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JFK: the spirit of the first revolution!

As we remember a great leader during the anniversary of his passing tell us your thoughts on the President J.F.K...
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The Kennedy brothers went after Organized Crime and Corruption in Government with the intent to clean up the system. Both were murdered and not by the mythical movie bad guys, but corrupt politicos. For proof of it just look at Senator Percy and his attempt to bring up the Anti Organized Crime and Corruption in Government Bill only a few years later. One of his two daughters was murdered and the other threatened to force him to drop it. Same aim as the Kennedy brothers. The Bill was shelved and corruption became the Law of the land. We are now under criminal rule and like it or not, the Democrat Party murdered JFK and Bobby for betraying the corruption and working for reform. Our nation of easily led slackers don't even look at the surrounding situations to say who would have benefitted? Corrupt politicians benefitted! It is easy to say it was a video when the truth is something else. Odd that people then took the bait and explanation and looked at nothing else even to this day. Truth is seldom heard these days from any politician. Open criminality and violation of oath of office is not even investigated or ever prosecuted when the perpetrator is a politician even though it is FELONY. Simple citizens go to prison for far less. Criminal rule is destroying our nation and the Constitution.
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Absolute Rights

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Personal Income is down. Savings are down. The middle class is shrinking. If we're suffering economically it is now Obama's fault.
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The Democrats are the most business unfriendly politicians we have. When they were in the seat of power, like now, all of us in the field had to watch our own backs as you were likely to be betrayed after doing what they ordered. My memories were of hangups on the satellite phone at the extraction point with the enemy showing up shortly thereafter. Ask todays soldiers about the so called rules of engagement that hinder them in doing their jobs. You cannot fight an enemy when your leader is one of them.
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Absolute Rights

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The Lyin' King...
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Rightly named "Lyin' King!"
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