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OK so I know us Google Plussers like to talk about Facebook as a warehouse full of mouth breathing yokels, but I want to see how FUNNY Google plus can be.  Pic posted:  Aquarium, Okinowa Japan.

The thread over there has lulz.  WHAT DO YOU HAVE, GOOGLE PLUS?  Some hippy dippy crap about the beauty of the sea?  Heineken?  Fuck that shit!  PABST BLUE RIBBON!

Be funny plz.
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Mitt Romney draws crowds with show of political friends.
These people don't have sense of GOOD humor because,"OEMGEE WE TEH SMARTS FACEBOOK TEH STOOPID'. Can we just stop caring about Facebook?
flying sharks try to impregnate humans below with sperouds
+Amanda Rachelle Warren Post picture makes a good home screen wallpaper on my phone .Jim Beam and Coke for me plz.Are those tourists using Android or IPhone for pics?
Is that japan? Looks like the one in Atlanta, Georgia 
What no frikin lazers????!!!!
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