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We are making Miss Christina FAMOUS, lol!! Woo hooo!! Please help me to CONGRATULATE Christina on her fabulous transformation!! With Saba ACE G2, she lost 30 lbs in 4 months! I'm telling you...when you aren't as HUNGRY all of the time, you are able to eat more intelligently AND when you have more ENERGY, you naturally move around more!! Saba ACE G2 is the BEST tool for healthy weight loss I have ever found!
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Order your Saba ACE G2 for $60 for the 60 ct bottle today at with Free Shipping!

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"Saba 60" is a 60 day program where we really learn how to eat healthy with regular foods so that we can not only GET the weight off but KEEP it off, too! 

The things that I love love LOVE about it are that first of all, you start getting immediate results during the first 5 days when you do the "5 Day Cleanse", then when you move to the Meal Plan for the program, it is very simply but it shows you what to eat so that you can be sure that you are "eating clean"! 

I also LOVE the Private Saba 60 Facebook Group! It is so inspiring...everyone is posting what day they are on and what they are doing for exercise and sharing recipes and asking questions AND they are posting their Before pics and progress pics, too! It is SO NEAT because we are ALL on the same journey and it's nice to have some extra motivation and a place to ask questions about food and exercise when we need to!

Your Saba 60 Club Membership includes:
★ Your Saba 60 Program Meal Plans & Information
★ All of the products you need for the Program, including ACE G2, Co-Clenz and ToppFast
★ Access to the Private "Saba 60" Facebook page
★ Access to the "What's Up Wednesday" live conference call 
★ "Preferred Customer" Status which entitles you to Wholesale Cost on ALL of Saba's Natural products!
★ PLUS a chance to win $2,500 or $1,500 or $1,000 in Prizes!!!

You can place your order at and I will get you into our Private Facebook group asap!

If you have any questions, please give me a call anytime at 832-272-4586. <3

Thank you!


Deb Elwell
Platinum Director, Saba

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Get yours with Free Shipping at

Saba ACE G2 60 ct bottle: $60
Saba ACE G2 5 Sample Packs (10 capsules): $15
Saba ACE G2 15 Sample Packs (30 capsules): $48

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Our New Saba Ace G2 that was exclusively sold in the Saba 60 day weight loss program is now available for individual sale!
Get your Sample Packs or the 60 ct bottle ($60 for the Saba ACE G2 60 ct bottle) with Free Shipping at
OR become a Preferred Customer for only $49 +sh/tx and get the Saba ACE G2 60 ct bottle PLUS a beautiful Bling Water Bottle!
I have lost 22 lbs (!!!) since August! Yay!!
SO EXCITED for you to try it!!!
¸¸.¨♫♪ Wooo hoooo!! ¸¸.¨**♫♪

You can also give me a call at (832) 272-4586 to order!  If you have any questions, I can answer them for you! 

Wishing you the VERY BEST on your Weight Loss Journey!

P.S.  Become a Saba Distributor for only $70 +sh/tx and you'll get the 60 ct bottle of Saba ACE G2 and 7 of the 2ct Sample packs AND the Saba Business Kit!!  Make extra $$! Register today at

Deborah Elwell
Saba Platinum Director
ACE Appetite Control & Energy
Call Me: 832-272-4586
Text Me: 832-272-4586
Toll Free: 888-798-1715
Email me:
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"Saba 60" is a 60 day program where we really learn how to eat healthy with regular foods so that we can not only GET the weight off but KEEP it off, too!

Order your Saba 60 Weight Loss Program at

The first 5 days are a Cleanse where you will not take any stimulants and you will follow a pretty strict plan. You will also take Co-Clenz every night. EVERYONE loses weight during this period!

On Day 6 - you start taking Saba ACE G2 Appetite Control Energy supplements and follow the meal plan pamphlet that is in your kit.

You get to choose your protein, carbs & vegetables from the list. Replace one meal per day with a ToppFast Meal Replacement shake. You will follow this plan until Day 60!

You will also get access to the Saba 60 Group Private Facebook page, filled with people all over the country on this healthy journey with you!

It’s inspiring, motivating and we receive INCREDIBLE Support! You can ask a question and get answers ! There are tips, recipes, workout ideas and more and everyone is so helpful and encouraging!

Plus you get exclusive access to the Saba 60 Motivational Call EVERY Wednesday at 7pm CST, to keep you inspired and on track. Many of the previous Saba 60 Winners speak and inspire us all with their incredible stories and how the Saba 60 Program has really changed not only their lives, but the lives of their families as well.

And OF COURSE, you'll get a chance to WIN MONEY! 1st Place: $2,500 2nd Place: $1,500 3rd Place: $1,000 It's not just about who has lost the most weight. You will submit your pictures and 200 word essay describing your journey.

Only $120 to start and you'll get the NEW Saba ACE G2 appetite control supplements (60ct), Saba Co-Clenz (60ct) and a 1.5 lb bag of our delicious Toppfast Protein Drink Mix (Choc/Van), along with the Program Guide. Your monthly autoship is Only $70 for another bottle of Saba ACE G2 and another 1.5 lb bag of ToppFast.

Order your Saba 60 Weight Loss Program at

Call me anytime at 832-272-4586 if you have any questions!

Deb Elwell
Saba Platinum Director

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Saba ACE G2 is Saba's Newest Product!!!

Saba ACE G2 has less caffeine than regular ACE, but it has MORE Appetite Control and I personally think that the Mood Enhancers are stronger, too!! ❤

You can place your one-time order for the Saba ACE G2 with Free Shipping for only $60 at

You can also get the BEST DEAL on Saba ACE G2 by registering as a Saba Preferred Customer!

For only $49 +sh/tax, you can get the Saba ACE 60 ct bottle ANDa FREE beautiful Bling Water Bottle AND be entitled to Wholesale pricing on all of Saba's fabulous products for Health & Wellness!

You will then receive the 60 ct bottle each month for only $40 +sh/tax (!!!!) Cancel anytime, no contracts!

Register today at!

Call or text me with any questions @ 832-272-4586

❤ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Whaaat?!! Got my very own Before and After pic now, kids!! YAY!! <3

The photo on the left was taken in May and the one on the right in in just 3 months, I lost 22 lbs! Still wondering if Saba's New ACE G2 works?!!! Here's proof, Yipppeee!! I simply wasn't hungry, so I was able to eat more intelligently ~ and I had fabulous energy so that I was able to naturally move around more! And the mood enhancers in our New ACE G2 are more potent, so I felt GREAT!! ✨  <3 ✨
Get your Samples or the 60 ct bottle today at

Only $1 per pill with Free Shipping and Always in Stock!

Ask me about my Preferred Customer Special! Wholesale Cost & you get a pretty Free Bling Water Bottle when you join us as an Angel VIP! heart emoticon

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The 9 Worst Breakfasts for Your Waistline

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Did you know that 82% of women in the United States making $100,000 or more do it through a Home Based Business?! I have worked for others most of my life, but for the last 2 1/2 years I have SEEN FOR MYSELF the power of Network Marketing and how FULFILLING and FUN it can be!! <3

If I have talked with you about Saba and our incredible products, you KNOW how PASSIONATE I am about this Opportunity!! Each and every one of the "Gifts" listed below is 100% TRUE!!! :-D

Are you ready to join us and become an Entrepreneur?! If you are looking for a Product that YOU can be Passionate about, I invite you to try our Saba 60 Program. When you see for yourself how many lives are being changed and how simple it is to share with the world, you will find yourself as excited about the future as ALL of us at Saba are right now!!

Enroll as a Saba Associate today at and give me a call on my cell at (832) 272-4586. EXCITING THINGS are happening at Saba right now and we would love to have you join us!! <3
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