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Accounting Outsourcing Services in Ukraine
Accounting, Bookkeeping Outsourcing, Tax and IFRS Services in Kiev, Ukraine
Accounting, Bookkeeping Outsourcing, Tax and IFRS Services in Kiev, Ukraine


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QuickBooks Implementation Services, Training and Consulting Services (Ukrainian or Russian language)

At Units Consulting Ltd., we can set up financial reports for your review to streamline your business and save you valuable time. These reports are important tools that can guide your business in making financial decisions, planning, and evaluating performance. We customize and maintain QuickBooks to provide you with useful and timely information in the form of financial statements, reports and graphs.

Additionally, Units Consulting Ltd. offers prepare documentation and procedures, quarterly reviews and year-end adjusting journal entries, and ongoing support services.

Our QuickBooks training (Ukrainian, Russian) can be tailored to suit your needs and is fully flexible to fit around your staff. We find that this enables us to train you on parts of the software you should be using and ignoring parts that are not relevant to your business. Our Ukrainian and Russian speaking QuickBooks professionals have years of experience in using QuickBooks products.

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Company Formation and Business Startup Services in Ukraine

Registration of a company in Ukraine, company set up and back-office support services - all under one roof through Units Consulting Ltd. A reliable one-stop-shop packed by a wealth of experience and expertise to meet all your business needs when doing business in Ukraine.

Units Consulting Ltd., accounting & consulting firm based in Kiev, Ukraine, has been providing exceptional and comprehensive business startup services, such as company registration & formation, interim and nominee director services, financial & tax accounting services, tax consultancy services etc.

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Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine

Kyiv land is streched in the centre of Ukraine, on both picturesque banks of the mighty Dnieper River. The archaeological sights of Trypillya, Chernyakhiv, Lebedivska and Sofiyivska cultures testify to ancient history of this land and the settlements of the region gave the proper names to them.

In the first millennium of AD the core of Polyany tribe populated the middle flow of the Dnieper River between the Ros and Irpen rivers was formed on the territory of present Kyiv land. Other Slavic tribes were united round it. The process was completed by formation of the Kyiv Rus State with the center in Kyiv, which was legally named "by the mother of Russian towns". The development way of Kyiv and Kyiv Region was the thorny.

Kyiv Region was established in 1932. Its territory is 28.4 thousand square km (4.7% of the total Ukrainian area). The number of population is 1810,5 thousand people (3.7% of the total number of Ukraine). The urban population makes 58.9% as well as rural – 41.1% of the total number. Kyiv Region borders with Zhytomyr, Vinnytsya, Cherkasy, Poltava and Chernihiv regions, and also with Gomel Region of the Republic Byelorussia. Kyiv Region comprises 25 districts and 24 cities, including 11 cities of regional submission, 30 settlements and 1220 villages.

The landscape of Kyiv land is mainly flat. The northern part of the region lies within the Polissya lowland as well as south-western, western and center – within the Dnieper sublimity and eastern (left-bank) – the Dnieper lowland. The ravines and beams are crossed in southern part of the region's territory. Kyiv Region lies within the areas of mixed forests and forest-steppe. The ground is mainly chernozem-meadow and forestry-loamy (over 60% – agricultural lands). The climate is moderately continental and soft with sufficient humidity. The middle temperature of January is -6 °С and July +19°С. The annual amount of precipitations makes 570-610 mm.

The bowels of Kyiv land are rich in minerals. Following minerals are extracted in Kyiv land such as peat, brown coal, sand for production of glass, limestone, brick and tile clay, granite and gneiss. There is the amber in Kyiv land.

Kyiv Region enters  the top ten highly developed industrial regions of Ukraine. Taking into account the features of placing of productive forces on the region's territory there are three economic sub-districts such as Polissya, Kyiv suburban and South Forest-Steppe.

The hardworking and talented people create glory of the region and Ukraine for many centuries.

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Units Consulting Ltd. on LinkedIN

Do you want to know the latest news about the Units Consulting Ltd.?

Then follow Units Consulting Ltd. on LinkedIN! On the Units Consulting Ltd. LinkedIN page we post the latest news and interesting facts about our company and Ukraine.

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Follow us and we'll keep you up to date with all our news, and bring you a range of deals.

If you're wanting to find out about Units Consulting Ltd. competitions and news updates via Twitter, visit page. If you have an account already, all you need to do is follow us by clicking the 'follow' button. 

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Kiev is the capital of Ukraine

Take a look on our changes in article about Kiev (Kyiv). Lying amid hills along the Dnieper and filled with gardens and parks, Kiev is one of Europe's most beautiful cities, as well as a treasury of medieval art and architecture. 

We hope our updates will be more helpful for you.

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Kupalo Song by the folk band "Vertep"

Songs and folk tales play a significant role in these ancient customs. There are specific songs for harvest festivals, New Year's celebrations, and Christmas and Easter, all celebrating both pagan beliefs and Christian traditions. Songs and music have always been important to the Ukrainians.

Examples of ancient customs still practiced today include the spring rites and songs (vesnianky) and the traditions associated with the harvest or Kupalo festival in which young maidens make wreaths of wildflowers, and set them afloat in a nearby stream; their fortune is determined by the young man who retrieves the wreath while facing the spirits of the night. Often these are still practiced by Ukrainian youth at cultural festivals.

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Mineral resources of Ukraine

As for stocks iron, manganese, titanium and uranium ore Ukraine is ranked first among European countries, with the mercury ore reserves - Secondly.  Ukraine has Europe's third-largest shale gas reserves.

Ukraine’s iron and steel industries are very important segments of the economy.

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About Ukraine (Updated)

We chanched our article about Ukraine according to latest events. Also we added information about current situation with Russion invasion of Ukraine.

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