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Glue taster. Mystery solver.
Websiting. Filling out profiles. Making grilled cheese.
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Charlotte, NC
Portland, ME - Charlotte, NC - Stroudsburg, PA - Randolph, NJ - San Diego, CA - Boca Raton, FL
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I run which brings you comedy regularly, fight evil and I wrote the comedy/mystery/horror short story Whalewolf.  All that said, you want me on your side!

The only things I really hate are olives.  If you talk to me, you get talked to. I'm no snob (except about socks)
If you like Hannibal, WebOS (RIP), Haven, and Wordpress then we will definitely be pals.  If you like olives, you should definitely hoop me because there is zero chance I will ask you to share them.
I have some cool articles and pics at Superficial Gallery but I'm too lazy to bring them over.

Now hiring for the following positions:

  1. Writer
  2. Illustrator
  3. Pilot
  4. Intern*
I just added intern to the list to give the impression that I could pay people for the other positions.
Bragging rights
I shot a shark with a lion. The shark then befriended me and together we won The Amazing Race but they refused to air the season due to politics.
  • Fordham University
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Acadia Einstein

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omg it has been more than a YEAR!
You dirty bastards have your ass crinkles all clogged up with blue junk.  You need ass foam.
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How do people find such old things to randomly comment on?
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Acadia Einstein

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+Dan Brill this explains so much.
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Acadia Einstein

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+Rory S can you please stop scaring white people?
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+Chikuba Kyojin-Shu oh havens no I ate took a shower. Watched some tv and worked on another paper. where did you go?
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Acadia Einstein

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Acadia Einstein

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Someone shared this privately so I don't know what to do except tell them they are fucking awesome and everyone should go to imgur right now, log in with your google account and upvote this to the front page.  Put something good on there instead of those reddit jerks and their infographics!
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Enough peeps. Drag on. Lushest 
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In his circles
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Acadia Einstein

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What concert only costs $.45?


A Fifty Cent Concert featuring Nickleback!

Remind me to put that on the dog when i get home
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Let the haterz be your motivatorz.

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Acadia Einstein

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I was going to say off to work, but I already caught Catwoman dressed in the worst Carmen Dan Diego disguise ever.  So I will fuck off the rest of the day.  Later, suckers.
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+James Olchak
I'm now scared to finish inking my project!
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Acadia Einstein

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You might be interested in my trip to Jerusalem!

Acadia Einstein

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I get this reaction a lot.  From a LOT of people.
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All the plusses for the Buffster.  Still my girl.  A jihad on any that try to replace her.

Except for Chloe Moretz.  She's alright. 
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And by the way - if you aren't on the notification list for gallery posts, you might want to tell me so I can add you.  You will be missing things from +Stacy Frazer +Choo Fabulous +Amanda Rachelle Warren and that's just the ones we have managed to publish this week.  And: <jedimindtrick>  +Amanda Blain can take care of talking about Google Plus on big web sites, and then send us 1/100000th of her traffic once in a while to make things fair. </jedimindtrick>
The banner pic has nothing to do with this week’s song.  But I love the pic so much.  It sums up everything Easter means to me in one compact image.  This explains why people don’t come over to my house very much, too.  So you can feel free to ogle the pic as much as
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Sprinkles The Dust soon
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I pick something up there pretty much every Saturday night when they are in the weeds and I always wish I had called ahead instead of waiting but it is not too long of a wait. That said, the food is outstanding. The appetizers are the standard stuff but the pizzas are outstanding. My go to pizza place in my area.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Very good
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