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Give Me 5 Minutes And I will Teach You Everything You Will Ever Need To Know To Transform From Fat To Six Pack.
Give Me 5 Minutes And I will Teach You Everything You Will Ever Need To Know To Transform From Fat To Six Pack.

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10 Effective Standing Ab Exercises You Can Do Anywhere.

Standing ab exercises are effective and provide many unique benefits such as...

(1) maximized calorie burn,
(2) less or no strain on the neck and lower back,
(3) functionality,
(4) improved physical abilities.

And the list goes on.

Visit the the link below for more detailed information:

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Here's Intense Abs Workout At Home For a Complete Core.

This is #3 Better Abs Workout in my new #workout series.

This intense #abs workout at home hits pretty much every area of your abs and covers multiple functions of #abdominal muscles.


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Here's Obliques Workout For Sexy Side Abs.

In this #abs workout we focus on the obliques. We need to develop oblique muscles in order to achieve great looking side abs and get that sexy V-Cut look.

This is a complete #obliques #workout. Meaning it will work your internal and external obliques from top to bottom.

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Here's a Perfect Abs Workout For Lazy People.

And for those in a hurry.

This is the #1 #ab #workout of my new video series "Better Abs Workouts"

Give it a shot and let me know how was it!?

P.S. Subscribe to AbsExperiment on YouTube if you don't want to miss all the following #abs workouts.

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Standing ab exercises provide many benefits.

For example, Standing Alternating Toe Touches not only work your lower abs and obliques, but help to improve the postural support, balance and stability at the same time.

This is more functional variation to regular Alternating Toe Touches normally done on the floor. You work more muscles and burn more calories.

Great choice for those who are looking to lose weight or add an intensity to their workouts.

#sixpack #abs #abexercises

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Have you ever tried training abs while standing up?

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Standing Cross Crunches - develope functional and chiseled midsection.  Build up the #obliques and curve the sidelines with this one bodyweight abs #exercise.

This standing abs exercise contributes in improving the balance, coordination and postural support. It is discreet on lower back and neck which is important if your low back or neck hurts when #training #abs.

Here is HOW TO DO Standing Cross Crunches:

#sixpackabs #abexercise

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Standing Foot Grab is a functional bodyweight abs exercise for a comprehensive #core development targeting upper #abs, lower abs, #obiques and many more important #muscles.

Improve your core strength, stability, balance, coordination and agility.

Starting with new #moms and ending with serious athletes. All will benefit from the #exercise.

Here is HOW TO do Standing Foot Grab exercise:

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High Knees Twists - attack your abs and destroy a crazy amount of calories!

If you are looking to trim down the #waisline without bulking up while developing #functional #core strength for #sports and everyday tasks, high knees twists surely is ONE of the best choices out of all bodyweight only #abs #exercises.

This #cardio / #tabata type exercise is very high in intensity and involves a mass of #muscles in the movement.

Try it to develope #strength and endurance while making improvements in speed, stability, agility and power.

Here is HOW TO do High Knees Twists:

#obliques #sixpackabs #abexercise

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Standing Crossover Toe Touches is a functional compound bodyweight ab exercise for the obliques.

Use this standing #abs exercise for building the stronger link between your upper and lower body. Develope #obliques and strengthen the low back.

Strong and healthy lower back is the key to any sport or activity. As a part of the core it optimizes both power and strength while protecting us from low back injury in the process.

Suits as serious #athletes as new #moms and everyone in between.

Here is HOW TO do Standing Crossover Toe Touches:
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