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High Quality Windows VPS, Cloud & ASP.Net Hosting
High Quality Windows VPS, Cloud & ASP.Net Hosting

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Comparison of Virtual Private Server (VPS) V/s. Dedicated Server

When Shared Hosting does not fulfill the requirements of small to medium sized business, then VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting are the best options for them. Let us throw some light on these two hosting types,

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS shares a single server among many users. VPS Hosting is like living in an apartment where you share land resources with other neighbours. There are many virtualization technologies available to create VPS viz. Microsoft Hyper-V, Vmware, Xen, Virtuozzo, etc. When you purchase a VPS, you will get virtualized resources i.e. RAM, CPU, Disk, etc. Your server will have its own operating system and you can make the necessary configuration changes as per your need.

In most cases, the performance of other virtual servers do not affect but if any VPS is performing large disk operations (high disk input/output), the performance of the main server can be degraded and this can affect to other virtual servers' performance. When any maintenance is performed on a main server, all the VPSs of that server may face down time. Generally, VPS Hosting is used for:

Running websites with moderate traffic.
Dynamic sites with lots of images, database or scripts.
A website which wants special Application Program to run.
Running 24x7 Game servers, Forex Applications, SEO Applications, Online Business Applications, etc.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server are the fastest and most powerful hosting option. Dedicated Server Hosting is like owning your own house in which you have full access of your land resources. In Dedicated Server, hardware resources are not shared with any other user. RAM, HDD, Processor and network access are all 100% dedicated to a single server instead of sharing among multiple customers. Generally,Dedicated Server Hosting is used for:

Running websites with the massive traffic.
Running ERP Applications.
Running big online Application.
Running High traffic Game Server.
Running own Hosting Company.

Read the complete article here :

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Comparison of Shared Hosting V/s. VPS Hosting

In shared hosting environment, there are number of accounts hosted on a single server, sharing the main node’s resources as per the allocation. On the other hand, VPS hosting is like your own server in which the resources are allocated virtually. Based on the business requirement one can choose the desired hosting type. Following differences will help you to select best suitable hosting type for your requirement.

Please read complete comparison here :-

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Comparison of Private Cloud Hosting V/s. Public Cloud Hosting

Cloud Computing

The cloud computing means Internet-based computing, in which various services like servers, storage, applications etc. are given to an organization's computers and devices via internet. In Cloud Computing, instead of relying on one server for resources such as RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc., resources from multiple servers are used.

In the Cloud Computing, workload of local computers are shifted to the group of computers that creates cloud. Local system is only used to run software interface of cloud computing, rest works are taken by cloud network itself. We offer two types of Cloud Hosting:

Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting is like the VPS Hosting environment where the services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network. Private clouds are basically used by mid to large size organisations as their requirements of the security and compliance are fulfill by it. Generally, Private Cloud is used when you need a high level of security and control. Your VPS will be setup in Cloud and it will be migrated to another server in case if the server instance on which your VPS is created experiences any problem. If your VPS operating system does not support hot migrate, your server will be rebooted automatically after migration.

Public Cloud Hosting

Public cloud Hosting is like the Shared Hosting environment where services and infrastructure are provided over the Internet. The public cloud is an environment which is shared with a number of users. Generally, Public Cloud is used when, A number of people use single application i.e. Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. To test and develop application code. Working on collaboration projects.

Read the complete article :

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Comparison of Classic VPS V/s. SSD VPS V/s. Cloud VPS

"What's the difference between Classic, Cloud and SSD VPS plans", this is the most common question we are asked, when customers explore VPS plans on our website. Therefore, we have compiled most common differences between these plans in table mentioned here : -

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Today, more and more businesses are relying on the power of WordPress – so it’s no wonder that the loading speed of WordPress sites are now a key factor. Simply put, slow WordPress sites are bad for business. That’s why it’s so important to have a speedy website that is not only SEO friendly, but user friendly, resulting in great user engagement with high page views.

In this research article, our technical team have performed some in-house tests to see what makes a WordPress website speed up and eventually become more SEO friendly.

1) Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider
2) Install WordPress Cache Plugin & Leverage Browser Caching
3) Minify CSS & JavaScript
4) Optimize Images
5) Enable Gzip Compression
6) Empty Trash and Optimize WordPress Database
7) Use Content Delivery Network
8) Reduce Post Revisions and Disable Trackbacks & Pingbacks
9) Split Comments & Long Posts Into Pages
10) Don’t Upload Videos Directly to WordPress

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Read the complete blog post here :

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How to restore your WordPress website from backup?

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Looking for securing backup of your wordpress website? here are the easy steps

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want to know how to integrate #CDN with #WordPress? here are the easy steps

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7 Best Budget WordPress Hosting for 2017 by sourcewp

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OnApp v5.3 simplifies add-on services for cloud providers

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