? Rendering itself irrelevant on day one. 
Ubuntu on it , I will bye 2 of them if . It'll be very very nice .
I want to see new aspire 7 line. 
Let's hope it's a chrome tablet with an optional keyboard!
9 cell is required for aspire 5750 it is possible
I don't want to hear about this...Looks like I need to tune my G+ settings.
Still have the aspire 1040t
Yetch... Google is not making it easy for me to "turn off" the Acer feed.  They keep changing, faster than I can keep up with them... Note: I've been programming since 1961 when FORTRAN had no numbers after its' name and an IBM 1620 with 18K of 32 bit words of RAM was a big room filling device.
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