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Last Earth Day Fact for the day - Did you know there is a new option for recycling at work in Kansas City? Contact us today for more info.

Fact #6 Only 27% of newspapers in the U.S. are recycled. If they were all recycled it would save one quarter of a billion trees EVERY YEAR.

Fact #5 Recycling 1 aluminum can saves enough energy to watch 3 hours of TV. It takes 500 years for those cans to break down in landfills.

Earth Day Fact #4 - Popular activities for Earth Day include planting trees, collecting garbage, and planning for a better environment.

Earth Day Fact #3 - More than 1 billion people in 180 countries were celebrating Earth Day by 2010, which was Earth Day's 40th anniversary.

Earth Day Fact #2 More than 100 thousand people in China rode bikes on Earth Day 2012. They did this to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles.

Today is Earth Day 2016 - Throughout the day we are posting interesting facts about this holiday. Please share your stories with us as well.

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